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Chapter I

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Post OotP Harry is captured by Voldemort but freed by the AEC, how will Harry respond to the offer they have. The path to become a Hero has come. Trained Harry HPOC Independent

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Chapter I

Blinking in the bright light of the sun Harry got in his Uncle's car. Buckling his seatbelt his Uncle drove if all the while muttering about stupid freaks and the likes.

Sirius every time he thought about the man who he had in directly killed a feeling of guilt would overwhelm him, it didn't help that the smallest thing reminded him of the man. A simple dog or bark would trigger his guilt. His bright eyes dimmed as he thought about the others who had gotten hurt.

And then there was Dumbledore what the fuck was the coot thinking he sighed, how am i supposed to kill an evil Dark Lord never mind one with over fifty years over me. Yep life sucked for Harry Potter but it was about to get a whole lot worse.

As the car was driving on a deserted land road, his Uncle claimed it was a shortcut when his Aunt asked where they were going, he once again tuned out when he heard Dudders whining about wanting to be home.

Some time later his Uncle swerved and drove into a deserted barn. "Where are we going Vernon, this isn't the right way" his Aunt exclaimed.

"Your right dearest, were here to deliver the freak to someone who wants him pretty bad, seeing as he was willing to pay a pretty hefty some of pounds for him." his Uncle said with a sadistic look on his face.

"WHAT you can't just hand me over." Harry was thinking frantically, he knew who wanted him, it would most probable be Death Eaters who set this up.

"And why not you freak you've been nothing more then a burden on our back from the day you were left on our doorstep. Now get out we were supposed to leave when we got you here." His Uncle still had the same sadistic look about him.

Harry knew it was inevitable but gave it one more shot. "But what about the Order, you heard them, there expecting a letter every three days. They will know when something is up." He couldn't believe his Uncle would do something like this, alright he knew he hated him but this was just unreal.

"Do you take me for a fool we sold the house freak, and we sold it to aunt Marge. So there will be no Sold sign in the front lawn for your freaks to notice. I imagine Marge is quite comfortable. Were leaving the country boy, now get OUT!" His Uncle bellowed the last part right in his face, with his spit and all.

With a last sigh he stepped out of the car and slammed the door, going for the boot to get his stuff. He had to jump out of the way when his Uncle reversed the car and drove out of the barn leaving him with only his wand.

Taking in his surrounding he was shocked when a split second later he heard something explode, preparing himself for the worst. He looked out of the barn and saw what he had dreaded to see. The Dursley's car burning from the inside out, the explosion would have been the gas tank in the rear which had ignited due to the high temperatures.

He looked on with sad eyes as the car continued burning, not noticing the pale figure some ten meters behind him. Yet three more deaths due to being The wonderful Boy- Who -Lived. He closed his eyes, the they suddenly snapped open as he remembered his predicament and mad another sweep of his surroundings, stopping at the demon like man some ten meters away.

"Hello Potter, long time no see. I'm sorry for the deaths of your relatives but i' m sure you understand the price for defiance. But not to worry this is only a small part of it." Voldemort spoke with ice in his voice, he could see the sheer dark and evil intentions bleed of the black cloaked figure.

He spoke with a calmer voice then he felt. "Hello Tom, fancy seeing you here. I don't suppose i could just walk out of here now can i." He spoke with a great deal of sarcasm. He knew it was futile and that nobody even knew of his predicament, he was alone, grieving and with the burden of the world on his shoulder.

"Tut tut Potter you will learn respect, my name is Lord Voldemort, you will remember when i am through with you." He spat out.

He knew the dark lord was getting rather pissed with him due to the slight throbbing getting worse in his head, it was getting rather unbearable at the moment. "Fuck you, i will never show you respect. I will show respect where its due, and not to some sadistic man with a grudge against the whole world. Pureblood supremacy my ass Tom you are half- half, half wizard, half muggle. Even I am more Pureblood then you are. My parents were both wizard and witch." He knew he would hit a nerve and honestly didn't know why he was saying all this, it only served to aggravate the man further thus causing to possibility for lethal injury to become higher.

"You'll pay for that Potter, CRUCIO" and he was on the ground vowing to keep from screaming, after only ten seconds he broke his own vow and screamed at the top of his long while his body was being tortured. Then it stopped, he curled in a fetal position trying to ease his screaming muscle's.

"Did you know about the Longbottom's Harry, do you know they are insane and committed in St. Mungo's, unaware of the world around them, unknowing of the horrors of the world just in pure insane bliss. When i' m through with you Harry you will be begging to be like them. But first you will tell me the prophesy." Voldemort silkily spoke.

"Fuck you Tom you'll nothing out of me." He knew it was cliché but he didn't care anymore all he wanted was a bed and to sleep.

"Very well Potter, always the Hero. I will enjoy breaking you Potter, indeed i will." With that he stunned Harry with a violet looking spell and dropped a portkey on our young savior and disapparated.

When he awoke he had took in his unfamiliar surroundings, collecting his thoughts and memories from earlier he remembered that he was taken by Voldemort damn him, some savior i am. He checked for his wand, he didn't know why as it would be the first thing they would take, maybe a force of habit. He once again took in his surroundings. There was a simple cot and a bucket. That was it nothing more nor less. He tried to stand up but discovered he was very stiff and it hurt to move. He let out a groan, which was quickly followed by a chuckle from outside his cell.

