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Holy Jenova what next...

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Genesis spent the rest of the trip to the centre of the town grumbling behind the gag as they paraded him upwards. It was worse than humiliating and to top it off Cloud seemed to know more about him than he knew about the blond. Cloud watched him, Zack had spoken of the three like they were gods once and it made his soul fall to think that so much had gone so wrong. He had idolised Sephiroth too and now... it was a constant sad battle that he wished had never come. He had failed Aerith and now he might fail Tifa.

Reno and Rude made a show of dragging Genesis into the centre of the town square. It didn't take much for the once proud Soldier to fall to his knees and Leon looked around the area. This Hojo was an abject coward by the sounds of it, but the stories about the creatures he created, or the monsters he desired, sent a shiver down his spine. The things these so-called scientists were willing to do just caused problems.

Hojo watched from the building he was stationed in and smirked, he pushed his glasses up his nose a little and chuckled. Those idiots thought he'd go and put his life at risk for something discarded years ago? No, Genesis was just a perfect distraction to the cause. What he needed was a large enough crowd of people for the virus to be tested on and the Turks presence was going to disrupt it.

Reno shooed a few stragglers from around the town square and looked over at the ex-Soldier who was struggling to stand up. The closer he got to the scientist the more pain he was in, whatever Hojo had done it was starting to seriously burn through him. Genesis collapsed on the floor and Hojo had to reserve a cackle. Would his mako fight off the T-virus he'd planted, what a curiosity!

“Reno this is just hurting him please...” Cloud leant down and put his arms around Genesis' chest. “This will not work.”

“We got nothing else right now.” Rude mumbled.

Genesis yelled as the virus ripped through every cell in his body and cells that had not been infected banded around against them, the mako recognising the invading force and trying to destroy it left the ex-Soldier screaming as the very core of his being was argued over. Hojo couldn't help it, the inquisitive bastard had to see this for himself. He moved forwards to the window, it was all Leon needed.

He saw the flash of spectacles as the sun caught over it and ignoring the plight of the man, he assumed was ready to die, he ran through the street and kicked the door open. Reno spotted Leon's movement and looked to Cloud, Cloud nodded, he would stay with Genesis, someone who needed to survive. Cloud found he wanted to save him, wanted to ask him about the days when Sephiroth was a hero and someone Zack idolised. His eyes lowered as he heard the ground rumble around them, more of the creatures were coming. Cloud pulled his sword and prepared.

Reno sighed, there was never an easy day on the field. He ran behind Leon covering him with a few well timed whacks from the EMR as a couple of the creatures came into sight. Leon nodded and kicked open the door as Hojo ran behind them via the back exit and into the street. Leon grabbed at his coat and Hojo broke free but Reno ran along the side of the wall, past Leon and slammed into him. Both men landed in a heap in the garden, Reno whacked the back of the scientists head, and pinned him down.

“Leon...” Reno mumbled trying to keep Hojo to the ground. “Cuffs, back pocket.”

Leon leant down and ran his hands to the Turk's pocket, collected the cuffs and put them around Hojo before unceremoniously bringing him to his feet. He didn't even know him but he hated him already, he even looked like a snivelling wretch. Reno stood up pointlessly attempted to tidy himself up and Leon had to admit, as annoying as the redhead could be he was definitely put in the position, he was for being good at what he did. Leon stood corrected.

“Let's get this piece of crap back to head office. We need that antidote.” Reno muttered.

“Who said I will make that for you?” Hojo's smug voice hit them.

“Because dickwad I will make you yo.” Reno looked into his eyes. “I ain't wasting time discussing it right now.”

Leon marched Hojo back towards the central square where Cloud had spent the time well, he had mopped up several groups of the strange things and put his boot into the head of the last one left as they came around. He was covered from head to foot in blood and Reno's eyes softened for a moment remembering Zack and the mess they were both in when the troubles with Genesis and his people started before. Cloud looked away from Reno and down to where Genesis was on his knees, he had tried to fight off the creatures as the strange virus rippled through him but he was too weak to move and had collapsed over Rude's feet.

“We got to try and get these two to the lab, call in Soldier to mop this up.” Reno told the big guy.

Cloud lifted up Genesis and ignoring the scientist he got him into the helicopter as Reno ran his checks. Rude called through to HQ to get Soldier deployed and Leon kept close to Hojo, he wasn't letting him go now he had him. Reno then looked over, took off and pulled the radio around to let Tseng know what they had.

“He'll make the antidote.” Tseng said solemnly. “Because I'll torture it out of the weak son of a bitch if I have too.”

“I told him the same boss.” Reno smirked as they took off. “Is there any news on Dark Nation?”

“Nothing new. Anything else I should know?”

Reno found he didn't know how to answer it, there was such a long history and his mind went to lost colleagues, friends, for some they had lost families and lovers. The trio had been idols until their rebellion, before Zack was pulled so far down there was no return. Reno paused and said prompted him with a subtle mumble down the phone.

“Just clear the holding bay you're going to want to see the rest yourself.” He said thinking of Genesis and took off the headset, he flew the rest of the way in silence.
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