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I Could Taste

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The feeling of after someone smashed your heart isn’t the best. It’s one of the worst you can feel.

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The feeling of after someone smashed your heart isn’t the best. It’s one of the worst you can feel. And I’m feeling it. I finally decided I would take a vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. I want to feel the heat an I want to sweat instead of cry. I caught a flight and was there in a couple hours. I got out and immediately felt the warm breeze ruffle though my hair. It felt great to be back to my birthplace. I grabbed a hotel and then hit the mall. I strolled through the stores and bought some new shorts and tank tops. And a nice bikini. I was going to be here for a couple days then hit Oregon. My home state. Visit my mom and dad then go back to New York.
The next couple of days I spent under the hot sun. Skating, swimming. I used extra sunscreen and made sure it was water proof. I called Alexander just to say where I was and not to worry. He said Angel and Aiden were looking for me so I have to be extra careful. Then I flew to Oregon. I missed all the rain and clouds. All the forest and flowers. As soon as I got there I found a hotel and checked in. I then went to the cemetery in Jefferson where my mom and dad were buried.
Jefferson is a small town. I had to find a hotel in Albany and walk all the way to Jefferson. It wasn’t far, and I wanted to feel dirt, grass, gravel and plants under my shoes. Not just pavement. Now I’m standing in front of my parents grave. I was crying already and sniffling. Suddenly my phone started to. I took it out and saw it was Michael. I just ignored it. I didn’t want to talk to him right now. After he called five more times I just turned off my phone and talked to my parents. “I’m sorry.” I wiped my nose with the back of my hand where my hoodie cuff covered my pale cold skin. “I didn’t want any of this to happen.” I cried softly and touched both of their headstones. “Rest in peace.” I made the sign of the cross and got up from the grass. “Bye.” And I walked out of the graveyard and pulled up my hood. Turning on my iPod to Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars.
I walked along the river. My iPod had died on me and now I was listening to water that rushed down and over rocks. I was crying again, and thinking why my life turned out like this. I didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. I haven’t fucked with anyone lately. I want to just get away from all the drama and shit that goes wrong in my life for a while and have some time to think and breath. Just relax and unwind. But everything else goes wrong and I feel like I’m suffocating.
Now the days pass and it’s my last day here in Oregon. I decide to take a little swim. I found a little lake, stripped down to my bra and underwear then dove into the lake. The blue water made my hair mat to my face. I just spent and hour or so in the lake and then dried. Next thing I know I’m on a plane to New York. Then I remembered something. I needed to look up My Chemical Romance. I took out my laptop from my carry on bag and turned it on. I also turned on my iPod. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes played in my head and I was relaxed now.
I goggled My Chemical Romance and I clicked the first things that popped up. Lead Singer: Gerard Way. Lead Guitar: Ray Toro. Guitar: Frank Iero. Drums: Bob Bryar. Bassist: Mikey Way. They all had pictures of each member by their name and a description and random little facts. Date of birth, parents, what they play in the band. But why would Michael lie to me about being in a band? Was it the limelight? Did he think that if I knew I would just want his money? I have my own money. I don’t need anyone else’s. This was so fucked up. And I’m interviewing them today. It’s only four in the morning and I’m just landing in New York.
I picked up my luggage and caught a taxi. I rode in silence all the way home. Every now and then the driver would ask random questions but I didn’t mind answering. I really liked someone else to talk to about how I was doing. Even if it was someone I didn’t know it still felt nice. “Bye.” I waved an gave the driver and extra hundred. He helped me carry my luggage upstairs to my door. I thanked him and he left with a little bow and the tip of his hat. I giggled and unlocked my door. Dragging my things in and taking a quick shower I got ready for my interview. Just something casual. Skinny jeans, an Arch Enemy and purple Converse.
Irene was glad I came back. Her and Scott were getting married. I was so excited! She was finally happy. She asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I said yes immediately. I’ve never been a Maid of Honor before, but I could learn. That is if I was still here after all this shit.
Now I’m ready for my interview. I waited in an interview room. Then they walked in. They all looked shocked. “Phoenix!” Frank jumped on me and wrapped his legs around me. He did that to me a lot.