"Well well well look who is awake." Harry turned to see Lucius Malfoy wans' t he at Azkaban he wondered to himself.
"Good to see you awake Potter, the Dark Lord request you audience in his throne room." Malfoy drawled out. "Throne room huh, fancies himself a king now does he." Next he knew he was on the ground again though he did manage to keep from screaming. Appearantly power did make a difference with this curse, it still hurt like hell though. Then is world went black yet again.

When he awoke he looked into the eyes of his Nemesis Lord Voldemort.

"Good evening Potter, how are we feeling?" he asked while stepping back to what looked like his throne. Only when Voldemort sat down he started noticing his surroundings, he was in a large room which was completely blinded from outside light in the room was a high backed chair which was richly decorated with serpents. Starting from the right side of the chair there was a circle of Death Eaters which ended it the left side of the chair and was around him. Making him effectively surrounded. Cursing his luck he spoke "What do you want?" this time his voice did betray his feelings as he spoke with a wary tone.

"Now Potter that won't do, you will address me as to my status of Lord, now lets try again shall we." Voldemort mocked him, Harry knew this but refused to give in, if he was going to die he would do it on his terms just as he decided after his fourth year after the demon's rebirth.

"Sorry Tom but that isn't going to happen, you're just another sadistic man with a grudge. The fact that your a bit more powerful then the average wizard doesn't give you the right to go around and proclaim yourself a Lord and killing countless of innocent people." He finished of by looking him straight in the eye while deliberately keeping his mind blank.

"Spoken as a true pawn of the mighty Albus Dumbledore, lets see of i can persuade you to show respect where its due." Knowing what was to come he braced himself for the cruciatus curse which never came, rather then that ropes came down from the corner from wall to ceiling effectively bound his writs and hoisted him up a ten centimeter in the air making him suspend from the ceiling with his arms spread.

"Surprised Potter, there are worse things then cruciatus Potter, much worse, the only thing cruciatus is really good for is a quick and effective way of causing pain. Seeing as were trying to torture you to show some respect i will begin to do so myself by asking you for a final time to show me respect and answer my question." Voldemort no spoke silkily to him from barely a meter there was something in the voice that tried to persuade him to answer the question but he fought the urge meanwhile looking back in Voldemort's snake like eyes and spit him in the face "Fuck you".

He knew he had done it now, the Dark Lord stepped back whipped out his wand, meanwhile performing some interesting wandless magic which cleaned his face. "That's it" and with that he casted two curses which went for his left leg effectively breaking it by pushing the bones together and thus splintering them which such a force that the bone cut through the flesh. It hurt a lot though not as much as the cruciatus curse but he knew this pain was here to stay. Gritting is teeth he looked up again.

"Did that hurt Potter." When he made no sound the Dark Lord spoke again. "Make no mistake Potter you will talk when we are through with you. Now lets ask a simple question shall we, Tell me who are the members of the Order of the Phoenix." the Dark Lord seemed confidant enough that he would answer.

Harry meanwhile tried to buy time by postponing his answer when he saw the Dark Lord open his mouth again he spoke, effectively cutting him off "You will get nothing out of me." he spoke calmly.

Voldemort looked enraged that this brat had once again showed such defiance towards him. He cast another curse which made Harry gasp for air as he felt a burning inside him which was spreading throughout him in waves every wave making matters worse. "Do you like that Potter, do you feel that burning inside you. That Potter is your magic, pushing its way out of your body, why you may ask, let me explain to you as your precious Dumbledore would never teach something like this to his precious students." he paused and looked around. Wormtail come here, he saw a figure scrambel from the circle and kneel in front of Dumbledore he recast the spell at Wormtail who instantly started gasping for air.

"You see Potter when all your magic leaves your body you will either die or become much stronger due to your magic forcing deeper canals into your body making your magic flow easier and stronger as will it expand your magical core, this means that the curse duration will depend on the strength of the wizard, in this case Wormtail will die about now. Looking next to him he saw that Wormtail had blacked out, his hair was completely white and he looked to be glowing.

"See now Potter let me teach you how to survive this, we wouldn't want you to die so soon now would we. You have to have the will to live. You have to fight it, you have to stay awake force yourself to stay alive and with that will your magic to ignite itself once again. The side effect for surviving this particular curse is that you will look like that muggle loving coot with his white hair. You see Grindelwald forced this one Dumbledore when they were fighting in battle and Dumbledore survived it. The problem is that he had his loved once around him and that you have nothing left to care for."

The heat was flushing his face as he sought for reasons to stay alive, his thoughts ended on his friends, he felt confidant that this would be enough to live through this. "I have my friends, i care for them, something you will never understand". He gasped out as the burning became worse.

Voldemort chuckled eerily "Tell me Potter do friends have secrets, did you know that you mudblood friend and the blood traitor have been together for the last month, all nice and cozy while you have to force yourself through the day's and night full of pain and misery. But i digress you're friends, that two who betrayed you by going behind you're back. The last one miss Ginny Weasley ah she has such ambition to be noticed making her an ideal target for seduction wouldn't you say Draco." As he turned to look at another DE who cast of his hood while speaking in an ice cold voice.

