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Chapter 16

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Reno as usual opening his mouth ;) More story

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The group landed in Kalm and Reno slid down with the others, he headed straight for the Inn and booked a room they could use. No one asked questions and he was glad they just took the cash and left him to it.

“Get the beers in.” Reno told Rude snappy over the previous comment.

“Sure partner.” Rude headed over and ordered something to drink, he was in no position to piss Reno off any more. He heard a phone going and looked down, flipped it open and waited.

“It’s Tseng. I know you are in Kalm so I’m going to ask you to make sure that Leon isn’t left alone. We still hardly know him and I don’t want the President at any more risk. I’m going to be with him until I either have to make plans to finish him off or you get an antidote, for your sakes Rude you better make sure it is the latter.”

“Understood.” Rude closed the phone and headed to where Leon and Cloud were outside asking people around the market square about anything unusual.

“This is ridiculous we’re running after them not meeting this guy head on.” Cloud sighed, he was getting fed up with chasing ghosts, he didn’t like this and he just wanted to be able to meet the problem and go home. Nothing was ever simple with Rufus and his goons following along.

“Any suggestions about speeding this up?” Rude asked as he walked over to them, Cloud looked at him, was he really thinking the same thing? “I’m going to take us into the mines. There was an old holding bay for the monsters that came in around there. If they needed somewhere to keep this virus that would be it.”

Cloud looked at Rude thinking that may well have been the longest speech he’d heard from the Turk in years. He nodded and looked to Leon, it made sense. Reno came following having got his own beer down his throat. Elena had agreed to keep a base in the room and rang Ada and Tifa to tell them the plans.

Reno followed, hands in pockets and wondered why he was always dragged into the messy side like this. Even when he was in charge during Tseng’s absence he seemed to be the one that managed to put himself into the position of getting his ass kicked. Reno watched as Leon and Cloud walked towards the mines, both of them were so damned serious and Reno found his life was spent trying to avoid that. If he stopped to think about what he had actually done… well…

“Come on lazy.” Rude clapped his back as they passed, Reno smirked and caught him up, he looked up at him. “Okay so you’re not lazy.”

“No I’m good at this crap.” He snorted as he passed him. “I better get to blow something up or this is going to be a boring mission.”

“You just want me to make you see fireworks. Good job you’re straight or I might start to wonder.”
“Ah I just like making jokes to either party.” Reno shrugged; it always amused him when a man gave him the ‘did I just hear that’ look. “T-virus… man Rufus can’t just let us do our job can he? Spoilt bastard.”

“Spoilt bastard that pays our wages.” Rude mumbled in reminder.

Cloud looked over at them with a smirk, the conversation had not been missed on him. Leon turned to look at them both and laughed, it seemed that no matter where you ended up there was always someone with more money than sense but this President seemed to actually almost enjoy the danger too much, even from his experience.

“What makes you stay if he’s that much trouble?” Leon asked them. The two Turks looked at one another, both opened their mouths. “Well?”

“I guess the Prez just has that kinda charisma.” Reno shrugged. “Besides who else is going to pay us to pop cooks and blow shit up?” Rude smirked as his agreement.

“You know,” Leon nodded, “that sort of makes sense.”

With the pleasantries over they headed back towards the mines and into the dark tunnels, the group pulled their torches except for Cloud who positioned himself at the front and got ready to lay waste to any thing that tried to foolishly get in their way. Leon looked around, the mines were already in disrepair, water dripped down the moss covered walls and the sounds of vermin scurrying did not go amiss.

Cloud’s hand rested on the sword and he wondered honestly if the problems of this world would ever truly go away. Long after Cloud had gone would Shinra still be fighting for dominance and hurting the planet? This T-virus was another in a long history of troubles coming to the group of people, that all had a connection to the Calamity in one way or another.

“You seem to have a look on your face that says you’re thinking way too much.” Reno opened his mouth after a period of silence.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?” Leon looked over at him.

“All the time.” Reno smirked. “But for your info, when you’re as damned good as me at your job you get away with it.”

“I’ve yet to see you be any good at anything but mouthing off or flying.” Leon muttered and Cloud gave a faint smile.

“That’s cos I got you people for that.” Reno quipped.

“Reno enough.” Cloud sighed. “I’ll go left with Rude, you and Leon can head around the right hand side. We should come to the steel entry doors and can head in from two angles.”

“Okay,” Reno nodded, “come on pretty boy you’re with me.”

“Pretty boy?” Leon’s eyes widened. He’d never been called that before.
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