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Chapter Sixteeeen. (:

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Frank's POV
I didn't think Gee was serious when he wanted to go to Starbucks. I know. I've said this before. But I was surprised when we actually got on a bus. But the fact it was a double decker made it fun. And we made a kick-ass ginger friend too. Which is always awesome.

"What shops do they got here theen?" Gee said as I finished my drink.

"Noooooo idea." I giggled.

"Shall we go look?" He asked, grinning at me.

"Yepp." I smiled, getting up and we walked out of Starbucks, and wondored up the road, looking in shop windows.

"Ohh! Let's go in here?" Gee asked, pointing at the art shop accross the road.

"Yeeeah!" I nodded, and we ran across the road, then walked into the shop. There was one of those silly bells by the door, and the few people in the shop turned to look at us comeing in. I blushed.

"Good Afternoon boys." The elderly woman behind the counter smiled.

"Good afternoon!" Gee said back. Then he lead me to the canvas area. "I need a new canvas. I need to see the prices though." He grinned. A boy, a little older than Gee and myself walked over to us. He was in the uniform workers here wore.

"Hello. Do you wanna take part in today's paint off?" He asked, clipboard in hand.

"Paint off what?" I asked, tilting my head slightly.

"Two or more artists slash customers paint on canvas' and then are judged. The best wins $200." The boy read from the clipboard infront of him.

"Go on Gee! You'de win!" I squeeled. The boy gave me a strange look, but Gee's face lit up with embarassment, and pride.

"You think..?" He asked.

"Definatly! GO ON!" I jumped up and down.

"So you're in?" The boy asked.

"I guess." Gee smiled, the boy took his name and address down, then told us to wait at the back of the shop. We made our way to the empty area where there were empty canvas' and paint set up. "You sure about this?" He asked me, walking to one of the canvas'. There was man standing at one of the other canvas' who was a lot older than us, and he was waiting to begin too.

"Positive! You will win!" I smiled at him.

"Okay. If you insist," He giggled, then he read the paper which was clipped to the canvas.

"What do you have to draw?" I asked him.

"Anything I want." He muttered, still reading.

"What do you want?" I giggled jokingly.

"You" He mouthed. I blushed.

"Then draw me?" I suggested. Keeping my eyes locked on his.

"Okay." He smiled. Then he grabbed me a seat and put it opposite the canvas so he had a good view of me. Another man came over and took the third canvas. Then the worker came over.

"Right, You know the rules? Any questions?" He asked. They all shook their heads. "Then you've got an hour. Start." Gee started looking at me, then painting, then looking at me, then painting. I kept a smile on my face and crossed my arms. I tried not to fidget. After half an hour Gee smiled,

"You can move now." He giggled. I sighed in relief.

"Can I come see?" I asked.

"Not yet." He chuckled, and frantically painted. I sat, watching his concerntrated face. The time went fast, and Gee stopped painting, everyone else was still working on theirs though. "All done,"

"Yay!" I clapped my hands. "Noooow can I see?" He looked worridly at me,

"Okay, but it's not that good." He sighed, looking from me to the canvas. I got up and walked over, when I saw his painting, I gasped.

"Wow. It's.. like a fucking PHOTOGRAPH!" I yelled, and hugged him.

"Thanks." He chuckled. The other two men drawing looked at Gee and I then looked away. The worker guy came over and looked at the painting, Gee had even drawn in the shop in the backround.

"That's very good." The man said, obviously impressed. "Time's up you two." He called to the other two men. Then the woman from the desk came over and looked at each canvas in turn. Gee and I went over and looked at the other two's work. We praised them for it as we did. One had drawn abstract shapes, and coloured them in. The other had drawn a landscape. Neither looked nearly as good as Gee's though.

"You won." I whispered to him. He blushed madly.

"The winner has to be Gerard, very close though." The woman announced smiling, then motioned for Gee and I to follow her over to the desk. She handed him the prize money, and then said she would be sending the canvas to his house. We said our thanks, then left the shop.

"YOU ROCKEDD!" I screamed at him,

"Thanks!!" He said back, "What shop next? There must be a guitar competition going on somewhere for you to win." He grinned, looking around the streets.

"Naah." I giggled. "But look at the time!" I gasped, "It's getting late, and there's another party tonight." I pointed out.

"Oh yeah!" Gee grinned, and we walked back towards the bus stop. "Think we should invite the ginger guy?" He asked me.

"Hell yeah! We owe him one." I smiled. Then Gee took his phone out and searched for Jack's number. Once he found it he texted him, and almost straight away he got a reply. "He'll meet us at the bus bays in ten or so minutes." Gee read out.

"Awesome." I grinned, then we got on the bus as it stopped for us. It wasn't a double decker this time, and it was full. Gee and I stood at the front, and held on to the same pole as the bus shook. A few times I fell onto him "accidently" and he caught me and helped me stand. No-one else on the bus even gave us a second glance.

"Hey!" Jack greeted us as we got out of the bus.