"Anything for you milord" while dropping to one knee. While smirking at Harry. Harry knew they were playing with him and that this probably wasn't the truth but it ate at him and made him loose his focus on his love for his friends. He knew he had to think of something he forced himself to think about his parents, they would want him to live, they would want him to hold on. Sirius would want him to live and to avenge his death. After that it was gasping for air forcing himself to remain conscious which he did.

He felt weak when the burning stopped but alive, which didn't necessarily had to be a good thing as he looked in front of him seeing the yet again enraged Dark Lord glaring at him with malice in his eyes. The Dark Lord stood and walked up to him. "You infuriate me Potter now tell me Potter who are the members of the Order." when Harry didn't answered he back handed him making the ring on his hand cut his left cheek diagonally. Making is glasses fly away to the ground

Harry chuckled he didn't really know why he kept aggravating the Dark Lord but he couldn't help it. "You hit like a girl Tom, can't you do anything right. Your as incompetent as your followers." That was the final straw for the Dark Lord, he reached in his robe and took out a ornate looking dagger which was covered with an eerily looking green shining blade, the hilt was covered with a snake with bright yellow eyes a Basilisk he cut open Harry's robes leaving him in only his pants. Then he Dark Lord cut the right side of his torso it wasn't really deep but he could feel something work in his body.

"Now Potter you will die at the hands of Salazar Slytherin, you see this is his old dagger and its covered with diluted Basilisk venom, it will start working fast now. The only known cure is of course unavailable at the moment." he cackled madly but Harry felt his world sharpen again.

"And now Potter I will see your demise."the Dark Lord mocked him.

Harry kept his cool and glared at the Dark Lord, well as best as he could without his glasses "Now now Tom, you should know that I have already encountered a Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Didn't you know that Lucius gave your journal away to a student no less." Looking at the Dark Lord it took him awhile to realize he was looking shocked.

"LUCIUS" He screamed, a man in the circle stepped forward. "You fool, you have no idea what you have done, I will deal with you later." He spoke with such venom that even Harry paused his breathing for a minute before recovering.

"Ooh Lucy doesn't that look bad for you." he chuckled, which was soon stopped by the Dark Lord which was appearantly getting tired of alternative torture and went to resort to the cruciatus again.

He was screaming at the top of his lungs when the white hot knives invaded his body stabbing over and over again, when it stopped again. But unlike last time he couldn't comfort himself by curling into a fetal position, this time his shoulders were feeling ripped as he hung loosely in the robes.

"Bella dear how long did you say the Longbottom's lasted before they went mad." A womanly figure stepped from the circle and dropped to one knee. "half an hour milord."

"Well then Potter lets see how long you last against the Dark Lord shall we." And so it started, it was maddening over and over again until he blacked out, when he went out though it didn't end, he was revived until no more was possible. The last he heard was the Dark Lord.

"Well well he made it longer then the Longbottom's a whole forty five minutes already, we will continue this tomorrow. Lock him back up, put him next to the other brat."

When he awoke again he knew he was in a different cell, this one was all bare nothing only bars, it was more like a cage, next to him he saw another kid in what looked like another cage. He tried to say something but his voice failed him. The other person did notice him stir though and spoke to him.

"Hi are you awake, do you have any idea where we are." She spoke in a hushed voice. He cleared his throat a few times before replying in a raspy voice.

"Yeah were captives of Voldemort." When the person didn't flinch he looked at her a bit closer "Who are you ?" he asked.

"My name is Celene Mackenzie i' m the daughter of William Mackenzie." She spoke with confidence.

"Pleasure my name is Harry Potter." At her gasp he knew she had heard of him.
"But but what are you doing here you are supposed to be one of the best protected persons in the world. And who is this Voldemort person your talking about." She replied in a slightly shaky voice.

He laughed coldly. "Protection a wonderful thing, the only problem is that in the wrong hands it will bite you in the ass and gets you in a though spot. And seriously, you don't know Voldemort but you do know me, where do you know me from." he asked honestly curious about her answer.

"Well doesn't everybody know you since you defeated the Dark One at the age of one." She replied in a slightly confused tone.

"Ugh yet another name to the never ending list of stupid names. The Dark One as you call him is one and the same as Voldemort who's also known as the Dark Lord, He- Who- Must- Not- Be- Named and You- Know- Who. Tell me something why on earth would the Voldemort capture you, what is you story." He again questioned slightly curious for the answer.

"Well i' m the daughter of the American Minister of Magic and as to the reason why i' m here would be the same as always probably for ransom. But i' m sure the Elite's will arrive soon and i can get the hell out of here." She spoke again with a lot of confidence behind her words.

"What do you mean again, you mean this happens often to you." But he broke of at the sound of voices in the next room. The door opened and in walked Lucius Malfoy and at his back was Severus.

"Ah Mr. Potter fancy seeing you here, you've caused me great pain boy, pain that i' m about to return in pleasure."with that he uttered the cruciatus curse. Harry was squirming and tossing on the stone floor but didn't scream. "Now now Potter, that won't do you will scream you hear me CRUCIO." and again the pain hit him hard but again the young man didn't scream. Finally at what seemed like ages Lucius stopped and turned to Snape.

"Well Severus what are you waiting for this is what you have always wanted, do it." and with that Severus took aim but he was hesitating, Harry could see damn him, just do it already when Snape still didn't do it Harry decided to give him some encouragement.

