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Unprotected Sex

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“If a vampire and angel have unprotected sex can they have a baby?” I asked. I was just too curious. “I don’t think so.” Michael made a weird face.

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A/N:I know there are some unanswered questions about this story, but if you don't tell me I can't give you the answers. Finall someone spoke up (Fantasy_Fairy) and asked many good questions I was going to answer anyway in this chapter. Fantasty I hope you got your answers except the one about age. That's in the next chapter. Review?

A bright white light blinded me for a while. Michael had gorgeous wings. Long white feathers stretched far out. They had a glow about them. They took my breath away. “Wow!” I gasped. I reached out behind him and touched one of the feathers. They were soft like Egyptian Cotton against my rough palms. “They’re beautiful.” I smiled in awe. All of a sudden Michael jumped out of the window of my apartment. He tucked his wings in to gain speed in the fall. I screamed and closed my eyes tight. A sick feeling took over my stomach as Michael and I were falling towards the streets below. Then Michael displayed his wings out in full wingspan and we swooped down then flew up into the sky. “Can people see us?” I looked over the busy city.
“No,” Michael smiled.
The flight continued in silence. “Close your eyes.” Michael demanded. I nodded and shut my eyes tight. Nuzzling my face into his neck. Then I felt a weird sensation take over my body. “Open them.” Michael whispered to me. I opened them and was struck with surprise. Everywhere I saw there were white puffy clouds. Angels gathered around a throne made of silver. Michael put me down and backed away from me. Then everyone got down on one knee and bowed their heads. I looked around and then back at the throne. There entered a great white light. It was brighter than any of the clouds of sets of angel wings I had ever seen. I bowed down as well. Then I heard a deep chuckle below from the throne. Then everyone got up. I slowly made my way up on my feet and looked around nervously.
“You shouldn’t be the one to bow to me.” A soft voice cooed.
“I just assumed..-” I was cut off with a hand being raised. Although the light was still bright I could make out features of a person. It was neither a man nor woman. Not any kind of dominant race or skin color. It’s hard to describe, but that’s what God looked like. God was clean shaven and blemish free.
“We should bow to you.” God stood and walked down from the throne. The sandals God wore made silent taps on the silver steps leading up to the throne. Soon the Lord was at me feet. Prostrate was what the Lord was doing. Then every angel in my presence did the same.
“Oh, no. Don’t.” I looked around at the ground and even saw Michael face down bowing to me. “No, no, no.” I tried to make them stop. This was too much. “Can you please get up?” I asked and helped God to his feet.
“If it weren’t for your good dead to help us we wouldn’t be here.” God hugged me tightly. I patted God's back and smiled. The Lord certainly smelled good. Like peaches and rain. You know, when after it rains on a sunny day. Yeah, that. God was soft and gentle. God was kind and very forgiving.
The Lord backed away from me and smiled. There were no wrinkles upon God’s face, or any sign of aging. “Thank you for your help.” Then God looked over my shoulder at Michael. “And you, Michael, were just as much help for choosing Phoenix.” God made way over to Michael and hugged him as well.
“Thank you, my Lord.” Michael bowed his head when God pulled back from the hug.
“Now,” God began walking up to the silver throne. “Phoenix, you have a choice to be among us.” God smiled and sat on the throne. I nodded. “Michael was sent to tell you, but with Angel and Aiden in his way he wasn’t able to. You see, vampires have a rare gift just for angels.” I was confused. I didn’t know about this gift he was speaking of. “It’s a block. Where when an angel is trying to communicate with the mortal or evil and they block out what we say from the listeners ears and let the mortal or evil hear what they want. They twist the words around to say something else.” God explained. I never knew about this power. “It’s an ancient power that when we made the treaty agreed that wasn’t going to be taught or used against us. And then we wouldn’t use it against them.” The Lord explained more. “We have the power, and so does Michael, but since we couldn’t teach it he didn’t know how to use it.” I looked back at Michael who stood tall and straight up like he was in the military. Then looked back at God. “But the Devil disobeyed the rules and broke our treaty. I’m meeting with Satan later this afternoon after you have made your decision. You have two hours. No response we will assume you don’t want to be among us.” God smiled. I already had made my decision way back when. I was ready to change. “But I get the feeling you already have decided.” God smirked. I nodded. “And what is your decision?” God asked.
“I would really like it to be among you. Be free from this curse. Just be what’s close to normal.” I smiled and fell down to my knees. “Please? I hate this life. I don’t want it anymore.” I pleaded with my hands in prayer.
“As you wish.” Those were the final words I heard before I felt myself being lifted off the ground and everything go white. A mist swirled around me. Everyone fell silent and looked up at me. I was spinning slowly in the air. I could see God and Michael smile. You deserve this. I heard Michael say.
I just kept floating for a little while longer till I felt like I was slowly dying a peaceful death. Silent and slow. Everything went black then I started to feel my heartbeat again. Blood ran through my veins, I felt warm, I could breathe again. Then I was slowly put back down on the floor. The mist was blown away from around me and I fell to my knees. I looked back up at God. Do I still have my abilities? Like speed, agility, night vision, reading minds, far distance hearing? “Would you like them?” I heard God ask. The Lord just read my mind.
“Oh yes, please.” I smiled and God just snapped his fingers.
The urge was gone, the darkness was replaced by light, and all the gloom was thrown out the window and there was happiness. I was breathing heavily. “Now, it you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to be on my way.” God stood. “And, Phoenix?” I looked up at my Lord. “This will take 24 hours before it actually settles in.” I nodded and smiled. Then God left. Everyone bowed then got back up once God was gone.
“Good God, Phoenix. You look like you just had a heart attack.” Michael helped me up from the white marble floors. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t believe this just happened. “Phoenix?” Michael asked. He had a firm grip on my arm as he spoke.
“Did this just really happen?” I looked at Michael. He nodded. Then reality sank it. I was free. “I’m free.” I cried. Warm tears streamed down my face, but then just getting wiped away by Michael. “Thank you, Michael.” I flung my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. I didn’t want to let him go. “Thank you so much.” I sobbed into his bare shoulder.
“C’mon.” He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the front gate of heaven. He looked up at the Gold Tower and nodded. The gates opened and Michael stepped out. “Get ready.” Michael smiled and I shut my eyes once again as he jumped into the air and we came crashing back to my apartment in New York.

