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A New Start

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Jakes life is about to change.

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I thought I would never have made it. I was just sitting there thinking. Why was I alive? I was the only one who survived. The rest of my family didnt make it. I am only 13 so I cant live on my own. So that means I will have to be put up for adoption. My name is Jake Smith and this is my story.

"Mommy can we go now?!" Asked my 9 year old sister Alayna. She was excited because we were leaving for our family vacation today.

"Aly calm down we will be leaving soon" My mom replied.

Our dad left us when Aly was 2 and I havnt seen him since.

"Alright here we go!" My mom said with a smile. We live in Salem Massachusetts and we were driving down to Florida for our family vacation.

We were driving at night and it was about 1:15 am. Alayna fell asleep in the backseat and I was in the front talking to my mom so she didnt get tired. We were talking about music and how much it has changed over the years.

All of a sudden Alayna woke up and sat straight up and screamed "MOMMY! WATCH OUT!" There was a truck coming right towards us and we drove off the road. Our SUV flipped and flipped down a hill. Then everything went black.

I woke up in a hospital bed. I wonder why im here.

"Where am I?" I asked a nurse.

"Glad to see your awake Jake. Your in the hospital you were in a bad car accident."

Car accident? Maybe thats why my arm hurts!

"Wheres my mom? Wheres Alayna?! Are they okay?! I want to see them!" I was getting worried.

The nurse just looked at me then she sighed.

"Jake...your the only one who survived...They didnt make it.." The nurse was trying not to cry.

"WHAT. NO..NO..NO...NO! YOUR KIDDING. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!" Tears were pouring out of my eyes now.

" not kidding. This is not a joke." The nurse was about to cry.

"I want to be alone" I managed to say. I was sobbing now.

"Alright. Ill be back to check on you." She replied and left.

Okay so my family is dead I have no dad im 13 so im going to have to be put up for adoption! This is great. My life is a living hell! now I get to go live with strangers! What the hell.

A/N MCR will be in the story the next chapter.
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