"Come on Snivelus i always knew you were on the other site, you always had Dumbledore wound around your greasy fingers. You really think nobody noticed. You were figured out by others long ago you fuck nut." That did it and Snape uttered the curse, it hit Harry and though i wasn't as bad as the one from Lucius he decided to help the spy out a bit and help him secure more loyalty to scream a lot and hard.

"Well well Snape never knew you had it. But you sure pack a curse, let us retire shall we."

A long groan escaped his mouth as he sat up against the bars, trying desperately to stay conscious.

"Harry are you alright, ah stupid question, sorry about that. It really sucks to be you doesn't it." She said in a caring voice.

"I've been through worse, at least i think i' ve been through worse." after that he started coughing up blood " damn them that actually hurt, though Lucy doesn't curse half as good as good old Snake- Eyes." he wheezed out weakly.

"You're something you know that Potter, even after torture you can make a girl laugh. You must be quite the ladies man when you're not captured." She drawled in a mock posh voice.

"Ha me a ladies man, please spare me. I haven't got time for a girlfriend, I've been fighting for my life from the age of one. If it wasn't Voldemort it was my lovely abusive Uncle." he replied with a tired sigh.

She was spared from answering though as again the door opened, Harry was preparing himself for the worse as the door opened but seemingly nobody walked in, yet the door closed on its own.

"Miss Mackenzie are you alright, we've come to get you out." a voice seemingly out of nothing asked quietly.

"Hello Forlan, pleasure as always. Though we should meet under different circumstances sometimes, is all the gang here." she asked while standing up.

There was a shimmer as four people pulled of what looked like their invisibility cloak's. Harry was surprised to see that four people had just walked in to Voldemort's layer and even got as far as the cells without being noticed.

"Yeah were all here, we need to get you out of here ASAP miss. We can't linger to long, the forces here in Britain seem to be a nit more powerful, though they are a bit overconfident which is a good thing for us but lets not test their limits shall we." As he spoke the female of the group opened the cage with some complicated wand movements.

"Wait we need to free the other one in there as well." She spoke in a hushed voice to what looked like the leader. "I'm sorry miss but we can't linger. And he is in no state to follow us at the moment." the leader spoke in a slightly frantic voice.

"You need to go Celene he's right my leg is in a right state, i can't walk let alone stay quite and invisible to make it out of here just go, I'll be fine i always am." He spoke in a weak voice, hoping she would leave him. He knew his time was up, it was no use to endanger others.

"You don't understand Reid that's Harry Potter, you know who he is and what he has done, we can't just leave him, he'll die." She spoke urgently now.

"Alright, you're right Benson, see what you can do for his leg, we need to get him out of here fast, Valos break the cage, Cold you take the door." The team snapped into action, soon his cage was open and the man called Benson was inspecting his leg. "It doesn't look good chief, the best i can do is take away the pain for a while and strengthen the leg but after that he will have to regrow it completely."

"Damn you people you should have just left, just do it i' m no stranger to pain." Gritting his teeth as he felt the bones being molten together to give them strength and after that he cast the pain relieving charm. The charm was dangerous, that he knew, because you can't feel pain you'll over do it and overexert the limb in question making the injury worse, but there wasn't time for something else.

"We only have your wand miss, you'll have to use one of my spares he told Harry while handing him a wand, were going to give you the cloak and cast a Disillusionment charm on ourself, just keep up an we'll be fine, we'll be moving in the same order as always, Harry this means your the fifth man in line with Cold behind you." while indicating to an imposing man in the corner who was guarding the door.

"Ok lets go." Reid spoke and they moved of opening the door, they moved slowly from door to door, stopping at the slightest sounds and merging in the shadows to take a break. Slowly they made their way to the seemingly never ending compound when they were finally at the front door. Reid pushed it open and all hell broke loose.

Out of nowhere sirens started to sound. "Run make a break for the forest, well meet at the edge and portkey from there." With that the group started running, Harry was slightly limping and falling behind due to his leg which finally gave away when they were just past three fourth of the way, limbing badly now and with sweat pouring from his still somewhat naked body he pushed on, there were random spells flying around seemingly aimed at nothing thank god for invisibility cloaks he thought while he limped ahead.

Noticing the shadows shifting somewhere on his left he made it to the group as they were all touching a portkey, soundlessly he did the same and Reid activated the portkey with the word Head Quarters.

After the pull behind his navel he blacked out.

He awoke again to the smell of a sterile environment, looking around he saw he was in a white room with a couple of beds all unoccupied. Appearantly he had set of some alarm of the sorts because just moments after awakening the man he remembered as Benson walked in. At least he thought it was seeing as he couldn't see anything without his glasses

"Good morning Mr. Potter and welcome to America, my name is Micheal Benson, how are you feeling." He spoke with a calm voice. He took sometime to get comfortable in his position before he replied.

"Quite good actually, seeing as i have my leg back though its a bit stiff, i' m a bit sore but altogether just fine. How long was i out." He questioned dreading the answer.

"You were out for two day's enough time for the bones to regrow in your leg, and the majority of the cruciatus residue to fade. The wound on your chest left a scar as it was infected with poison and your shoulder muscles will feel sore for some time. Taking all that in notion you're going to be alright." He said to Harry whom instantly felt better and couldn't believe his luck from getting out of Voldemort's clutches.

