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Thinking About This

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“Hey, Bob.” I greeted him “What are you doing here?” I asked as I stepped back to let him in. “Um,” He stepped inside and I closed the door. “I have something to tell you.”

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Months passed by and I’ve gotten to know Michael and the boys more. Gerard eventually left back to LA and Bob to Chicago, but promised to keep in touch.
Since it was the end of the month I headed to the Post Office to collect my bills for the electric and stuff. That’s pretty much what I get every month, or ever in my life. I never get letters or anything like that in the mail. I check my mail box every month. Knowing what I already got in the mail I was surprised when there was a small package in my box. It was wrapped in a paper bag. I just held it in my hands until I got to my apartment. There I set all the bills on the coffee table in my living room and sat on the couch with the package still in my hands. There was no return address or name, just my address and a stamp.
Confused I carefully unwrapped the package which revealed a box. I opened the box which exposed a bracelet. It was beautiful. There was a note attached to the box. It read: Phoenix, this bracelet is a thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Me and Alicia are on a month long vacation. Just keep checking your mail for updates. Love, Mikey. P.S. You don’t have to get me anything if that’s what you’re thinking. This is a Handcrafted Earth Charm Bracelet. Just the one you wanted.
The gift touched my heart. He remembered. We were shopping and stopped in a jewelry store just to have a look. I saw the same bracelet I now held in my hands there. I wanted it. But I didn’t have much money at the time. I just smiled and put it on. This was the first gift anyone had gotten me since Christmas when I was sixteen. After that my parents thought I was too old for presents, so for Christmas we went to church then had a feast for dinner. No presents, just family time. We still had a tree, but the presents under it were for our little cousins when they came over Christmas Eve.
I felt tears swell up under my eyelids, but held them back. I wasn’t sad, but just happy. It was a perfect thank you gift. But now I wanted to Michael something. I never called him Mikey even though he wanted me to. I just thought that since he’s an adult he should be called his adult name, which was Michael. Not a child’s name like Mikey. All this happiness was making me all gushy inside. I knew for sure I liked Michael. Over these past months I got to know him better and he was perfect. Every time he hugged me or touched me I felt my skin get all tingly and burn after he touched me. But there was something about him that was off. I didn’t know what it was, but it was there.
My nightmares have been more and more intense. I’m starting to remember. Everything was coming back up and now I’m suffering. I’m faking everything everywhere I go. Passed feelings were back and I was back to my old ways. I haven’t eaten for a while, and I’m growing pale. My abilities are growing weak and I barley can move anymore. I’ve been so depressed lately I don’t want to go to work anymore. But I have so many more interviews to do I can’t bail on the bands. And I can’t overwork Irene either. Scott from the mailroom asked her out a month ago, and she’s very happy. I let her have the same week off as Scott so they had some time together. I was feeling generous.
All the dreams have been of the past, but there and parts missing. I skip from one topic to another totally different topic. I starting to remember, but I know there’s some missing. I try and rack my brain, but nothing comes up. But I know it will come to me. I know it will.
A knock kicked my thoughts back to reality. I got up and answered it. Bob was standing there with his head down and his hands in his pocket. He looked up and he was playing with his lip piercing. “Hey, Bob.” I greeted him “What are you doing here?” I asked as I stepped back to let him in.
“Um,” He stepped inside and I closed the door. “I have something to tell you.” He looked at me and I stood in front of him. I knew what he was going to say. I was starting to assume he would never tell. But I hadn’t thought about this much. There was something, but not much.
“Yeah?” I asked. He just looked down and sighed.
“Um, I don’t know how to put this really. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I haven’t slept for a week, and it took a lot for me to come out here and tell you. So I’m just going to flat out say it.” He looked up at me. I waited for him to continue. “I love you, Phoenix.” I was shocked. I was expecting ‘I like you a lot, Phoenix.’ or ‘I like you more than a friend, Phoenix.’ Not ‘I love you.’ What was I suppose to say to the poor dude. ‘Hey, I don’t like you like that. I actually love your best friend.’ No!
“Look, Bob,” I sighed and looked down. “I don’t like you like that.” I saw his face drop. “I mean, there was something when we kissed, but just a small spark. Something big like fireworks.” I laid it down slowly.
“Okay,” Bob was headed towards the door and I caught his wrist.
“I still want to be friends though. Even though I don’t like you like that, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be you friend anymore. I’ll always love you, Bob. But just as a friend. I love all of you just as friends.” I half smiled hoping he would forgive me.
“Okay,” Bob nodded and half smiled. I just pulled him into one last kiss. He was sure to make it last long.
“Maybe one day, but not for a while.” I smiled when he broke apart first. He laughed.
“Okay,” He nodded and I held his hand.
“Is that all you’ve got to say?” I asked.
“Yeah, pretty much.” He was headed and pecked him real quick. He smiled then headed out. I felt bad, but I wasn’t falling in love with him like Michael.