“Are you interviewing us?” Gerard asked confused.
“Yeah, where’s Michael?” I asked. “Your bassist.” I smiled while Ray and Bob pried Frank off of me.
“Um, he’ll be here in a minute.” Gerard rubbed the back of his neck.
“Gerard, relax. Just pretend I’m another interviewer. Just a regular interview.” I patted his back.
“I know, but your our friend. It’s kind of weird.” He looked at me smirked. “I mean, what are the chances? Out of all the interviewers in the AP industry, in this whole building. We got stuck with you.” He tried to keep a straight face.
“Hey, be happy.” I smacked in on the arm. “At you’re comfortable around me.” We hugged and he nodded. Then Michael walked in. I just frowned and took my seat. He looked shocked. “Okay, let’s get started.” I started the voice recorder.
The interview went rather well. Gerard answered most of the question as he was the front man. Frank intervened every now and then. So did Ray and Bob. Bob seemed not awkward around me anymore. And that was a good sign. Other than that Michael didn’t speak much. I had taken off my necklace he gave me and just shoving it in my pocket. Before the interview. I said goodbye to the guys and walked out to write the interview. I felt Michael follow me. “When did you plan on telling me?” I asked.
“I was going to tell you. But then I was afraid of being seen in public with me, and…” He paused. I knew what he was going to say.
“Want you money.” I stated.
“Yeah,” He mumbled.
“Well, Michael, I have my own money. I’m not some bitch who’ll be a friend with a rock star for money.” I said and made my way to my office. I got behind my desk and sat down. Michael stood in front and closed the door.
“Then we wouldn’t get to do the things we did when you didn’t know. And I hate people calling me a rock star. I’m not a star. I’m just an ordinary person doing what I love. Or is that a crime these days?” He asked. I just glared at him.
“Why are you blaming me for this? You’re the one that didn’t tell me!” I shouted. I was pissed right now. But I should be use to people lying to me. But after he broke my heart I had no love for him anymore. No liking what so ever.
“I’m not blaming you.” Michael defended. There was a long pause that I filled with the shuffling of papers Irene left on my desk. “I left Alicia.” I looked up. He was crying, but I didn’t feel sorry for him. It was his choice. I was about to say something when my desk phone rang. I sighed and answered it.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Um, Gerard Way wants his brother back.” Irene said.
“He’ll be right there.” I hung up and said, “Your brother wants you.” And went back to shuffling more papers.
“Okay,” Michael said, but didn’t move.
“Good bye, Michael.” He nodded and left out the door. Softly closing the door. Once he was gone I burst into tears. I quickly wiped them away when I heard a soft knock at the door. “Come in.” I choked. Frank smiled and closed the door behind him. “Hey.” I got up and hugged him.
“Don’t cry. Michael is a real jackass when it comes to pretty girls.” He laughed and rubbed my back. I laughed and sniffled.
“So, you know?” I stated rather than asked. I felt him nod against my shoulder.
“And I know about Bob.” Frank pulled back and wore a sympathetic look. “He said he was good just being friends.” Frank smiled. Frank always made me smile. He always knew how to cheer me up. “Are you going to be okay?” He asked.
“Yeah,” I nodded and made sure my eyeliner wasn’t smeared.
“Here.” Frank wiped at the corners of my eyes. “No more smudges.” He smiled. I just looked at him. “I’m serious. This isn’t a time to joke.” He laughed.
“Sure,” I smiled and went behind my desk and sat. “I’ve got my eye on you.” I pointed at him and winked. He shook his head and exited. Once gone I took out a little pocket mirror and inspected my eyeliner. He messed it up as usual. Now I had to fix it. I laughed and shook my reapplying my eyeliner again.
After work I just headed to my apartment. I didn’t have to make any stops to buy things or anything. Today was a weird day. And Michael has been calling my desk and cell phone all day. It gets annoying knowing someone is trying to get in contact with you 24/7. It’s kind of creepy too. I did want to talk to him, but not over the phone. It’s something about the new generation. People MySpace and text to break up or ask people out. Or even have sex. To say you love someone with abbreviations isn’t the best way to say it. People these days don’t know love. They take everything for granted with their new high speed internet. If you wanted sex you got a hooker or actually go to that person and make love. Back then a guy went up to a girl and asked her out or broke up with her. Not through text or IM. When you said you loved someone you did it face to face to see each others reaction. That way it means so much more when they said they loved you too. But it wasn’t like this in the 21st century.