"Excuse me but what happens now? I mean can i just go back or will Dumbledore be called or something else." honestly curious how this situation would solve itself.

"We'll talk about that next time Mr. Potter, in the meantime please take this potion." Benson said while handing him a purple potion, he knew it was a dreamless sleep potion but decided to go with the given directions at lest for the moment.

As he drunk the potion he felt his focus slip and he fell asleep.

When he finally awoke again he noticed a couple of figures sitting around the bed, reaching for his glasses he again came up short when they weren't their.

"Ah Mr. Potter let me help you out there, i' m going to put a spell on your eyes and then put in some auto corrective contact lenses for you to be able to see do you understand." he asked
"Yeah contacts, should have gotten them long ago." When he was finished speaking Benson cast a spell on him which froze his eyes still and appearantly kept his eyelids from blinking, when he was finished putting the lenses in he stepped back and took of the spell.

"Ah that's better, at least i can see you people now." he chuckled lightly, when he looked around the room he noticed the people who had saved him from Voldemort's clutches. The man Reid had long blond hair which was was tied back in a low ponytail and blue eyes. The woman Volas had dark red hair hanging till her shoulders and had the most peculiar aqua blue eyes. The other broad men Cold as he was called had blue eyes and black short spiky hair, a bit like him only more organized. Then it hit him that he would have white hair now, reaching up and taking a lock of his hair he pulled it down to indeed see the white hair. Letting go of his hair he looked at the next person Benson as they called him had short brown hair and gray eyes. Then there was an other person who he wasn't familiar with, the men had light brown hair which was also a short cut but had sea green eyes.

The last unknown man spoke up "Mr. Potter, good to see you awake, you have been through quite an ordeal but, i' m sorry to tell you that it doesn't end here. My name is Alcer Solar, these people with me form the AEC or American Elite Commandos, they perform covert operation for the American Ministry or more specifically the American Minister of Magic. They are an all- round group of individuals that perform basic actions like providing an escort to a high society event, to mission which are of paper like the one in which you were saved. This point provides us with a problem. With the last reign of the Voldemort the Americans offered to help Britain in their quest to defeat the threat Voldemort, problem was that they were arrogant and declined our offer saying that they knew how to handle the threat, ever since our countries are non- cooperative." he paused for a second to take a sip of water before he continued his story.

"Problem is Mr. Potter that during this mission international laws have been broken. If we would return you at this time we could very well cause an international conflict which is what none of the countries need at the moment. Now here is where you come in. You see Mr. Potter there is no easy way to say this but Britain has reported you M.I.A." at his confused look he explained.

"M.I.A. Means missing in action, which basicly means presumed dead. The one to declare this state was headmaster Dumbledore, whether he knew you escaped or truly believes you dead he made you go of the chart, as such you will not be looked for but not declared dead within another ten years. So with your person presumed dead we have a few options which we can offer. The first is you can change your name, live in America for at least five years and then return to Britain. The second is we wipe you memory of anything containing us and send you back to Britain. The third is that we will offer you a position in AEC and train you as our own, this training will last for however long is needed to make you effective in the field and after your training America will retry to establish the bonds to Britain and offer help, if accepted you will be sent together with a small army of auror's to help in Britain's war effort. After that you are free to do what you wish. Please take your time to think this over, this decision could influence you entire life as you know it." As one the group stood and walked out of the room.

Why does this always happen to me, I'm presumed dead.....what will Hermione, Ron and Ginny think.....what will Remus do he's lost Sirius.....Sirius All the grief he hadn't been able to let out the last day's came back full force as a tear made his way down his cheek, he wiped it away angrily This could work to my advantages, i could finally train and do my part in this war, never mind the part in the prophecy. He strengthened his resolve by various points and when Alcer came back to check on him he gave him his answer.

"Are you sure Harry, this will change a lot and not all will be for the best. You won't see your friends for a lot of time and you will be lonely here. You're sure?"He sighed as Harry confirmed with a nod.

It was a day later when he was standing in a circular room with a bed and a wardrobe which was filled with standard robes each with the same black phoenix engraved in the back. There were numerous clothes, everything you could imagine was their and seemed the mold itself to his body to adjust to his form and size. Putting on some clothes, a baggy black pants and a ruby red shirt he walked out of the room, down the stairs and into the room on the far right, the relaxation room as they called it. He was in AEC HQ awaiting the start of his training, last night he was moved by portkey and given his room which he was to decorate himself. As he was sitting on the couch wondering when he would begin his training. The woman Jules Valos walked in and sat down opposite of him. She drew his attention with a slight cough.

"Hello Harry, how are you doing today." she asked him in a way to cheery voice for this early in the morning.

"Hi, i' m fine how are you?" This came out a bit uncomfortable, which Jules just had to notice, she gave him a smirk. "Now Harry that won't do, were gonna be partners so we need to be at ease with each other, we can do this the easy way or the hard way its up to you." When he started to reply he just couldn't find the words.

"Fine the hard way it is then, follow me." She said in a stern voice, making him gulp and follow er out of the room across the hall and into the Pool room what the SPLASH and with that Harry was pushed in the pool, he surfaced spluttering to see a madly laughing Jules at the edge of the pool, it took him a while to recover what happened, but when he did. He narrowed his eyes at Jules.

