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  • Auditions!!!

    (#) SimpleEnoughxo 2009-07-12 01:38:20 PM

    YAAAY. first time i audition for something that isn't already over. (:
    Age:14 (you'll probably change it, lol.)
    Eye color: golden hazel. usually lined with dark brown eyeliner and mascara.
    Hair length and color:Light brown. short, choppy layers and side bangs. cut like cassadee popes.
    Personality:random, happy, awkward, i have many thoughts. i can be perverted, and just plain silly.
    Something you totally couldn't live without: my computer or ipod.
    Preferred pairing: (please put a few.)oli sykes or mike gentile. i love them equally.
    Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear. "): skinny jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, band tees, flip flops.
    Any other important information that you think is neccessary: i always wear 4 bracelets on my left wrist and a crescent moon necklace. my nails are usually painted. i love school, for the social aspect of it. i hope i'm picked. it would be the first time EVERR.
  • Auditions!!!

    (#) CaroBECKETT 2009-07-14 10:20:06 AM

    Name: Carolyn everyone just calls me Caro
    Age: 15
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair length and color: about six inches down my back, and its slate black and super layered, and if I tried and wasn't lazy I could probbaly tease it.
    Personality: I am blunt, I am loud, funny, SARCASTIC as hell, overly agressive when it coems to things I care about, random but not ADD random just random enough to keep a conversation going, thoughtful, outgoing, considerate, cryptic at times, can be selfish with others. Honest. Hyper, but always tired.
    Something you totally couldn't live without: my ipod, well music, its what I live for.
    Preferred pairing: William Beckett (honestly, ask anyone who knows me, I can't read any story with bill in it, that im not in, its an issue.)
    Or Dave Melillo from Cute Is What We Aim For (cause he's the most fbaulous human to hit the planet) and maybe even Daniel Young from This Providence.
    Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear. Skinny jeans, and flannel. Either dark skinnies or super bright ones. I hate wearing shorts because I have this complexion with my legs even though everyone loves them. And I wear bands tees but not that often anymore, and v-necks, oh, I love hoodies.
    Any other important information that you think is neccessary: eh.. Im vegetarian (well have been the last like month of my life), starbucks addict, and im never not listening to music, its bad.
  • Auditions!!!

    (#) ohsotay23 2009-07-15 12:34:15 AM


    15 (age does not at all have to stay the same. ahaha.)

    Eye color:

    Hair length and color:
    really thick naturally straight medium brown hair that is two toned with medium brown on top and bleach blonde on the bottom.

    when i am around my friends i am very outgoing and will do anything. when around people i don't know that well i don't necessarily say too much but also try to say things to gauge their reactions and try to read them. i am very determined and when i get my mind set on something it is going to happen, no excuses. i'm extremely blunt and one of the moodiest people ever. i'm also extremely independent and almost never ask for help with anything. i'm smart, but a complete slacker. i don't let people in easily, but when i do i will care about them completely and do anything for them. i underestimate myself on a regular basis. i don;t care what people think of me and can honestly say i have confidence in myself.

    Something you totally couldn't live without:
    pen and paper, ipod (along with many other people), a true friend, gum, books, love, freedom.

    Preferred pairing:
    gabe saporta or pete wentz, even shaant hacikyan if possible? anything really, no preference.

    Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear. "):
    everything and anything. it all depends on the mood of that day and i don't shop at any particular stores, i'll shop at any of them. i'll wear anything that i think is cute at that moment.

    Any other important information that you think is neccessary:
    -i write poems and songs that i've been told are really not bad at all and those who have read my work tell me that i am talented.
    -i have a monroe piercing.
    -Pete Wentz inspires me.
    -i have no shame at all. ahahaha.
    -i'm becoming addicted to twitter.
    -i'm getting a tattoo of a blue and yellow swallow on my hip before the summer ends
    -i live in suburbia
    -i live in new jersey.
    -i'm straightedge (xXx)

    *i would really appreciate it if you chose mine!

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