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Chapter Fifteen!

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Starbucksss! XD

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Here's chapter fifteen..

Gerard's POV
When I woke up, I opened my eyes, but my head pounded. So I kept them closed for a bit, then I heard someone walking into my room. I was confused, why was I home? Then I remembered the party.

"Wake up sleepy head." Frankie said softly, and I opened my eyes.

"Ugh." I moaned, my head was banging.

"I brought you some coffee." He smiled. I tried to sit up, it hurt my head, then I took a sip from my coffee.

"Thanks sugar." I smiled. Then took another sip of my coffee. It was helping my head a lot.

"No problemo. Can you remember last night?" He asked nervously.

"Not really, my head hasn't started working yet." I giggled.

"Oh. Okay." He blushed, 'Oh God. It must of been bad' I thought.

"Can you remember?" I asked him, still frantically sipping my coffee.

"uh, most of it," He laughed nervously.

"Tell me." I smiled, and jokingly punched his arm.

"Okay. Well.." He began, blushing, "I uh, I gave you, uhh.."

"You what..?" I grinned wildly, I had remembered exactly what he had done after I had carried him to my room now.

"Gave you a blowjob." He said, blushing madly.

"I know." I chuckled, he glared at me. "And as far as I can remember, it was great." I winked, his face melted into a smile.

"So what are we gonna do today?" Frankie grinned at me.

"Well, there will be another party later.." I yawned, "What's the time?"

"It's midday." He smiled again.

"How about Starbucks?" I suggested, trying to sit up more.

"There isn't one for MILES." Frankie giggled,

"Oh man!" I pouted, "Where's the closest one?"

"Miles away.. in the closest town centre." He grinned,

"Are there buses?" I asked.

"Yepp." He said, sounding suspisous.

"Let's go." I yawned again, finishing my coffee and getting up from my bed, going to my wardrobe to find something to wear.

"Seriously?" Frankie smiled, I simply nodded, and grabbed myself a band tee, skinnies and jacket.

"Need clothes?" I asked Frankie, noticing he was only in his boxers.

"Naah, mine are here.. somewhere.." He began frantically looking around my room.

"Lost 'em?" I laughed, he blushed and nodded, I chucked him my old skinnie's which didn't fit anymore, and an old tight band tee. Both fitted him well, although the tee was a little baggy. Then I looked through my wardrobe for a hoody which was too small for me, as it was cold out today. I couldn't find a small one, so in the end I gave him my favourite hoody. And it was really baggy on him, but it looked better on him than it ever had on me.

"How do I look?" He giggled.

"Amazing." I grinned, and he hugged me, "Let's go find Starbucks?" I asked, and he let go of my hug, then we walked out of my room. There were a few teens I hadn't seen before sleeping outside my room. I stepped over them and went to Mikey's room. I knocked,

"Come in Gee." He called, I opened the door, and him, Alicia, Pete, Bob and Patrick were sitting on his bed talking.

"We're going to uh, find a Starbucks, anyone wanna join?" I asked, looking at each.

"Naah." Mikey said, and the others shook their heads.

"Alrighty, you're missing out. Bye," I smiled, and walked out, and then Frankie and I headed downstairs, there were more people sleeping down there, and I spotted Jersey sleeping on top of the back of the sofa, like a cat or something. Me and Frankie stepped over bodies to get to the door, then left.

"Which way from here?" I asked him,

"Just up there, to the bus bay. I can't believe you are actually crossing states just to find a Starbucks." Frankie giggled, shakeing his head.

"It's. Starbucks." I said, imitating a zombie. Then we walked up the road, and all the way to the buses in the comforting silence we always made.

"Here's the buses, and the bus bay we need is over there." He smiled, pointing at bus bay 4.

"Coool." I smiled, and then we went and sat in the bus stop. I noticed it was pretty busy in the bus bays, and people gave us wierd looks. Probably because we were dressed so differently. Atleast we hadn't bothered to straighten our hair, or top up eyeliner in the morning.

"Hey. Why is everyone looking at us so strangely?" Frankie whispered to me.

"No idea. I think they are jelous that we look so good." I chuckled, Frankie giggled too. Then his eyes lit up,

"I know! Let's give them something to look at?" He grinned playfully, and before I knew what was going on, he grabbed my head, and pulled me into a kiss. His warm lips hit mine and I couldn't help but kiss back. It lasted pretty long, but I wanted it to be longer. When we pulled away, we smiled at eachother for a short while, then I noticed the people around us. I blushed red.

"Get a room!" Some random, like, ten year old chav boy shouted, and his group of friends laughed. Me and Frank laughed too. There was an elderly woman in the same stop as us, and she was staring at us. I looked at her..

"Hi?" I smiled politly. She shook her head and looked away. A few people standing in the bus stop next to us had stopped talking to stare at us too. And one of them shouted,

"Fags!" The tallest shouted, he was about me and Frankie's age. A few of his friends laughed, but one, didn't. He was short, but a little bit taller than Frankie, and he had ginger hair. He also wore glasses, which were thick black rimmed. He was dressed in normal blue jeans, and a navy blue hoody. He did look a bit out of place standing amongst the others, who to be honest, looked like wanna be gangsta's.

"Leave them alone Fred." He said to the guy who had shouted, and was much taller than himself.

"So you're a fag..?" The tall guy known as Fred said, takeing a step and standing over the ginger boy.

"No. But don't be so fucking homophobic all the time. It's not fucking clever." He said, stuttering a bit in fear, but also sounding a bit scared.

"Do you want me to BEAT the homophobia into you?" Fred snorted.

"Wouldn't hitting me to make me scared of gays.. mean you are gay?" Ginger pointed out, and my and Frankie laughed a little at this joke.

