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Chapter 21

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Happy Birthday???

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CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: (one month later)


For all of October both Kevin and Brooke acted extremely weird. I even thought that they had broke up except for the fact that they told me they were still together. They didn’t sleep in the same room anymore, they hardly ever kissed, and they never went to “bed” early.
Today was Kevin’s birthday, which was exciting. I walked downstairs and seen him and Brooke snuggled up together on the couch. Did I miss something? I shrugged and sat down beside them. “Happy twenty-first birthday Paul.” I laughed. “Didn’t I tell you like a week ago that I hate it when you call me Paul.” he looked over at me. “Yea.” I answered. “Then why did you just call me Paul?” he asked. “Because I can.” I grinned childishly.
Kevin rolled his eyes and then turned his attention to the TV. “So what are we going to do for your birthday?” I asked. “Why do you assume I’m letting you come?” he questioned. “Because I’m your future sister-in-law and I’m your girlfriend’s best friend.” I pouted. “Well now that you put it that way, I guess I’ll let you come.” he smiled. “Thanks, I’m glad.” I said sarcastically and watched the TV.
Chelcie ran downstairs, “Happy birthday Kevin!” she shouted and hugged him. “You’re killing me.” he breathed out, but she didn’t quit hugging. Nick walked downstairs. “Nick you’re girlfriend is killing me!” he gasped for air. Nick laughed and got Chelcie off of him, “I can’t believe you’re twenty-one! You know what we should do, we should,” she began to ramble on quickly. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Chelcie…we can’t do all of that and I didn’t even hear all of that.” Kevin laughed and patted her back.
We ended up decided to keep the whole birthday thing on the down low, after all we didn’t want anything to be in the news. “Lets just take a drive.” I suggested. “Mkay.” they all shrugged. All of us piled into Kevin’s Tahoe.
“Kevin, are you going to get wasted since it’s your twenty-first birthday?” I asked jokingly. “Honestly Aubrey, I think you know the answer to that.” he shook his head. “I knew it! You alcoholic!” I pointed at him from the backseat. He sighed, “No Aubrey, I’m not planning on getting wasted.” he shook his head again. “Darn! I was going to tell all the reporters that you were, but now I can’t…unless…” I did a mischievous look. Kevin turned out and glared at me. “Hey! Watch the road!” I spoke turning the attention away from me.
Joe leaned out of the window, “Pirates!” he shouted. I started laughing, “Nice Joe, nice.” I nodded. Somehow this started a game up. Within five minutes we were all looking out the window and yelling random things at random people. We all laughed hysterically when someone threw a doughnut at the window, hitting Nick in the nose. “Ok now that’s just mean.” Nick rubbed his nose and pulled his head away from the window. “That’s what you get, Nick.” Brooke joked.
“Well now that that’s over, what should we do?” Chelcie asked, obviously dying to do something for Kevin’s birthday. “Since you want to do something so bad, how about you decide what we do.” Kevin responded. “But it’s your birthday Kevin.” Chelcie smiled. “For God’s sake lets just go shopping or something.” I rolled my eyes. “Sounds good to me.” Kevin nodded.
We pulled into the mall’s parking lot. Joe slid out the door before me and then I attempted to get out. My foot caught the edge of the Tahoe and I fell, luckily into the arms of Joe. I laughed, “Wow, I’m a klutz.” I stood up. “Yea, but that’s ok.” Joe smirked at me. When he smirked his hotness level doubled.
“When you two are done looking in each other’s eyes and smiling can we shop?” Kevin said looking at us. “What? Oh yeah…ha.” I mumbled and blushed a little. Joe looked over at Kevin, “Well then we’re going to be here for awhile, because I don’t think I’m done looking in her eyes yet.” he turned back to me. “Oh good lord…just come on!” Kevin rolled his eyes and started walking away. I giggled and followed him.
Somehow we ended up in a sunglasses store. “Here try these on.” Joe shoved a pair of glasses on my face. Brooke started laughing and then turned to face me, “How do I look?” she asked with about seven pairs of sunglasses on her face. “Simply stunning.” I chuckled. In the end we all ended up with a new pair of shades, which of course was awesome.
We sat down at the food court. “Cheeseburger!” Joe grinned and took a bite out of his cheeseburger. None of the rest of us wanted any food, but Joe whined about being hungry so we had to stop here. “Oh my god! It’s the Jonas Brothers!” a girl shouted. Oh no…
It took about two seconds for us to all be surrounded by screaming girls and flashing cameras, sadly there was paparazzi. We stole glances at each other, if it had just been the fans we would’ve stayed, but we couldn’t risk anymore rumors starting up. Joe grabbed my hand and all of us darted away. “Are you guys a real couple? Have you managed to stay pure with your new girlfriends?” the paparazzi wouldn’t give it up. I was just about to turn around and give them a piece of my mind, but Joe stopped me.
Kevin started up the car and we all got in quickly. “So much for a trip to the mall.” Nick said buckling his seat belt. “Yea, I cant stand the paparazzi.” Kevin shook his head. “They should die.” Brooke frowned. We all looked over at her, “I was just kidding.” she laughed.
Kevin pulled into the driveway and we all stepped out. I hadn’t realized how long we had spent driving and then the little bit of time that was wasted in the mall, it was already afternoon.