"Oh come on Harry lighten up your not even sixteen yet, you can be cranky when your old like Alcer, at least you have somebody in your age range here." before breaking out laughing again at the look on his face

Cranky huh, lets see about that he thought with a smirk as he pulled at her leg causing her to lose her balance and topple in the pool next to him. When he tried to get out he could feel something holding him back. "Oh no you don't." while splashing him with a large amount of water, he of course retaliated with a wave on his own, this went on for quite some time until Jules called it to an end. "As much fun as this is we need to start at your training. As you'll get your wand tomorrow, we'll do theory first today and physical training when we get bored, how does that sound."

"Just fine" he replied still slightly out of breath from the water fight, she hit him with a drying charm and the went into the library, she walked through the shelves and picked up some random books.

"Ok these are the books you we will start with they are the basic six and seventh year curriculum and some advance magical theory, lets get cracking shall we, if you have any questions just ask." and so they started with the theory after only three hours Jules started yawning and complaining about the dull material which she was reading next to him.

"Come on Harry lets get some early lunch, then well cram another two hours and do some physical training." he didn't have much of a choice though as she puled him out of his seat and into the kitchen where they met up with Reid who was eating what looked like some sandwiches. From a big plate in the middle of the table.

"There is always some kind of eatable stuff on the table to ensure we don't go hungry." She said as she noticed his look. "Don't get me wrong Harry but you're in a very well paid position well that is when you start working and stop training, we're like the equivalent of CIA or the FBI only then magical and somewhat smaller. Now lets eat." she finished with stuffing a sandwich in his mouth.

When some five minutes later she went for a bathroom brake Harry sighed and leaned back into his chair. "Demanding isn't she." it was Reid who startled him out of his relaxed pose. "Yeah a bit, is she always this cheery" he asked a bit afraid of the answer he was going to get.

"Yeah she is but you'll get used to it, wait until you start physical training. She will be your physical trainer and she'll teach you the basics, when you have that up we'll all jump in and show you the more advanced magics and methods." Reid replied with a knowing smirk on his face. He winked at him when Jules walked back in the room, when she saw Reid's face she shot him a mock dirty "Talking behind my back are we, that wont do now will it Reid, I'll get you for that" she said while conjuring a bucket of water and drenching him completely, seeing him move to retaliate she scooped up a sandwich and bolted from the room with Reid hot on her tail.

Chuckling at their antics he walked back to the library and restarted reading only pausing when he saw a Jules walk in with metallic blue hair and eyebrows to match, he couldn't contain his laughing when she scowled at him and broke out laughing. "Laugh it up wonder boy, just wait until physical training." she said with a smirk in his direction at which he quickly went back at reading.

All to soon it was time for physical training walking into the room with Jules, she lead him to the center of the room on a dojo like floor. "Ok pretty boy lets see what you can do, try to hit me." she told him. "What i can't hit you, i like you i can't hit someone i like." he replied while making a face of dread. "Enough with the hero complex just hit me, we're gonna do this a lot, don't make me do this the hard way again wonder boy" He knew the hard way wouldn't be good so he tried to punch her, which she blocked easily. While he was trying to hit her she was telling him what to do and what to watch. "Move your feet, bring your arm up, correct your balance." the latter proved to be a bit on the sloppy site as she threw him around like a rag doll at the moment, he often put to much force behind his punches making him topple slightly and she would retaliate with either a punch or a throw.

"Ok enough we need to work on you balance, it completely of" seeing his look of despair she added "Oh come on it will be fun, the best way to improve balance his dancing." She said. "No way I'm here for training not dancing." he replied in a firm voice.

"Nice try" she said while turning up some music it was a slow tune. "Ok just follow my lead." and with a last glare he gave in. while muttering "It's your funeral." she heard him and hit him on the head. "Pay attention now" and so they danced, or better attempted to, after a solid hour he came in the flow somewhat and relaxed a bit into the music and into the routine. Noticing him relaxing she smirked and changed the routine causing him to stumble and almost fall back on his ass. Regaining his steps he glared at her. "What" she said "This is battle training, when i take you to the club you can relax but over here its paying attention, got it boy wonder." she said with a tiny smile on her face. "Enough with the nicknames already blue" calling her by the colour of her hair which in retrospect wasn't a good thing as she dis tangled her hand and waved her wand at the music box and the tempo went up a beat, causing him to falter again and having him to catch up. Glaring at her again they kept this up for another hour, they stopped because Harry almost collapsed while trying to keep his pose and balance.

"Ok enough for now, why don't you hit the shower and come back down again for some dinner, we'll work on condition after dinner." he just nodded and strolled of into the showers.

He emerged fifteen minutes later looking and feeling quite refreshed. He put on some new clothes, a simple looking red robe and walked into the kitchen where he joined Jules, Reid and Benson all of them said hello and he made some small talk with Reid while Jules and Benson were talking, when dinner was over he walked of with Jules into the pool room, she motioned for him to get changed in a pain of trunks which she conjured for him, when he was changed he looked for Jules only to see that she was already in the water "Come on, afraid for a bot of water." she asked. When earlier today they had a water fight they were in the more shallow part of the pool where he was able to stand now though, he couldn't just dive in as he had never learned how to swim.

