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They know

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After finding out that Bumbeblee isn't a Autobot, Bumblebee is having trouble with telling the others about him. Megatron has found a way to escape from Cybertron, but what for evil plans does he h...

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The Decepticon Within

Chapter two: They know

Megatron and his crew where getting their self ready to go back to earth. Shockwave had found a abandon Transwarp. Megatron had orderd Shockwave to transwarp them to Dinobot island and that Lugnut ahd to take Starscream with them.

“We are ready to go, sir.” Said Shockwave to Megatron.

“Good.” Said Megatron

“I’ve also found out that the Decepticon that lives on earth with the Autobots is no other then the yellow mech called Bumblebee himself is.” Said Shockwave.

“Bumblebee….” Said Megatron to himself “Let’s pay him a visit when we arrive at earth.”

Shockwave nodded. “Should I warn the troops that they have to lay low for now ?”

“Yes.” Said Megatron. “Tell them I’ll contact them when we start our attacks again.”

“Yes, my lord.” Said Shockwave while walking away.

Megatron look out the window and smiled. ‘Soon, Optimus Prime. Soon we will meet again !’ thought Megatron.


Bumblebee sighed as he was laying on his berth. He has been thinking all day, how to tell the others about him being a con. “This is hopeless…” sighed Bumblebee.

“What is hopeless ?” said a voice suddenly.

Bumblebee almost fell of his berth by the voice. When he looked up, he saw Ratchet standing at his door. “Ratchet…”

“Well, do you know someone ells called like that ?” asked the grumpy old bot. “Come on kid, spit it. You have been acting weird some weeks.”

“Spit what out ?” asked Bumblebee like he didn’t know what Ratchet was talking about.

Ratchet sighed and walked up to the young bot, before sitting next to him on bumblebee’s berth. “Kid, me and Prime were talking about you a few breems ago. Over the last few months you have act weird. When Prowl, me or Prime where very close to you, you seem to be afraid of us. When we talk about Decepticons, you run off or don’t even join the discussion. You even didn’t interrupted Prime when he was talking about that one time with you jumping in front of Sari to protect her from the blast of Starscream. Hell, you even didn’t pull any pranks out on me or Prowl at all.” Said Ratchet as he looked very worried at the now sitting but not to close Bumblebee. “We’re very worried about you, Bumblebee. You know if there is something, you always can talk to me, Prime or even Prowl. We can’t help you when you don’t tell us what the problem is.”

Bumblebee sighed and looked away from Ratchet. “It’s nothing, doc bot.”

“You sure ?” asked Ratchet worried.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Smiled Bumblebee, looking at the old bot.

Ratchet looked at Bumblebee. He wasn’t buying the hole ‘it’s nothing.’ Thing at all. But he knew that he doesn’t need to push the young bot. It will come out someday. “Alright them.” Smiled Ratchet before standing up. “You know our doors are always open for you.”

“Thanks Ratchet.” Smiled Bumblebee.

Ratchet smiled back, before he left the young bot alone is his room.

Bumblebee’s smile immediately went off his face and changed into a sigh. ‘I’d wish to tell you guys so much I just don’t know how.’ Thought Bumblebee. ‘Sari and Bulkhead are right. The longer you wait telling them, the harder and the more you get afraid to be not accepted as I am.’

Bumblebee sighed again. “I need some Ninja Gladiator.” He mumbled before walking to the main room to play his favorite game.


After a few Joors, Sentinel Magnus, Jazz and the Jet twins, stormed into the hideout of Megatron. “Look for those slaggers ! Don’t let them get away this time!!” said Sentinel angry. He was still angry what has happened a few joors ago. That something like that could have happened under his command.

The twins splitted up with some other bots.

“S.M,” said Jazz when he found something. “Look at this.”

Sentinel Magnus walked to his fellow bot and looked at the papers Jazz was looking at. “What the slag is going on here ?!” he said.

“S.M ?” said Jazz as he look at Sentinel.