“Phoenix!” I heard banging at the door. I jumped and ran to the door. “Phoenix!” It was Michael. I sighed and opened the door. “Hey,” I saw his hot breath in the air.
“Hey,” I rubbed the back of my neck and let him in. He entered and went to sit on the couch. “So,” I sat in the recliner.
“We need to go for a walk.” Michael got up and dragged me to the door. We walked to Time Square. Michael had his shades on again. I knew he didn‘t want any fan to recognize him. “I want to say that I’m sorry. I was confused. I left and I knew you didn’t want me to.” Michael walked with me right beside him. I just waited for him to say more. “I felt like such a dick leaving you. I left Alicia and she was very upset. I told I hadn’t loved ever since I found out she was lying to everyone. Which was right at the beginning of our relationship.” Michael adjusted his sunglasses. “And I would like to say that…” He was took off his glasses and stopped. He turned me to face him. “That I would like..” He was cut off by a mob of girls screaming and running towards us. They circled around him and pushed and shoved. Jostling each other to get to Michael first. He looked very uncomfortable. I squeezed in and hugged him. All the girls were pulling on my hair. I tried to remember how to teleport, but the more time I took the more the girls beat me. I pressed my nose to his neck and my fangs came in. Then someone bit my arm. I screamed and then someone thumped my head.
I felt my fangs sink into Michael’s warm flesh. Then I finally remembered. I clung to him and used everything I had to teleport us to a roof top. The screaming stopped, and so did the beatings. I let go of Michael. He looked pale and I saw blood coming from his puncture wounds. I backed away covering a hand over my mouth. Michael panted. “What?” He asked and looked over at me. Then he felt it. “Shit!” He placed his palm over the bit and pulled it up to his vision. He looked like he was going to pass out.
“I’m sorry.” I cried and tears flowed freely from my eyes. I kept backing up my hand still covering my mouth. I fell on my ass and cried.
“No, it’s okay. It was an accident.” He came closer to me and I shook my head. He looked shocked.
“I mean, it was. Some chick hit me on the back of the head.” I cried. “But I bit you. I didn’t mean to.” I placed my hand over my mouth again. I sniffled and Michael helped me up. “I need to go.” I mustered enough strength and teleported to my apartment. I heard Michael call out my name. I just sat on the couch fell asleep.

Sitting on a gold chair in front of our family. Wearing a very tight corset dress with a big tale. A gold crown stood high on my head. Master sat next to me on his throne as well. He looked out and spoke. “Our new queen.” He got up and extended his hand to me. I took and he helped me out of my seat. Everyone cheered. “Phoenix.” He held our hands and smiled at me. Then I saw those eyes in the corner again. “Bring forth and unfold our intruder.” Master gel his head high. Everyone booed and I saw two men drag forth a teenage boy with broken glasses. “Turn him.” Master whispered into my ear and sat in his throne. “Bring him forth.” He commanded. The men pulled him up the stairs toward me. The boy was in chains and tatters. He was filthy kneeling before me. The men bowed and walked back down the stairs and waited kneeled on one knee at the bottom. I looked back at Master and he nodded. I looked down at the boy. Then when I did nothing Master whispered, Ask him his name.
“What is your name, son?” I spoke strongly. The boy looked up at me. His light brown hair was spotted with blood and draped over his eyes.
“Alexander, miss.” He said softly. Ask him his age. Master came again.
“How old are you, Alexander?” I asked. He kept his eyes on me.
“Twenty three.” This was impossible. He looked so young. Tell him to stand. “Stand.” I commanded. He slowly stood up and was taller than me by three inches at the least. Now. I took a hold of his neck.
“Please?” Alexander pleaded as he cried.
“This will only take a second.” I whispered and sunk my fangs into his neck. He hissed and I sucked for a while. I stopped and he whimpered. I bit my wrist and mix my blood with Alexander’s. He hissed again and fell to his knees. This part was painful. It felt like you were burning.
