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Chapter Fourteen! (:

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The party. ':D

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If you haven't already gathered,
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Gerard's POV
This party was going to be so amazing. I just hoped Pete would get us enough alcohol. Frankie had assured me that Pete always gets MORE than enough 'party favours'. We all went to my house, and luckily, my parents had already left to go wherever it was they were going for the weekend. We all went to my room and sat on my bed and talked. Me and Frankie had told Ray we were together, and he was very cool about it all. Brendon and Ryan were hugging close. But me and Frankie only held hands, and we talked to Ray. We didn't want him to feel left out. And he was gratefull we weren't all over eachother like Brendon was over Ryan. Ray wasn't homophobic, but I think anyone would be awkward with two couples makeing out, while sitting in a stranger's room.

"So, how are Mikey's parties usually? He seems like a pretty shy dude." Ray asked,

"He's a party animal. Give him alcohol, and he changes." I laughed.

"I can't wait to see what you are like drunk." Frankie giggled and Ray laughed a little two. Brendon was trying to eat Ryan's face. But I'm sure he would of chuckled too.

"Do you go to parties often?" I asked Frankie and Ray.

"Only Pete's." Frankie smiled, and Ray agreed.

"And he has one, every month or so. I swear he makes up reasons to have them." Ray joked.

"How long do you think Pete will be?" I asked Frankie. He shrugged.

"He's usually done by now." He bit his lip. Just then, the front door opened.

"Gee!" Mikey called,

"Comeing Mikes!" I called down. I walked down, but let go of Frankie's hand. But still he walked closely behind me. As I got to the bottom of the stairs. I scanned the faces which had joined us so far. Cassadee,Jersey,Mikey,Alicia,Patrick,Pete,Joe and Bob. We all introduced ourselves. A few more people turned up, and then Mikey put the music on. It started quiet, and only a few classics played. People requested songs, and Mikey had them. He had downloaded all the music he knew was going to be asked for in advance. He was really good at that.

We all got ourselfs a drink, and began drinking. I sat in the living room with Frankie one side, and Bob the other. We were all pretty close, and everyone was so involved with their own groups me and Frankie could press up closer without it getting noticed. A few people were a bit drunk already. And it wasn't that long since they got here. As Frankie had promised, Pete had brought more than enough alcohol for even the biggest party possible. More and more people turned up, and it was starting to get crowded and louder. Mikey turned up the music a bit more. And a few of the drunks were already danceing.

"So this is it?" Frankie asked, takeing another swig of his vodka.

"Not really. It gets better." I chuckled. "Wait until more of them are pissed, Mikey knows how to throw a party." I smiled and Frankie smiled too. He took the last swig of his vodka, and I did the same. My head was starting to pound with the music now. So I guessed Mikey had turned it up some more. Frankie passed me another drink, and I opened mine and his, then took a big swig.

About halfway through our third bottles of vodka, me and Frankie were hugging on the sofa.

"I looooove you mister Gee." He smiled.

"Oh I love you morerr!" I chuckled. I didn't give a fuck who saw us.

"Prove ittt." Frankie slurred. I put my lips to his with all the passion I had, and he returned the kiss with just as much passion. It felt like I was flying. Then we finished the kiss.

"Okay. You win. Only 'cause your totally haaaaawt." I giggled. Then I looked to see who was in the party. Because the living room wasn't far from the front door I heard it knock. "C'mon let's go kill thar zombies." I giggled, finishing off my bottle, and grabbing another. Then I walked to the door with my arm around Frankie. Then I opened it. And SHE was there.

"THIS PARTY DOES NOT ALLOW FUCKING FAAAAAAGS." Frankie shouted at her. She screwed up her face.

"Oh so you two are here." The girl from the cafe we went to before said.

"It's his fucking party HOTSTUFFFFF." I laughed. Pointing at Frankie.

"Nononono. It's yours. AND SHE'S MINNEEE!" Frankie laughed. pointing at the fag-girl, and pokeing her in the head as he did. She didn't look amused. But I was.

"Mine mine mine mine mine!" I shouted.

"Can I come in now. You two have had too much to drink, you fucking fags." She said to us. She was so pissed off, it was funny.

"US. US THE FAGS? GOT A MIRRRROOOORRRR?!" I shouted back. "And we haven't drunk MUCH ATALL. YOU FAGGG." I yelled. Then me and Frankie giggled a little.

"Would a FAG, such as yourself, DO THISSS?" Frankie poked her head again, then turned to me, and pulled me down to his level, and kissed me with passion again. We passionatly kissed, right infront of her, for quite a long time.

"WOULD YOU? HUH? NO YOU WOULDN'T." Frankie said in a loud, matter of fact voice.
"Because you. Dear madame. Are a fag." I laughed.

"It's cold. And we want to come in. So move." The fag-girl said, then pushed me and Frankie out of the way and walked into the crowd.

"I love that man." I said, looking after her. Frankie laughed, then shut the door and we walked back into the house. "Shall we go see what shananigans the other people here have gotten themselfs into?" I said into Frankie's ear, because the music was REALLY loud now. We pushed our way through the crowd, takeing in the great atmosphere created by all the people here danceing and haveing a great time. But also trying our best not to take in the horrible smell they were creating. We walked through the crowd to the dining room, were Pete was standing on the table, and danceing, he was already REALLY drunk, and was shirtless.