"No. Shut the fuck up NOW." Fred, pretty much growled in the poor ginger kids face. I gathered the courage to stick up for him, because he looked absolutly petrified.

"Leave him alone!" I shouted, and all of Fred's friends turned to face me. Frankie moved closer to me for comfort.

"Or what?" Fred yelled back, I then noticed he was only my age, or younger even. And he was really skinny, easy to beat in a fight. And his friends didn't look imtimidating atall.

"Or.. I'll make you." I shouted, then I walked out of our bus stop, and towards theirs, Frankie following close behind.

"Pffffft." He laughed, but none of his friends laughed too, now I was closer I could see they were all younger than myself, and they looked scared.

"Just. Leave. Him. The. Fuck. Alone." I said, now face to face with the Fred person, and he wasn't as tall as I had thought he was going to be.

"Why should I?" He asked, a smug smile on his face.

"Because everyone is allowed their opinion." I stated, matter-of-factly,

"But who are YOU to tell me THAT?" He asked, I took a gulp...

"Jeremy Way's cousin." I nodded. Frankie giggled at my side.

"Prove it. I don't think he has faggot blood in him." Fred laughed, I took out my phone, and went to speed dial, then rung his number.

"Hey Gerard, long time no talkie, eh?" Jeremy's deep voice said down the phone. A lot of people found even his voice scary. I just found it, well, Jeremy,

"Yeeah I know right! Well, I have a bit of a problem Jerrry." I smiled,

"Hey! That's why you've got my number, eh cuz? So, what's the problem." I could imagine his goofy smile spreading across his face, and him rolling his sleeves up the way he always did when there was a problem.

"These little homphobic freaks don't believe you're my cousin." I said, glaring at Fred, who was now starting to get a bit scared.

"They don't? Right, pass the head twatface the phone Gerard." He said protectivly. He knew I wasn't straight, and he hated any sort of homophobia.

"He-hello?" Fred stuttered into the phone.

"So you don't think Gerard here, is related to me?" I heard Jeremy say,

"Nuuh." Fred said, now he was really scared,

"Well he fucking is. Now get your fucking act together and stop being a fucking homophobe, or I'll come find you, and you'll wish you were gay. Got me?" I heard him threaten, I smiled.

"Ohh-okaay." Fred stammered. Then passed me back the phone.

"Thanks Jeremy. You're a life saver." I chuckeled.

"No problem! I'll talk again soon? I'm a bit busy." He sighed,

"Alright. Bye Jerry." I grinned, putting down the phone.

"So, are you gonna leave him alone now?" Frankie asked, a grin spread across his face.

"Yes." Fred nodded, blushing like mad.

"Hey dude. If you don't wanna stay with this twat. You can come with us?" I offered the ginger boy.

"Where you off to?" He asked,

"Starbucks." I smiled.

"No thanks, it's miles away from where we're going." He sighed,

"Anyway, I'm Gerard." I shook his hand, "And this is Frank." I nodded towards Frankie, then they shook hands too.

"I'm Jack." He grinned, "Look, I got to go, my bus is here." He said, then took out his phone. "Let me bluetooth one of you my number." He suggested, I nodded, my phone still in hand from talking to Jeremy. I received his number. Then he waved and got on the bus.

"He seemed nice." Frankie grinned, as I put his number into his phone too. I nodded. "Bus is here!" He grinned childishly. I looked up, handing Frankie back his phone. The bus wasn't here. "Nah. Change of course." He shook his head, pointing to the double decker bus, parked a few stops down. It was on it's way to the stop beside us. Frankie tugged me to the stop.

"Do you even know where this one is going?" I asked him,

"Sorta." He giggled. As long as it got me to Starbucks, I didn't really care. The bus stopped infront of us, it was empty, and so was the bus stop. We got on, and payed the driver, then Frankie pulled me upstairs and we sat at the front.

"This bus is high." I pointed out, and Frankie giggled.

"I love these buses." He shrugged. I pulled him into a hug as the bus started.

"Where's the coffee?" I asked into his hair.

"The coffee is a long way away." He said sadly. I sighed,

"Where's my Frankie?" I asked,

"He's right here." Frankie giggled softly.

"Then coffee doesn't matter." I chuckled. Cheesy, but it made Frankie giggle too. We sat in the double decker, in eachothers arms for some time, and Frankie fell asleep. I checked the time, it had been half an hour on this bus. And even though it had stopped a few times, it was only elderly getting on, and sitting downstairs.

"Oh no! I fell asleep." Frankie yawned.

"No problem. You haven't missed much." I shrugged,

"Naah. How long's it been?" He asked,

"Half an hour." I stated.

"We should be there soon." He giggled. Then in about ten minutes, we were in a big town.

"This is it?" I grinned.

"Yepp. Let's get off." He said, getting to his feet as the bus stopped. I followed him off, and we said thanks to the driver. "This way!" He smiled, and we walked along the street, getting a few strange glances 'cause of the way we were dressed. We walked around a corner, and sure enough there was a Starbucks.

"Yay." I smiled, then we walked into the almost empty coffee shop. There was only two other people in there, a young couple in the corner, finishing their coffee's. We went to the desk and ordered our drinks. I had coffee, and Frankie had a frappy-creamy-chocolate-thingy. We got our drinks, and went to sit in the spot the couple had left empty after leaving.

"Thankyou for bringing me here sugar." I smiled.

"Heeeeeey no problemo." Frankie giggled, I grinned,

"Where are we going after this?" I asked him, he shrugged,

"What's the time?" He asked, I checked for him,

"Half two." I stated.

"Then after this, let's go explore shops?" He suggested. I nodded.

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