"Heya Jack." I smiled. Gee waved at him.

"Let's go then?" Gee asked, and we nodded, and we walked towards Gee's house for that night's party. Jack told us how he hated the group he had to walk around with, his "friends". And we talked about music. Gee joined in once in a while, but he's a bit socially awkward at times.

"Almost there." I said as we got to the end of Gee's street.

"My nan lives down the road from here." Jack said,

"Awesome! Gee lives there.." I pointed to the house we were walking towards, "And I live 'round the corner." I grinned.

"I think it's really cute you two have nicknames for eachother." Jack smiled. "Gee and Frankie." He marvelled. We both blushed,

"Thanks." I smiled, then we walked into Gee's house. I saw the bags of alcohol in the kitchen, meaning Pete had already topped up. And in the kitchen, were a few faces from the party last night, only now makeing breakfast. Gee led me and Jack up to Mikey's room.

"Mikes?" He called, knocking the door.

"Come in." Mikey said,

"Jack, this is my little brother Mikey." Gee introduced them.

"No way!" Jack shouted. "Mikey from that online game? MIKESTARRR?"

"That's me!" Mikey smiled. Him and Jack went into a deep conversation about whatever game they were on about, and Alicia who was sitting next to Mikey joined in once in a while. Patrick was sitting on Mikey's bed, on his own laptop. Gee and I went and joined him.

"Hey Patrick." I greeted, sitting next to him, Gee joining me at my side and putting his arm around me.

"Hey guys." Patrick smiled, looking up from the screen to talk to us.

"How did you and Pete go last night?" Gee winked, I giggled and Patrick blushed.

"I don't really remember. I drank a bit more.. after he dragged me downstairs. Then there was something to do with danceing.. and Pete stripping.." He trailed off.

"Ohhh nice. Get in there." I winked at him, and nudged him he blushed deeper. And chuckled nervously.

"Staying for the party tonight?" Gee asked him.

"I'm not sure." He shrugged.

"Oh go on!" I moaned, putting a arm around him, "You know you wanna see Pete again."

"Uhh.." Patrick laughed.

"Take that as a yes." I smiled. Patrick shook his head.

"Jack!" I called him, he turned to face us,

"Yepppppppp." he said,

"Told your parents you're staying?" I asked him.

"Texted them. They don't give a fuccckkk." He laughed. Then he turned back to Mikey's pc. Then I heard Patrick get a text, the text tone was Prince, predictably. He took his phone out and read the screen. He blushed,

"What's it saaaaaaay?" I asked, trying to see the screen.

"Nope. I'm not showing you." He chuckled playfully. Putting the phone back in his pocket. I folded my arms and leaned into Gee.

"Pweese show himm." Gee pouted, and Patrick grinned. And then shook his head.

"OH MY GOD IT'S PETE!" I yelled, pointing out the window. Everyone in the room turned, yeah, 'cause Pete would be flying past the window. I jumped on Patrick and took his phone out of his pocket, opening his inbox. He tried fighting me for his phone, but I climbed off him and hid behind Gee. The message was from Pete..

Heyy hunny bunny r you gonna come to the party tonite aswell? looking forward to it agen. love you. p.s last night was immens I giggled at it, and Patrick blushed, and gave me the worst death glare ever, after reading for any more texts from Pete, which there weren't. He'de deleted his whole inbox. I passed him back the phone and curled up and leaned on Gee, inbetween him and Patrick.

"You are sooooo dead." Patrick said, a small smile on his face.

"OOOH SO SCARED." I giggled, and Gee tapped me lightly accross the head.

Gerard's POV
I was so happy Frank and I could be so open around everyone in the room. The door downstairs knocked, and we yelled for them to come up. Then when Mikey's door opened, Cassadee and Jersey walked in,

"Heeey guys!" Cassadee grinned, sitting on the bed next to me. Jersey overdramatically dragged his feet and fell onto the bed next to Cassadee. Then slapped his hands on his head as he layed down behind us who were sitting on the bed.

"GRRRRAAAAAAH!" He moaned loudly.

"What's up Jersey Persey Wersey?" Frankie asked, flopping back and resting his head on Jersey's belly.

"HEEEAD HURTS!" He whined loudly. Tapping Frankie's head.

"I think it is called a hang over." Frankie giggled, ruffling his head into Jersey's tummy. Jersey tried not to smile.

"I keep telling him, but he just yells- -" Cassadee began, but was cut off,

"I'M DIEING AND NONE OF YOU CARREEE!" Jersey cried loudly, I jumped, I still wasn't used to Jersey's loud-ass personality.

"You're not dieing sillllllleeeeeeeeh!" Frankie said, tickling Jersey's belly. After a few seconds Jersey fell into a fit of giggles. "See! Dead people don't giggle!!!" I laughed at Frankie. He could always cheer anyone up.

"When's the PAAARTTTTEEEEEEEHEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?" Jersey shreiked, feeling better. he sat up next to Cassadee,

"Soon." Mikey smiled, "Everyone's on their way."

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