She noticed his hesitation and swum across the pool towards him, and splashed him with water, thinking he was to scared to join her, when he looked truly soaked and disgruntled, she gave up : What's wrong, why won't you come in" she asked with a slight pout on her features. God this is embarrassing he thought. " see......I...I can't swim." he finally blurted out, to her credit she didn't laugh at him but motioned for him to join her in the shallow area. When he did and stepped in she asked. "I know this might be a difficult question and you don't have to answer if you don't want to but why cant you swim?" she asked him with and odd look on her face.

He sighed and replied "It's my family or rather was my family" as he thought back, "they hated almost everything about me when i was young and it only became worse when i showed signs of accidental magic. For them i just didn't exist and their Dudley was everything to them. So i never got any swimming lessons." he said with a slight strain in his voice, he felt guilty about talking bad of them while they were dead.

Noticing his discomfort she moved towards him and instructed him in what to do, some thirty minutes later he had successfully mastered the art of swimming, or so he thought. But it was a definite improvement towards the past as he was swimming laps across the pool. After another half an hour she stopped him as she saw him struggling. "Ok hit the showers get dressed and we'll do another theory session before going to bed." Doing so he showered and got dressed, after that he walked in the library to see Jules already there together with Benson who was appearantly also studying something. As he went back on his books on magical theory, he noticed that his understanding of magic was shifting more and more, with everything he read he noticed how ignorant he was. He seemed absorbed in his book as he finally finished the three hundred page book on theory in one day. He gave Jules an odd look which Benson saw and he answered for her. "Ah I see you found out about the reading part. You see the books are inlaid with magic to transfer the understanding better, the amount you read is irrelevant, the book merely links to you subconscious and adds the information being contained quick and effectively, handy huh?" He said with a genuine smile on his features.

Harry just nodded not knowing how to reply and started with another book, looking at the amount of books and the time it took him to finish one book a figured it would take something like a week before he had all of them memorized. Finally to tired to read anymore he put the book down and excused himself and went to bed.

He was in the throne room again, chained up with numerous cuts across his torso, looking in front of him was Voldemort. He looked behind him and saw Ron and Hermione together on the floor "You see that Potter that's the fate for all of your friends."

The scene changed and he saw Sirius falling through the veil, this time he did go after him through the veil and the dream changed again.

The graveyard where he saw Cedric fall dead....lifeless eyes staring unseeing in his. Another flash of green light and He sat up straight, sweating buckets, he got up and showered and walked back into his room and saw that it was only 02.00 sighing he went into the relaxation room and walked in on a drinking Reid. "Hi Potter, can't sleep huh. You will notice that everybody hear works their insomnia in another way. Come join me and I'll explain." while pouring another glass of the burning red colored substance and handing it to Harry. "You see i take a couple of drinks and eventually fall asleep, Cold is undoubtedly in the gym working out until he drops from exhaustion, Benson is in the library at the moment reading god knows what until he can't read anymore and Valos will be either swimming or dancing in some club, seeing as it is Wednesday she'll probably be swimming as she normally only goes out in weekends. See Potter over here you not the only one who can't sleep. Out of all of the habits though, don't follow mine, it's addictive and isn't good for your body at all." While inclining his glass as saying cheers and taking a sip, following his example he took a sip and had to brace himself to keep from coughing his eyes did water up though. "Ah we'll make a man out of you yet Potter, If you are wise you'll put down the glass and join somebody else who doing something healthy." he said with a slight edge in his voice making it more of a command then a remark.

As he stood Reid spoke up again. "Go see Jules, she'll probably could use some company." and so he did, he walked into the poolroom and saw Jules doing laps in the pool, she didn't notice him so he picked up the trunks he had used earlier and slipped in the pool and stood in her path, when she came around he noticed she wasn't paying attention as she swum into him. Her reaction when meeting him there were slightly unexpected though as she pulled back and punched him hard right in the faces, effectively breaking his nose and start a steady pouring of blood into the pool which dissolved almost immediately "What the Fuck !" he wheezed out as he stumbled back a step.

"I am so sorry, its a reflex, never sneak up at a AEC, now let me heal that" she summoned her wand with a flick of her wrist and healed his nose, and cleaned his face of the blood.

"You breaking my nose is a reflex, damn that hurt." he replied still in a wheezing voice. "Oh don't be a baby Harry if you think that hurt just wait until i start fighting back in physical training. What are you doing here anyway, you should have been asleep a long time ago."

"Nightmare" he grunted out, then he saw his chance to get pay back for his nose and pushed her underwater and kept her there until she pulled his legs from under him and surfaced in front of him. "You think that was funny huh, lets see how you like this" and with that a wrestling match started which Jules controlled all the way but she let him have his fun, that is until he started tickling her. When she went to retaliate however she noticed his face become completely white and his eyes widen comically. "What is it ?" she asked.

"Uh how long do your conjurations normally last" he asked in a casual voice, when she answered him she began to catch on. "Ah a few hours, why?" she asked innocently knowing full well that Harry trunks had just vanished under water, when she went to take a peak he quickly covered his privates with his hand and slowly made his way to the shore. "Ah come on Harry you're no fun let me have a peak, i can see the headlines now. Boy- Who- Lives loses swimming trunks" She started to crack up, when Harry sent her a death glare she only laughed harder. After a few seconds he started to laugh as well but not before reaching at the ground to take her towel and cover his privates after they were done laughing Harry made his way out of the pool and got dressed quickly saving himself from further embarrassment.

