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love never lost

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love never forgotten

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Tohru - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-04-03 - Updated: 2006-04-03 - 1332 words

it was a day like any other day tohru makeing dinner and talking to herself,yuki and kyo fighting. after dinner tohru went to go get the clothes off the clothes line and she was gone for a long time and kyo discidded to go check up on her and he found her laying in the sun day dreaming he smiled and walked over to her and startled her oh kyo i did not see you comeing well how could you your heads up on some cloud flouting away some were, i guess you right sorry tohru giggle a little bit as she stood up she picked up the clothes and her and kyo walk back to the house together.

a couple days went by and tohru started to act kinda funny she did not talk to herself like she use to it kinda seemed like she was in a different world then everyone else. then one day she went for a walk and was gone a long time and kyo got worryed and went to go look for her he did not find her any where he ran back to the house and yelled tohru is missing i can not find her any were!turns out no one was home so he called her friends and family asking if they had seen her and they all had the same answer we have not seen her in a couple days he hung up the phone dissapointed.

she was gone for several days and everyone was worryed about her but they di not know what to do and then one day they saw her at school once kyo saw her he ran to her and started yelling at her and she just smiled and said im fine i was at a friends house and im sorry that i didnt call or any thing im sorry to make you worry im moveing to my grandpas house and i was going to come by and get my stuff today after school. kyo just stood there in shock did not know what to say and finaly he found his tounge and said alright ill see you after school and walked away.

he what for her at home trying to think of why she would be moveing out and he could not think of any thing so he just sat there and whated and then he heard a knock on the door he went to go answer and it was tohru she walked in and started packing her things after she was all done packing she walked down stairs and made them one last meal and said i will see you guys tomorrow ok hope you like your meal,and she started to walk home

shouldent we stop hersaid kyo no this was he disision and we have to respect it and they finished there meal and went to there roomes and stared to think of all the memeries they had both had with her how she always smiled when she way happy and even when she was sad she would try her best to smile her happy smile like nothing was wrong..

a couple days had past by they did not see her at school so they thought they would call her grandpa and ask how she is doing but when they did he said he had not seen her for afew days and they hung up dissapointed..

kyo was not going to take it any more and he wonted to ask akito a few ?? and he ran to the astablishment and he ran in and ran in to hatori kyo what are you doing in here?? he ask and kyo yelled were is tohru honda ???
hatori just walked away and he saw akito walk down some stairs and he followed as quitly as he could he heard slashes of a whip and he heard akito start laughing and evil laugh and calling someone ugly stupid girl they never wonted you there they were going to kick you out with in a couple days are you happy here tell me the truth no ugly girl kyo heard a limp voice say yes im very happy here akito started to laugh again well i ll see you later stupid girl akito walked out of the cell and walked up the stairs laughing kyo came out of his hiding spot and ran to the cell akito was in and looked in and could not see any thing he heard someone say is someone there?? yes its me kyop kyo what are you doing here tohru what are you doing here its nothing you need to be worryed about just go ill be fine i promise kyo reached to the side and found the keys to the cell he opend the cell and ran in and lit a match to see were tohru was and once he found here he could not believe what he was seeing and ran towreds her bruised cut and bleeding body and gave he a big hug and she looked at him and sayed ill be fine you need to get out of here before akito finds you and herts you too kyo just looke at her and said i will not leave you here alone tohru gave in to his hug and started crying and then they heard foot steps coming towerds them and they just sat there scared as hell it was akito standing right in front of them and he say oh the stupid cat is back for more i see and kyo flew at akito and tryed to push him down but he missed and ran in to akitos body guard and akito walked towards tohru and yelled to kyo you are going to pay for comeing here akitos body guard held kyo as akito stabed tohru over and over kyo yelled till he could not yell any more and as the life of tohru flowed out of her body she still had the same sweet smile on her face as she always did she took one last breath and sayed i love you kyo and her head fell and the was no life in her akito was laughing the body guard let go of kyo and he ran to tohru and helled her in his arms akito left and kyo pick up tohru and cared her in to the sun light for one last time before calling everyone he saw momiji and then looked away he did not want to see him cry he set tohru down in the sun hatori walked over and looked her over and said she did this for all of us but mostly you because she loved you so much she gave her life for you lets go call her famliy and tell them and then we will get her read for her funaral hatori stood up and and said are you comeing kyo. kyo turned and sayed no im going to stay here with tohru ok kyo ill be back in one moment hatori walked in to his office sat down and cryed then he collected him self and call tohrus family and friends and then called all the shoma family...

at the funeral there was alot of crying except for kyo he couldnt know that she died for him just made him angry and sad as the funeral ended everyone walked away crying kyo stood in front of tohrus bured body and promised himself that he would aveng tohru no matter what it takes i love you tohru and i will do every thing i can to avenge you akito will pay for what he did to you i will make sure of that kyo walked in to the sun set thinking of his first move with alittle smerk on his face he turned and looked at tohru one last time remebering all the fun they had together and then walked away
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