There was a boy standing next to the table cheering him on. I looked around for Patrick, but he wasn't here. He must be with Mikey or Ryan somewhere, I guessed. Then a song pop-ish song came on, I guessed it had been requested because it was really different from most of the other songs which were blasting through our eardrums. Pete seemed to love the song though. And he grabbed the boy who was cheering him on and pulled him onto the table with him.

"The lips that slip Are the lips that press " The lyrics said, and Pete pressed his lips to the boy and began makeing out with him, the boy wasn't complaining. Pete pressed him close to his body and we all cheered them on.

"I put bodies into motion Keep this skin out in the open" Pete pulled the boys top off, leaveing him shirtless like Pete. They were no longer makeing out, but now Pete was grinding himself against the boy as they moved in time with the song.

"Bounce Bounce baby, Bounce back to me" The song carried on and Pete continued playing with the boy, and makeing out with him, and practically, dirty danceing with him on the table.
"He's Zac." Frankie told me in my ear. "He's Pete's bitch." He laughed.

"I thought Patrick was?" I said into his ear. The Bouncing song was still thumping too loud to talk properly, but I wasn't objecting to being so close to Frankie.

"No. Pete's Patrick's bitch." He giggled. I laughed too. Then I lead Frankie through the crowd, I wanted to find something else to do as watching Pete play with Zac was slightly disturbing. We got through to the living room. And Jersey was on the table, and was about to jump.

"Oh fuck." I murmered and laughed. He dived and started swinging from the light. Keeping his legs up so he didn't kick many people. He did manage to kick a few people. Who found it funny.

"OOOOOHHH IMMMAAAA FUCKING MONKAAAAAAYY!" Jersey screamed, then fell down, landing on Ray and a girl he was talking. Ray caught him in his strong arms. But when he saw who it was he dropped him. I laughed.

"Stop comeing from the sky you WIERD MONKEEYS." Ray said, his hands on his hips. I pulled Frankie through some more people. And dragged him upstairs.

"Where are we going baaaaabe?" Frankie shouted.

"Upstaiiirs!" I called back, and fell over, I pulled myself back up. And Frankie giggled at me. The music was a little quieter up here as Mikey had connected the wires to play on the speakers downstairs. I walked to Mikey's room to see if he was there, and Brendon, Ryan, Bob and Patrick were sitting in there talking and drinking.

"Heey!" Brendon grinned, he had his arm around Ryan. "My and Ryan were just about to go down." He smiled, then they walked out past us. Me and Frankie walked into the room and took their seats.

"Pete fucked Zac yet?" Patrick laughed,

"Almost." Frankie grinned.

"Good." Patrick nodded.

"I thought Youuuuuuuu wanted to fuck Pete." I slurred, pointing at Patrick. He went red.

"Shhh Gee babe honey sugar. It's a SECRETTT." Frankie smiled, putting a finger on my lips.

"I don't like him." Patrick said defensivly, and took another swig of his drink.

"Thou shalt seee!" Bob said, then walked out.

"Ohhhhh! I feel some fucking comeing onn!" Frankie squeealed.

"OhhoOOOHHHH." I giggled, and Patrick downed the rest of his drink.

"Look! Shut up!" He shouted at us. Me and Frankie went quiet, then giggled, Patrick smiled too.

"You so do." Frankie giggled at him.

"Yeah." Patrick smiled, and scratched his head under his hat. Then the door swung open and Bob walked back in, leaveing the door open and the music swelled into the room.

"I did it." Bob said, then leaned back on Mikey's beany, looking really chilled. We all watched the door, and a few moments later, Pete walked in, still shirtless. Patrick stared at him, looking really scared.

"Patrick!" Pete slurred loudly, walking towards him, "I've been looking for youuu!" He smiled, and sat really close to Patrick, resting his head on Patrick's shoulder.

"Where? Up Zacks ass?" Patrick laughed, Pete nudged him lightly.

"Noooo! I don't go up his ass! I go in his mouth!" Pete said, not realising what he was saying. Patrick laughed at him.

"You are mentally challenged Pete." Patrick giggled.

"So I am mad for?" Pete asked, not actually askeing a full question.

"Mad for..?" Patrick beckonned him to carry on.

"Mad for YOU!" Pete shouted, then kissed Patricks lips. And he tried eating his face.

"Happy endings are very cwwuuuuuutee!" Frankie cooed, then he kissed my lips briefly.

"VEWWWY!" I squeeled. "Shall we make one?" I asked, and he nodded.

"Guys. I'm going. This room is getting a little gay." Bob joked, then walked downstairs.

"Let us take this to your room?" Frankie whispered into my ear. I nodded wildley.

"Leaveing so soon?" Pete called.

"Yeah. Have fun getting fucked." I winked at him, then I carried Frankie to my room and closed the door.

That's it..
I have the rest of the story planned.
There will be about 20 chapters if I reach my goal. (:
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