"Well I'm gonna make another attempt at sleeping, see you in the morning blue." bolting from the room as he saw a small tidal wave heading his way. Making his way to his room he saw that both the lights in the gym and library were indeed on just as Reid had predicted. I somehow made him feel more at home, knowing that he wasn't the inly one with these problems, he had always been sitting in the common room in his fifth year after a nightmare, with nobody to share his experience with, he knew he could tell these people what he felt because they knew what he was going through maybe they were a bit older but they still knew. Reaching his chambers he fell down on his bed without changing and fell soundly asleep.

When he awoke the next morning he felt refreshed he got up and went to shower and get dressed walking down the stairs he met up with an overly cheery Jules "how is it that you can be this cheery with that little sleep." he asked her whereas she merely shrugged and went back to her normal bubbly self. After eating breakfast he met up with Reid and they took a portkey to what looked like an old warehouse.

Reid seemed to know what to do as he waved his wand and a black phoenix emerged and circled the room once before fading into nothing. Seemingly it was some kind of signal as from the corner emerged an old man while levitating several boxes behind him. "So good to see you Forlan how are you?" the old man asked "Good to see you to Kirk and I' m fine, I'd like you to meet Harry Potter, Harry Potter this is Kirk Gladius custom wandmaker" as he introduced them Kirk's eyes seemed eerily to stare right at his soul Is that a requirement for a wandmaker or what he thought to himself as he reached out with his hand "A pleasure" the gesture was returned by the wand maker. The wandmaker went to place the materials on a conjured table and spread them out at what looked like wood sort and focus

"Well lets get started shall we, I want you to pick one of these pieces of wood whichever feels good for you." Thinking these instructions were weird he complied anyway as his hand stopped at a familiar piece of wood "Holly" he echoed the wandmakers words he was measured and the ideal length came to 12 and a half inches looking for a focus he felt two things, a phoenix feather but also an other feather. "Interesting a phoenix feather combined with a Griffin feather a golden griffin at that." Well let me get at it and you will have your wand tomorrow, am i right in the mind set that this clients name isn't to leave this compound" he asked in a rhetorical question. Indeed the normal deal as with all of us. Reid took out another portkey and they were back at HQ.

When he got back he went to the library as instructed and was back to studying within minutes, he noticed that studying without interruptions was far easier then with Ron next to him complaining all the time. With a pang of loss he thought back to his friends and wondered when he would see them again and if they would forgive him for staying away for so long. He sighed and went back to reading, when he went for lunch he met back up with Jules and after lunch he was back to the training room.

As he stood there he noticed he was a bit more comfortable then yesterday, they repeated the fighting and dancing bit just like yesterday but the tempo went up another step while dancing There is a good thing about all of this, at least i will know how to dance he thought with a slight smile on his face which of course Jules noticed. "What's that wonder boy something you want to share" she asked with a smile on her lips. How does she do that, damn her "Nothing in peculiar no" he spoke as casually as he possibly could under the circumstances. "Wouldn't be thinking about wooing girls now would we Mr. Potter" She asked him with a slight smile on her face as if she already knew the answer. "No" he replied shortly but the reply was ruined when he blushed slightly and she started to snicker at him. Taking advantage of her distraction he dipped her low thinking to scare her but when she lost her balance and fell backwards she pulled him with her and he landed half on her staring right into her Aqua blue eyes, for a moment their was nothing but those eyes until he noticed he had been staring and he jumped up with a flushed face.

Jules seemed more confused then him and sent him on his way with another swimming trunk, going for a change he walked into the changing boot and put on his swimming trunks he half expected Jules to already be there, when she wasn't he shrugged and dived in the pool doing his laps at an easy pace until it was time for dinner.

Walking into the kitchen he noticed that Jules was absent again where did she go so fast halfway into dinner she finally showed with a neutral expression on her face and started eating. Cold motioned for him to follow him as they wen for a work out in the gym. His mind was still on the event from earlier today what the hell was that he though, he couldn't place the feelings he was experiencing at that moment and he still couldn't place them now, it was nagging at him as he was working out. Cold looked at him and saw he was working of some steam and let him be. Harry snapping out of his thoughts went to step in front of the punching bag, after a moment of punching Cold joined him and showed him the proper way to punch and kick. Picking up the routine quickly he advanced quickly under the comments of Cold who was holding the bag. As Harry sunk back in his thoughts he didn't notice that his punches started to get stronger as he worked of his frustration he was feeling towards his emotions.

Cold spoke up as he noticed that something was of "Whats up Potter, whats eating you?" he questioned him, thinking better then to shrug it of he explained the events of earlier and the behavior of Jules after that. He did feel somewhat better as he was done, Cold was a good listener he paid attention and asked questions when he strayed from his original story. Cold's advice was easy enough, just leave it for a day and it will word out fine he had said. That sounded easy enough and he went back at the running machine and started a quick pace which he kept up until he was drained after that he did some crunches under the watchful eye of Cold who corrected him when he mad an error somewhere along the line, moving to the weight's he did some bench presses, after that he almost collapsed and went for a shower while saying goodbye to Cold and thanking him for his help.

He fell asleep almost immediately after changing into his sleeping clothes.

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