Mom cooked me a cake, which I had expected. She always made a big deal out of birthdays. For the rest of the afternoon we didn’t do much, which was actually really nice. I wasn’t really much of a birthday person, not that I didn’t enjoy birthdays, but my favorite kind of birthday was just taking it easy, since I hardly ever got to take it easy.
I looked over at Brooke, she was so beautiful. It had been a whole month since she had really talked to me, but today she had. I knew that it was because of what we had done that one night. I hated myself for it. I looked down at the purity ring that still fit on my finger. It was no use wearing it, it served no purpose.
“You want to go out tonight, just to go somewhere?” I whispered to Brooke. “Sure.” she shrugged. I let her freshen up, she didn’t like going places without looking just right.
I opened the car door for her and she climbed in. “So where are we going?” she asked once I got in the car too. “Just out to eat, if that’s alright?” I inquired. “Yea, that’s fine.” she smiled at me, for the first time in what had felt like forever. I had missed that smiled of hers, I knew why she hadn’t talked to me, but now maybe we could get passed that.


We pulled into a nice little restaurant and the waitress sat us down at a booth. “Coke please.” I told her once she asked what we wanted to drink. “Same here.” Kevin answered. She smiled at Kevin and then walked away. I hated when girls did that, he was mine…not theirs.
The waitress came back with our drinks and we ordered out food. My stomach started feeling uneasy, “Kevin I’ll be right back.” I said. “Ok.” he looked at me concerned.
I hurried to the bathroom and barely made it to the toilet to throw up. I sighed, this happened everyday, once in the morning and once at night. I felt my forehead get a little sweaty as it always does when I get sick. My stomach rolled and my head got dizzy, I threw up once more. I took a breath, I didn’t think that I could vomit anymore than I already had.
I slid down and put my head against the side of the stall. I gripped my stomach, I knew what was wrong. I opened my purse up and looked at the pregnancy test I had put in there, it was time, I had to know. I waited patiently for the results and then seen the bright pink outcome. I was pregnant…
I cried a little as everything began to sink in. I took in a breath and wiped away the tears, making sure that no one could tell I had been crying. This was horrible, I was only sixteen. Sadly I knew that the worst part of my night hadn’t come yet, the next thing I had to do was tell Kevin.
I walked back out and sat down at our booth. “Are you alright Brooke?” Kevin asked put his hand on mine. “Kevin, we need to talk.” I spoke slowly. “Ok…” he looked at me, I could see fear strike up in his eyes. “Kevin…I…I’m…” I started and then the waitress came back. “Here’s your meals.” she smiled and put our plates on the table. ‘Thanks for the interruption’ I thought to myself.
At last she walked away, “Now back to what you were saying Brooke.” Kevin put his attention back on me. “Nothing.” I mumbled, I had lost the courage. His eyes searched through mine. “Brooke please just tell me what’s wrong.” he begged. I knew that I needed to tell him, but I wasn’t sure how he would take it. “Honey, I know that something’s wrong.” he rubbed his hand over the top of mine.
It was silent for a few moments. Kevin waited for me to tell him, he never even touched his food. “Kevin, this is really bad and I don’t know how to tell you.” I mumbled. “Brooke, just tell me. I love you no matter what and you know that, I just want to know what’s wrong.” his voice was so soft and kind. “Kevin…I….I….” I took in a deep breath. “Kevin…I’m….” here it came, “I’m pregnant…” I looked down, I said it.
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