“Take him to the changing chambers. He will be Phoenix’s new servant.” Master ordered and the men took him away. “As you were.” Master barked and everyone scattered. I heard screams and walk towards them. Master just scattered amongst everyone else.
The screams led me to the same room I was kept in when I first changed. There I found Alexander on the bed screaming. He was chained to the bed. I just sat in the corner watching.
Two days later Alexander is done and has fed. “Sorry.” I whispered from the dark corner I sat in.
“Who’s there?” He asked. I came out and sat next to the bed.
“It’s hurts. I’m sorry. Master made me.” I sighed. Then came more screams. I covered my ears as he let it all out.

Waking up to the pounding and screaming at the door made my head hurt. “Phoenix! Let me in.” Michael crocked. I got up and rubbed my eyes. Answering it Michael stood in tears all soaking wet. I looked at him then he attacked me. He kissed my lips softly. It was so tender and sweet. I kissed back. He pulled away.
“What was that for?” I asked touching my lips lightly.
“I love you. That’s what I was going to tell you. I want your key.” Michael smiled. I smiled and pulled it from under my collar. I held it up and he stepped closer. I put it around his neck and he caught my hands. He held them and pressed them to his neck. He leaned down and I leaned up forward. Slowly we filled the gap between us and our lips touched again. This was exactly what I wanted.
Later that night Michael left saying he had to tell the guys about us. Now I’m sitting here on the couch thinking about everything that went on all this year. Then I jumped when I heard Aiden say, “Have you decided?” I looked around and saw him sitting on my dining table Indian style. He looked so angelic it was so ironic.
“Um,” I remembered what Xander said. And that was impossible. Aiden looked too much like an angel to be a vampire. “Yes, that is my answer. Yes.” I smiled and he ran to me. He hugged me tight.
“Great!” He pulled back. “All you have to do is sign this.” Aiden stood in the center of my living room. Then appeared a piece of paper. It was hand written in cursive. The paper was a nice tan. The document was floating up in mid air right in my living room. “Here.” Aiden pulled out a quill. The quill had a white feather and it glowed a bright yellow. Like gold.
“Okay,” I took it and was the tip was just about to took the paper when someone came bursting through my door. I jumped and Aiden looked really angry.
“Don’t do it, Phoenix!” Michael shouted. What was Michael doing here?
“Get out of here angel!” Aiden spat. “You have no business in this.” Aiden looked back at me. “Now, just sign.” He smiled.
“No!” Michael shouted. Then I saw Aiden lunge at Michael. But Michael acted quickly and took out a metal stake. He threw it and hit Aiden right in the heart. I gasped. Aiden fell to the floor with a loud thud. I kneeled down next to him.
“Oh my God.” I gasped again. I was speechless. What was going on?
Aiden gurgled and blood dripped out from his mouth. I watched as his eyes changed colors every second and he whispered, “Join Satan. He needs you. Master needs you. He made you, and this is how you repay? By falling in love with the enemy? Sign the damn paper.” After that Aiden’s body turned to dust and Michael opened the window. A light breeze dragged Aiden’s ashes out and into New York air. The document floated a few more moments till I snatched it out of the air and ripped it up.
“What the fuck is going on?” I growled and glared at Michael.
“I’m an angel.” Michael whispered.
“What!?” I growled. Was he saying this right now? I didn’t get it. He couldn’t be an angel.
“I wanted to tell you.” He came and took my hands. I snatched my hands back and looked at him in disbelief.
“You lied to me!” I cried.
“I’m sorry.” Michael’s eyes glistened with tears. “I didn’t want to lie to you.” He let the tears fall. All these emotions came back up. Anger was the most dominant. “You do have a chance at entering heaven, I was sent to tell you. But Angel and Aiden blocked me out.” Michael explained. Then a breeze whistled by and I smelt Michael clearly. My eyes changed and my fangs grew in.
I growled and screamed. Then I blacked out. All I could see was blackness, all I could hear were screams of pain, all I could feel was hot flesh under mine, all I could smell was Michael and all I could taste was Michael’s life.
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