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The escape

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After finding out that Bumbeblee isn't a Autobot, Bumblebee is having trouble with telling the others about him. Megatron has found a way to escape from Cybertron, but what for evil plans does he h...

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The Decepticon Within

Chapter one: The escape

It has been three human months that Bumblebee found out that he was a Decepticon. Even when Sari and Bulkhead have suggested to tell the others, Bumblebee still didn’t want to tell them.

“Sari, I just don’t know how to tell them.” Sighed Bumblebee. “I just can’t go and say ‘Hi, how is everyone ? You know, you have a Decepticon living in this group and that would be me ! Have a fun day’”

Sari chuckled with Bumblebee’s sarcastic words. Once again, she started the subject again about him telling the truth. “’bee there will be one day that they have to know about you. If you don’t tell them, they will find it out somehow.” Said Sari to her best friend.

Bumblebee sighed. “I know. But it’s so hard to find a way to tell them.”

Sari nodded. She could understand Bumblebee completely. Her dad had hide the truth of her too. That she wasn’t really her daughter as he always claimed. Hell she even wasn’t from this planet at all. It really hurts her when her dad didn’t tell her about her and that she had to find out in a way.

Looking at Bumblebee, she knew that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “Come on, let’s go and drive around in the city.” She said happy. “Maybe you can drive by Burger bot.” Sari gave Bumblebee a cute look. She knew that he couldn’t resist that one.

Bumblebee looked at his earth friend and smiled. “Sure, but if you get one of those ice cream thingies, you know I WON’T let you be inside of me.”

“But, I still can eat it, while sitting on your shoulder ?” asked Sari.

Bumblebee smiled. “Sure !”

“Yay !” she said happy and walked with her friend to the main room.

“We’re going for a drive.” Said Bumblebee.

“okay, just be carefull. You know that there still can be Decepticons.” Said Prime to his youngling soldier.

Bumblebe nodded and transformed in his vehicle mode.

When Sari had gotten in him, he drove off to Burger Bot.


Back on Cybertron, Megatron and his crew was rotting in their cells. “I will get Optimus Prime back ! No matter what !!” mumbled Megatron to himself.

“Then you have to break out of here first.” Said a voice.

Megatron growled when he recognized the voice. “Sentinel Magnus,” said Megatron on a friendly sarcastic way. “Where do I have the honor to have this visit of you ?”

“Don’t overdo it, con !” snapped Sentinel at Megatron. “You can dream out loud as much you want, but you never will get out of here ! You’re going to be in here for a long, long, long time.” Sentinel was facing Megatron very closely and had almost his optical closed.

“I hope you have a nice day, Decepticon leader. Now that you still can enjoy your miserable life !” said Sentinel as he walked past the cell with the Jet twins.

“Oh, but I will, Sentinel. I won’t be in here as long you would like me to have in.” smiled Megatron before turning to Shockwave. “Shockwave ! Do you already have told Oil Slick our plans ?!”

“Yes sir, he said they would arrive any breem.” Said Shockwave to his lord. Suddenly there was a loud crash and some gunfire. “Ah, looking that are they now.”

Megatron smiled as he watch his followers stormed into the room.

“My lord.” Said Oil Slick as he freed Megatron from his cell and bow to his leader.

“Rise, my dear Decepticon.” Said Megatron as he watch Oil Slick rise. “Free the others and retreat.”

“But my lord, do you not want revenge on these Autobot, who had letten you rot in this cell ?” asked Oil Slick as the other Decepticons get Megatrons crew out.

“No. Not yet. First I want to take revenge on the Autobot who let me fall like this.” Said Megatron who narrowed his eyes. “Retreat ! “

Every Decepticon retreated and went to their hidout.


“Man, I’m full.” Said Sari while laying back in her seat. She and Bumblee went to Burger bot for a very large menu and some milkshakes and ice cream.

“Yeah, but I just don’t get it.” Said Bumblebee as he drive back to base.

“Says the bot who almost drunk himself drunk !” said Sari back.

“Hey you suppose not even to know about that !”

“Well, that’s why you have Bulkhead for !” Sari laughed. Bumblebee mumbled something and drive further.


Back at Cybertron, at the hideout of Megatron.

“We need some more men to come to earth !” said Megatron to Lugnut and Shockwave.

“But Lord Megatron, we have enough men we need.” Said Lugnut to his lord.

“That may be but not some like….Starscream.” said Megatron “It’s just a pitty that he’s offline, while I need him now. He knows a bit more about the Autobots on earth then we do.”

“Why don’t we just botnap one of those flying Elite Guards ?” asked Icy Blitzwing to him.

“No. They don’t know enough information.” said Shockwave. “I’ve already checked them out and if we would get them, they won’t say a thing. Unless…”

“Unless what ?!” barked Megatron angry.

“Unless, we find the sparkling of Flip Sides.” Said Shockwave while looking at his master.

“Flip sides ?” said Lugnut looking at his fellow Decepticon. “What does her so called sparkling story to do with it.”

“It maybe be a rumor to you, but I’ve check it and it’s true. She had interface with a Decepticon called Goldbug. Sadly she and Goldbug died in a Autobot attack. The Sparkling was only a few breems old. I’ve looked up for this sparkling and I’ve heard that he was on earth.” Said Shockwave. “I didn’t found out who this bot is, but it won’t be a matter of time that I would have found out.”

Megatron smiled. “I see we have a other reason to go and visit Optimus Prime and his crew.”

“Sir.” Megatron looked up to see Oil Slick bowing to him. “What must we do with this shell ?”

Megatron thought for a while before answering. “Bring him back to life.”

“As you wish, my lord.” Said Oil Slick bowing once more and walking away and taking Starscream’s shell with him.


Pfhew. I’m glad that I’ve wrote the beginning of a new story . I know that Goldbug isn’t a Decepticon and ect, but I just need something that looks like Bee. The escape of Megatron is….Lame I know. I’m not really that good on action scenes and well you try to find out how to get a bot like Megatron out of a prison. How the Decepticons would have gotten easy in the prison….Well let’s say they have a spy working there or bought an Autobot over…

Anyway, I felt in the mood to bring Starscream back to live. Yes this fic is playing after Endgame. For those who are a bit confused with reading the last fic, I wanted to have prowl alive and not death. But if you want, I could kill him… Lol

Okay, now I’ve got a question for you guys, what do you want to see more in this story ? (And how do you want me to bring Starscream back to life ?) You all know this is a story about Bee being a decepticon and ect. I’ve got some idea’s but their good for the end or in the middle of the story. So give me your thought about it.

I’ve hope you enjoyed the fic and I’ll see you next time.
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