The rest of the month went by slow, but it was nice knowing Michael was sending me gifts every week. Once a week. It was nice to have something to wait for. And all that came that February was a Handcrafted Earth Charm Bracelet, Tiffany Blue Box Necklace, Tree of Life Pendant with Necklace, a Tiffany 1837 Bar Pendant with Sterling Silver, and Jean Schlumberger Sixteen Stone Ring with sapphires and diamonds in platinum. He explained it all in the notes. Now I felt more than obligated to get Michael something. Even in all the little notes he said not to.
I got up from the couch with the strength I had left and headed out with my wallet, iPod, and cell phone. I headed to Tiffany’s to see what they had. It had to be something perfect for when I tell him I love him. I don’t know how he’ll react with Alicia still attached, but I’m hoping he’ll be stoked. I made my way to where they had some men’s jewelry, but none seemed perfect. I kept browsing and I came to the perfect one. It was a Tiffany Keys Crown Key. This would be the key to my heart I’ll give to Michael once he gets back. Which is tomorrow.
I called over one of the clerks. “Excuse me?” He looked over and smiled. Making his way to me from behind the transparent glass that held the jewelry.
“Hi, may I help you?” He asked.
“Yes, I would like to see that one right there.” I pointed to it.
“Okay.” He took his keys and unlocked the door and stuck his big hand in. He moved it around till I told him to stop. “Alright.” he pulled it out. It was perfect. I smiled.
“It’s perfect.” I smiled and he offered to let me look at more intricate ones, but I said it didn’t need to detailed. It had to be simple and just what I needed.
“Are you sure? We have some with diamonds, some in gold.” He gestured down at the rest.
“No, this one will do.” I smiled and he smiled.
“Okay, would you like me to ring this up for you?” He asked. I nodded and he smiled and left to the register. I followed him to it and he smiled. After I paid and had it boxed I went out to get some more meat.
Now back at the apartment after paying all my bills online I showered and got under the covers to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep that wouldn’t lest long after I let my mind wander.

My brother squirming under my sight. “How dare you!” Master slapped me hard again. Then he picked up Nick and took him out the door.
“No!” I followed them. He led us to a large room with tall oak doors. There was no light but what was given off of the big fire place. I could hear the cracking of wood and smell pine. Master dragged Nick to the fireplace. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“We have to burn your mistake.” He hissed. He lifted Nick up and was about to drop him into the fire.
“No! He didn’t do anything. Please?” I pleaded and fell to my knees. I put my hands together as in prayer. “Please?” I begged once more.
“But he’s you mistake.” Master kneeled down next to me on one knee and caressed my cheek. “I fix everything. He needs to die.” He kept feeling my cheek with his knuckles.
“No, he doesn’t. I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. I’ll help him.” I suggested.
“I can’t let you do that. You’re never going to lift a finger around here. Don’t you know who I am?” He asked as he stood up and looked up in admiration. His arms spread out as if to fly. “I am their Lord, there master. I created them. The eldest of all of us. They fear me, because there is something to fear. Their lips tremble at my name. I am the one and only Dark Lord.” He smiled and kissed me. The taste of blood on his lips was divine, but his lips were chapped. A foul stench was seeping from down in his throat and I could smell it.
“You are no Lord. Only God is our Lord.” I spat and stood up.
“Believe what you will. I made you, and you are mine.” He hooked his slimy hands on the back of my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. I tried to push him away, but he stood his ground. “Finish him!” He pushed me to my brother’s body that now lay on the ground turning slowly. “Now! Put him out of his misery. You and I both know this isn’t what he wants. To live like us every night. To live with this divine curse of immortality. He’ll go insane before either one of us stop him. No do it!” He pushed me to his neck that had been exposed already. “Now!” He growled at my rebellion But I grew tired of this. I bit down and savored my brother’s last breath. Once I couldn’t hear or feel his heartbeat anymore I pulled back. “Good,” Master left me to my cries and pleas to God to let him journey safe and become an angel. He didn’t want this life. No one did. And out of the corner of my eye I can see that guy that was eating my brother. His red eyes glowed in the darkness of the room. Then he vanished.

I woke once again covered in sweat. I figured out whom it was that was killing my brother in the first place. “Angel.” My lips trembled. I put my fist to my mouth and bit down. Letting to blood flow. It’s not like anyone would notice blood on black sheets.
I punched myself hard. Over and over again. Every time I left a bruise it would heal and I would be left with nothing but the same flesh as before. “Argh!” I growled out in frustration and began to cry. I laid back down and waited for morning to peak through my window before I got up for work.
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