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Wow. She just keeps going. Still not a story..

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Ok. I covered the hating thing before. I kinda thought my mom was going it as one or two time thing, but oh no, it looks like she's going to be making a habit of putting down the people that mean more to me than anything in the world, as well as trying to erase any positive influence I'm having on my brother.

My mom called us all into my room to talk about my seven year old brother's behavior. She's blaming it on the fact that my dad and I let him watch FUSE, and that the stuff on there, even though she lets him listen to the songs, is not appropriate. My brother, starts to talk about music, and he begins to make me about the proudest I've ever been of him, because in front of my mom, he says, "Yeah. Sissy says that really good music has a purpose. Like making the world a better place or helping people." I'm beaming at this point, proud he's actually listened to me. But my mom snorts, and says sarcastically, "Oh. Yeah. Uhuh." And she rolls her eyes.

My brother continues. "That's why Sissy likes MCR, because almost all the songs have a purpose. And they want to help people." Of course I gave him a simplified answer, he's seven, but I'm so happy that he understood at least some of what I told him.

My mother starts laughing manically, and my brother stares at her.

"Oh uhuh." She says. "Definitely." And she mimes vomiting behind his back.

My dad, who sees that I'm about to tackle her and slam her head into the wall, smacked her knee with the envelope in his hand.


And she laughed and rolled her eyes. Yet again, displaying the maturity of a eleven year old, and the bitch factor that is unmatched in suburban midwest.

I don't know. She just pisses me off. Anyone else want to share?
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