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Chapter 17

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forgot to sort names for chapters... anyways who is the new guy?

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Leon headed around the right with the redhead who was still stuck with the most annoying smirk on his face. The strange thing was the more the cocky little git did it, the more inclined Leon felt to smile too and that wasn't going to help him concentrate one iota. Leon moved ahead of the grinning Turk and pulled out his flash-light. They found a room with a nest of the blasted creatures.

“Wow work time.” Reno dropped the grin and pulled out his EMR.

“A stick won't take them out.” Leon looked at him.

“Maybe not in your hands mate.” Reno shrugged and flipped a little materia ball into his hand. “I reckon this will fix us up a treat though.”

“What is that?” Leon caught the ball as it flipped out of the redheads hands and into the air.

“Ah yeah you got no idea yo... Materia.”

“The president used it via a gun right?”

“Yeah that's the stuff. We put it in armour and weapons to help, some summon gods and whatnot and some is for healing.” Reno took the shining ball back. “This one my friend is a pyramid.” He cast the familiar materia letting it course through his body and finally several of the corpses were caught in the yellow pyramids.

“Can they get out?”

“Only if something else whacks them hard enough but we're going to blow them up.” Reno set down the chord around them and fished out the relevant goodies from his pocket. “Don't worry I mostly know what I'm doing.”

“Mostly?” Leon look at him suspiciously.

“Well if you see me running... run too.” Reno laughed and moved back with the line and looked at him. “Oh come on lighten up.” And with that he set the charge. “I like the noise...”

“I am sure that if anything else hears it too we'll be sure to notice as they eat us!” Leon rolled his eyes and checked his weapon again.

Reno lit the area with a happy chuckle, as the blast ripped through the pyramid caught creatures and limbs, blood and insides splattered the mine walls with a wet thud and slap. Leon shook his head, were they all this insane? He wasn't sure he wanted to know but then again he had to enjoy a spark of his own work surely? Reno moved in and checked the cave before nodding and walking past the strewn parts and down the next set of tunnels.

Leon followed him silently watching as the second in command of the Turks continued along the winding tunnels. He wondered if Cloud and Rude had got anywhere close to clues when they found steel doors blocking the pathway on. Reno took a look at the large doors, they were going to need one of Rude’s home made specials for that he was sure.

Cloud discovered that of all the people he could just about stomach to work with, from the Turks, that the quiet bald guy was the one. He wasn’t keen on the knowledge that he liked Tifa but how could he mention that if he never told the woman how he felt anyway? They had taken out a fair few of the straggling beasts and Rude had even pulled him back from one as the head detached suddenly and the monster crawled out and towards them.

“What the? Holy you think you’ve seen everything…” Cloud panted a little, his heart thundering in his chest. “Okay… I have to know how do you work with Reno so well?”

“Honestly?” Rude looked over at him. “If you get past the cocksure crap he’s a good guy. Just don’t tell him I said that. It sounds a bit… girly.”

Cloud clapped his back and smiled at the big man before they headed on again. They rounded a corner and came to a set a dead end. Rude rolled his eyes under his shades and headed back again. Cloud wanted to know why they had become an almost fetish-like symbol for the guy but held back. In the end they retraced their steps and wandered towards the other two men.

Reno and Leon were about to call through to Rude to tell him that they wanted to try and blow the place, but just like magic they rounded the corner. Both sides had the chance to explain the situation and compare notes regarding their kills. Rude looked over at the doors and grunted, he had what he needed material wise he just needed the time to make it.

Reno slid down along the wall and sat on his ass, he watched Rude kit out on the floor. Cloud found himself mildly interested in what General Affairs would produce. Reno lit up a cigarette and Leon watched him more cautiously, here they were in an explosive making situation and the redhead was smoking! Leon looked at Cloud who just shrugged, he was used to the reckless Turks and their President, he just wasn't happy about getting crossed over with their troubles all the time.

Reno leant over when the bomb was made up and stood up again. Rude nodded to them to get clear and having set the charge and timer the redhead appeared around the corner with him. The doors went up with a crescendo of rocks and metal shards from the door. The Turks look at one another pleased, Cloud rolled his eyes and Leon wondered why they couldn't be more subtle, the effect of the whole affair was to leave the room wide open for investigation.

“So who wants to go first?” Rude looked at them.

“I think Leon should, he knows the information that will be relevant.” Reno nodded to him.

“Okay.” Leon moved in, the smoke cleared and he had to admit that he was impressed, the blue suits seemed to know what to do and when. Reno was right he had the better knowledge for the job, he scanned the area and spotted a small dossier under a keyboard. He lifted it up and turned the pages slowly. “Luis Seras' reports? How did... how did they get here?”

“I shall say I suspect it came from the same place that this did.” Cloud held up a disc. “This is Hojo's handwriting which means we closing in but not fast enough.”

Reno heard the movement from the other side of the office, a trapdoor that they hadn't accounted for sprung open and a body swiftly ran towards it. Just as it was second nature to Reno to mouth off it was second nature for him to be a fast mover, shooting at the body he heard the familiar wet thud of a bullet into flesh and turned to check how good his hit was.

Cloud's eyes were the first to widen when he spotted a black wing erupting from the back of a body and stepped back almost panicked. There was a flash of red leather, a muffled yell of pain as the body crashed below and a bloody smear as the victim caught the edge of the open trapdoor and fell down. For a moment no one moved and then all hell broke loose as Cloud leapt down after it.
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