After a little nap Michael and me sat on my couch just talking. “Michael, when do I get my wings?” I asked. I didn’t know, and I was eager to fly.
“Um, well, I don’t know. I think God has to hand them to you. You have to earn them.” Suddenly there was a tap at the window. Michael got up and pulled back the curtain. There was an angel floating just outside it. Him and Michael mumbled something then the angel left after handing Michael a piece of paper. “This is for you.” Michael handed me the paper. I took it hesitantly and read over it.
“I have wings. God said I get wings tomorrow.” I squeaked. This was so exciting. I jumped up and down.
“That’s great.” Michael smiled. Then I jumped on him. “Whoa!” Michael laughed.
“Oh, Michael, thank you so much.” I hugged him tightly. I pulled back and saw him grinning from ear to ear just like me. “Michael, what did you get out of this?” I asked. He did help me and he should get honored and rewarded for that.
“You.” He kissed me sweetly. He pulled back and smiled.
“Michael?” I sat down on the couch. “Can angels still have sex, or is it a sin?” I asked.
“Well, I guess we can. There’s no rule against that I’ve heard of.” He answered.
“If a vampire and angel have unprotected sex can they have a baby?” I asked. I was just too curious.
“I don’t think so.” Michael made a weird face.
“Yes, they can.” I heard a familiar voice call from the corner of the living room. I looked back and saw Alexander.
“Xander!” I jumped up from the couch and hugged him.
“Hey, Phoenix.” He laughed. Was he an angel? “Yes.” He whispered.
“Great!” I whispered back. I gave him one last squeeze before letting go and leading him to the couch where Michael and I sat.
We talked for an hour or so after that and then Alexander had to go. I don’t know where though. Where did he have to go to? But I wasn’t complaining. It gave Michael and me time alone together. We started making out then one thing lead to another. Soon we were in my bedroom fully bare on the bed. Michael atop and me against my sheets.
Michael’s lips were that of an angel (duh). So soft and warm. He was gently and careful. “Phoenix,” Michael began breaking from our kiss. “I love you.” He looked me straight in the eye.
“I love you, Michael.” I leaned in for another kiss. He moaned as I ran my tongue against his lips and he granted me entrance a few moments later. Then he pulled away and pushed into me gently. I gasped out. I missed this filling feeling. Michael moaned again and he kissed my neck. Then he slowly started to thrust into me slowly careful not to hurt me. But I didn’t mind. Making love wasn’t a quick fuck. It was slow and sweet and you savored every moment of it. Taking your time soaking up the time. I bucked my hips and so did he.
Once we reached our climax and were done after an hour had gone by we were sweating profusely and panting. Michael collapsed next to me trying to catch his breath just as I was trying to do. After a few moments we were okay and laying in each others arms. Our legs entwined with one another. “Michael,” I whispered.
“Hmm?” He hummed into my neck.
“What about the guys? I mean, do they know? And are they angels too?” I asked.
“No, but they know. The day I died Gerard was devastated. He prayed that I got over safe and became and angel. He promised that if I became an angel he wouldn’t take his life.” Michael choked. “Then his prayers were answered. I made it safely and God wanted me to visit him. I did and told him. Then I told the guys. Nothing got out in the media and I was relieved. The guys are cool with it. I’m still touring and making music.” Michael shrugged.
“Wow.” Was all I could some up with to say. Michael just laughed. “Sorry.” I bit my lip.
“It’s okay.” He kissed my cheek. Then there was a knock at the door. I got up and put on my blood red, mid-thigh, silky robe.
“I’m coming.” I shouted after more knocks. I answered it and saw it was someone I didn’t know.
“Is Michael here?” The guy asked.
“Um, who wants to know?” I asked with my body hiding behind the door.
“Devin.” He said plainly.
“Who’s at the door, Phoenix?” Michael asked coming from the room in his boxers and to the door. “Oh, hey, Devin. What’s up?” Michael smiled. I looked at him then back at Devin.
“Phoenix is pregnant.” He said plainly. This must be some sort of joke. I laughed.
“Funny, dude.” I smiled, but he just frowned and so did Michael. “What?” I looked at Michael’s serious face. “You don’t think we could have a kid, do you?” I asked.
“I don’t know.” Michael shrugged.
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