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Chapter 18

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I am useless with Chapter titles... anyways loaded some more.

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“Cloud!” Reno dived down with him seconds later, the Turk's last sign of being there was the last of a slither of red hair going into the tunnel with them. Leon grabbed the discs from the table and then nodded to Rude as they followed.

“Genesis!” Cloud ran after him, the tunnel making it hard work to keep him in sight. “Genesis if that's you please... please stop!”

“Isn't he part of the problems?” Leon looked at Rude as they ran along, his gun out ready to take a shot at anything that got in the way.

“He was dead...” Cloud muttered as they rounded a cave complex. “He... he was one of the people that...” Cloud looked down, his hand went to his pocket to the trinket he had picked up of Zack's earlier. A barrage of memories came to the blond, the death of his best friend, Avalanche, Sephiroth and slowly but surely he realised that he had sank to his knees in the damp cave.

“Cloud.” Reno leant down, his eyes softer. “It may be a clone, a remnant okay?” His voice was compassionate and Cloud never imagined he'd hear it. “And if not maybe he can help lead us to end this okay?”

“You're right.” Cloud sighed and stood up, now was not the time to dwell on past actions or what could have been. He picked himself up and clapped the redheads shoulder with his hand, they began the long trek down the unknown passageway.

Genesis ran down through the tunnels hoping to get to the makeshift bunker. Genesis couldn't even remember why he was here, he should have been in the lifestream and then suddenly out of nowhere came a hideous sense of, well, life! The ex-Soldier had fought until finally it was past that and all that had been required was the slipping of his soul back to the core of the world's energy, back to the essence of the planet but Hojo had other plans. The sick bastard had found a way to re-host him in a body and every time the creature, no the monster, that he had become tried to rebel it caused hideous pain.

Cloud heard a slamming of a door and they ran towards it. Genesis stumbled into the room and slid into the chair, had Hojo brought him back merely as a distraction? He sighed and slid down into the seat and closed his eyes. They were coming there was no point in trying to escape, could he fight Cloud? The Turks he would be able to take out but he knew nothing of the other human either.

“Slow down,” Leon moved to the door, “is he to be considered hostile?”

“Yes.” Cloud said without a second thought, the notion was backed up by the two Turks who nodded eagerly behind him. “He's invariably linked to that bastard Hojo, it's all you need to know.”

Leon nodded before standing back and letting the blond open the door. Reno and Rude covered his back and looked at one another,, Reno's eyes searching his partner to see if he was moving in first or not. Rude shrugged, Reno motioned and Cloud ignored them both by stepping in and preparing to take his sword.

“Don't... waste your time.” Genesis looked up at him. “It's not like either of us wanted to meet.” The once proud Genesis swaggered to his feet and threw the chair towards the blond. “Get out of here before you end up in another experiment you don't want... that neither of us wanted.”

Leon's gun was poised ready to take a shot at the new player to the field, Cloud raised his hand and stepped forwards. Genesis' hand went to his sword, both of them not wanting to be the first to strike. Reno moved behind Leon, why didn't people who should have been dead just damned well stay it? Sephiroth, Genesis... and more annoyingly why hadn't the ones he liked been saved? Say like Zack... yeah he liked that overly cheerful son-of-a-gun he had to admit. Rude watched the redheads fingers idle over his EMR and for a moment no one moved.

“Where is he?” Leon broke the silence, sentimentality came after the President was made safe. “You have all the data for the T-Virus which means you have the antidote.”

“I can't tell you that.” Genesis looked at him, the mako eyes dead and empty.

“Genesis you rebelled at every stage of this Holy damned war with Shinra so now you can rebel again. Hojo caused your death one way or another so please, please will you tell us?” Reno looked at him. “This virus will kill thousands. You can stop that.”

“Hojo has...” Genesis grabbed his stomach and clutched at the desk, a searing pain rolling through the already weakened body. “I can't tell you.”

“Then we'll beat it out of you.” Cloud mumbled and stepped forwards but his heart wasn't in it, the idea of fighting him felt wrong. “How did you come back?”

“I don't know...” Genesis stumbled into the desk. Papers and files flew everywhere and the sword clattered across the office floor. “I woke up on a table in a lab. I thought I could find...” Again the pain rippled through his body, his stomach turning knots and Cloud caught him before he collapsed.

“He's got to be controlled by something, has Hojo given you any orders?” Leon interjected.

“I can't tell you that!” Genesis said barely standing.

Reno patched through to Elena, they needed to detain him and potentially it could draw out Hojo more. They needed that guy fast, they needed the antidote before they lost their President. Cloud looked at Genesis, taking him would mean more scrutiny and what was to say they didn't want to just kill him? Leon moved in the way and looked at them all.

“Take him into the main square and hold him out for Hojo to see. Bind his mouth, make out you worked a way around getting him to talk. Say you'll exchange him for the antidote.” Reno said looking at them.

“Isn't that a bit of a cruel trade Reno?” Leon looked at him.

“That's how they work.” Cloud muttered.

“Look we don't have to do it just make it sound like it. And we only need a sample to clone not necessarily a batch of the stuff right?” Reno lit up a smoke and looked at them. “Well does anyone else have a suggestion?”

“Sadly... no.” Cloud sighed and looked at Leon.

“Nope. No great wisdom here.” Leon shrugged.

“Yay me...” Genesis whispered. “I'm bait for both sides, the gift of the godd...”

“Quote Loveless within the next ten minutes I'll ram this sword so far up your ass you'll be skewering river rat on it to eat for months.” Cloud mumbled in disdain which sent Reno into a fit of laughter, followed promptly by coughing as the smoke went the wrong way down his throat.
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