“We have to go back to base and warn Prime and his crew. They need to arrest this glitch and hold him capture so that we can pick him up and bring him to justice BEFORE Megatron gets his hands on him.” Sentinel said to Jazz. “Come on !”

Jazz and Sentinel transformed and drove back to base as the others were looking further for the escaping Decepticons.


Megatron and his crew here transwarped by Shockwave back to their former base on earth. Dino bot island.

“Oooo. Nothing has changed at all !” said Random Bliztwing. “There’s nothing better than home! Hahahah !!!”

“Mute it, Bliztwing.” Said Lugnut to his fellow Decepticon. “My lord, now that we are here, what is the first thing we do now ?”

“Bring Starscream and his clones back to life.” Said Megatron. “Then we go and look for the bot called Bumblebee.”

“As you wish, sir.” Said Lugnut with a bow to Megatron.


“Okay I’m going to tell them !” mumbled Bumblebee. “I’m sick of being scared of them and keeping this from them !” Bumblebee stood up from his desk and walked out of his room again.

While he was playing Ninja Gladiator, Bumblebee was thinking about what Ratchet had said to him. He talked with Sari about it over Msn and she had convinced him to tell them.

Bumblebee walked to Prime’s office. ‘Prime, I have to tell you something. Three months ago, me, Sari and Bulkhead have found out that I wasn’t exactly a Autobot, I know this is a bit confusing, but please Don’t be angry at them. I’ve made them swear not to tell to any of you guys. I know that I’ve acted weird these three months, but I have a reason for that. What I want to say is…’ thought Bumblebee. ‘Prime I was born as a Decepticon. If you don’t believe me, just watch the tape.’

Bumblebee smiled to himself. ‘Yeah that will do.’

As Bumblebee stood in front of Prime’s office, he heard a familiar voice. Bumblebee saw that Prime’s door was a bit open. So, he went peeking in the small door opening. There he heard Sentinel Magnus’s voice.

“Prime, I’m ordering you to arrest the young glitch of you called Bumblebee.” Said Sentinel.

“What are the charges, Sentinel ?” asked Prime.

“He’s a Decepticon, Optimus.”

“What ?!”

Sentinel showed the paper Jazz had found. “Believe me now ?”

Prime looked away from Sentinel. He couldn’t believe it, after all these Vorns, he had worked together with Bumblebee, Bumblebee was actually a Decepticon.

“As you have heard from Jazz, Megatron and the other Decepticons have escaped.”

“What ?! Jazz didn’t say anything of that !” said Prime a bit angry. “How could this happen ?! I thought you said that there was no way Megatron would escape !”

“Well, then you know it now !” bite Sentinel back. “And I’m just a bot. I’m not primus, I can make mistakes too you know !”

“Yeah, but before this happened you act like one.” Mumbled Optimus to himself.

Sentinel gave Prime a look before saying; “We’ll be arriving on earth in a 2 a 3 joors. So you better have that Glitch arrested BEFORE we landed on earth.”

Prime sighed and nodded.

“Good, I’ll see you in a few joors then.” Said Sentinel Magnus before closing the link between him and Prime.

Optimus sighed and held his head. He couldn’t just believe it. Bumblebee a Decepticon. When he looked up he saw something yellow between the opening of the door. “Slag.” Mumbled Optimus before standing up and walking to the door.

Bumblebee had heard everything. The hole conversation between his leader and Sentinel Magnus. When he saw that Prime saw him and came to him. Bumblebee panicked and used his heels on wheels to get fast as he can away from Prime and the base.

“Bumblebee, wait !!!”


Whoohoo ! A other chapter of The Decepticon Within. I would like to thank you all who fav. / wrote a email or reviewed on my story. Also I would like to thank Invader Kathy Starsky who came up with the name.

Sorry for the Starscream fans, but you have to wait for the next chapter to see Starsceam back to life. Also, I won’t come up with a new chapter tomorrow. I (maybe) be gone for the hole day. But I will make it up to you all the day after tomorrow !

Disclaimer: Geez, do I really need to do this ? You all know that I don’t own anything, besides having a mind full of insane idea’s.

See you next time !
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