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kyo geting revenge on akito tell me if you guys like it or not it just means i have to work on some stuff

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Kyo - Published: 2006-04-07 - Updated: 2006-04-07 - 570 words

when we last left off kyo was remembering the fun times tohru and him shared together and he promised tohru that he would get revenge for her death but the ?? is how...........

one mornig akito woke up and found a note telling him that he would pay for what he did and to be very very scared and that is all that is said at first akito did not think anything about it but then he started geting them all over his house and then he started to get very scared then next thing he knew he was laying in blood he jumped up scared but akito just looked at it and started to laugh and then went it to the bathroom and took a shower and whill he was in the shower blood started to poor from the shower head and akito jumped out dried him selfoff and got dressed and when he came out all he saw was red every were and then he saw tohrus face and he screamed and ran out of his room in to the sun light and then he saw kyo standing only a few feet away from him kyo walked up to akito and said you took my best friend and my tru love away from me and now you will pay for what you did to her and what you did to me akito looked and kyo and said what are you going to kill me now and kyo just looked at him and said no but i will tell you what i am going to do to you first im going to make you live in the woods with no one there but you and the animals and then i will come find you and then im going to put you in a cell and whipe you like you whiped tohru for so long and then im going to remind you every time i see you that you killed an inasent girl that did nothing to you but try to get to know you and that you took her away from her friends and family and then akito looked up at kyo and said i did all that stuff to her because she wonted me to you stupid cat she came to me and ask if i would take the curse off of every one and i told her the only way to do that is to take one life of someone close to everyone and she was the only one that ever got this close to any one in our family and she asked if i would take her life to free every one and i sayed on one condishain kyo looked at him and ask what was it akito said i asked who she loved so much to do this for and she said you and kyo looked at him and said you should have said no because no one has smiled since you killed her and i do not think i will ever smile again and if i do it will be along time from now. you bastered and kyo turned and walked away just as a big explosion went of and he never saw akito again but this was just the beging of somthing kyo turned around and smiled and said i got me revenge but this is not the end this is just the beging............................................
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