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Adoption? Great.

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Jake is put up for adoption.

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I got out of the hospital a few days ago. I was put up for adoption but until somebody wants to adopt me I have to stay in an orphanage. This sucks. I really don't want to be here. Everybody is so annoying they all ask me if I'm okay because I'm quiet.

"Hi..are you okay?" Asked this kid named Sean.

I really wasn't in the mood to talk. all I wanted was my iPod.

"yeah..I'm fine..listen I'm not trying to be rude but can we talk later? I'm not in the mood..sorry" I replied

He just walked away.

This place is so gross. Everything about it is gross. The food. The beds. The bathrooms. Even some of the people! I just want to go home.

I was laying down on my bed..If you can even call it that. Just then the head person of the orphanage called me down.

"Jacob Smith please report to the front office" Great what did I do now?

I walked down stairs to the front office. I was in sweatpants and a band t-shirt. I walked in the office and there were two guys and a girl standing there.

"Hello Jacob how are you?" asked Mrs Daniels the head person.

"Can you call me Jake? I'm okay." I replied.

"Yes whatever makes you comfortable. Do you know why I called you down here?"
she asked.

"No actually I have no idea. Did I do something?"
I asked her.

"No No No. Your fine. I have a few people who want to meet you"

Just then the three people turned around. I almost fainted. There standing infront of me was Gerard and Mikey Way and Alicia. What where they doing here?!

"Jaco-Jake this is Mikey Way and his girlfriend Alicia and this is Gerard Way. Mikey and Alicia would like to adopt you."
Mrs Daniels said with a smile.

"What? Really? " I was shocked. Why would they want me?

"Yes. Once all the papers are filled out you can go with them. Why don't you go pack your stuff because you will be leaving soon" She replied.

I ran upstairs. I was going to be living with Mikey and Alicia! I guess my life won't completly suck . Will I get to meet the rest of the guys? I hope!

I packed my stuff and waited. After about 2 1/2 hours I was called back down.

I took my bags and went downstairs.

"Jake. The papers were filled out. You are free to go with Mikey and Alicia but you must go to court in a month so everything can be completed" Mrs Daniels said.

"Okay. Thank you so much for finding me a home!" I was so happy.

We left the orphanage and Mikey and Alicia were smiling

"Well Jake I guess its time we introduce ourselves. I'm Mikey Way. "

"Hi Mikey. I know who you are. I'm actually a very big fan of your band!" I replied smiling.

"Well that's cool! Welcome to the family. I'm Alicia." She said.

"Hi Alicia. Thank you guys so much for adopting me!" I couldn't stop smiling.

"Your welcome. Okay were home" We pulled up to an apartment building.

A/N sorry its short. I'm on my cell phone and its not edited so sorry if its crap. The next chapter will be better.
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