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Chapter II

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Chapter II First Mission

Left, right, right, left, duck and block, Harry was doing a light sparring match with Jules, well that is light for Jules as Harry tired quickly, only due to determination and quidditch reflexes he could keep up with her somewhat. She was training him in the basics still but he was getting better at it and his moves become a bit more natural as opposed to the stocky movements earlier this week.

"Come on Harry you can do better, let yourself go, just do don't think. Fighting is a passion, a way to express yourself." And he really did try to do so but every time he tried he failed miserably. Every time he tried to relax into the fight he would get punched somewhere and tense back up again having to start over and failing again. He moved on from physical training onto Occlumency with Benson.

Speaking of Occlumency he discovered soon after the start that what Snape had done to him was effectively called mind rape, telling one to relax the mind would only enable the invader to bent the surroundings in his mind to his will and look up the memory's desired by the invader, when concentrating on different memory's it would allow you to keep control of which memory's where to be seen, or that was the theory. Harry was trying to steer Benson away from unwanted memories but still wasn't very successful, Benson had explained that just as any other muscle in the body it would have to be exercised, meaning that every day he did a session with Benson and everyday they would step it up a pace enabling him to grow stronger mentally.

It was dinner time at the moment and he was eating Italian pasta as this would supposed to be good food for athletics. He was dreaming away as Reid called on him. "Harry after dinner we'll be getting your wand from Kirk, be ready at 19.00 sharp." with that he walked out of the room and walked out of view, he looked around, he was looking for Jules who was for some reason still acting slightly odd towards him.

Soon 19.00 came around and Harry met up with Reid as they took the portkey and were back in the warehouse. Reid once again shot of the black phoenix and once again Kirk came from out of the shadows, though this time he carried two long thin boxes opposed to the crates of last time. His wands he presumed.

"Here you go Mr. Potter, fine work if I say so myself." he said while sliding open the boxes and handing him both the wands. "The are brother wands, this means that the core's are identical to each other. Two identical phoenix feathers and two identical griffin feathers. This means that the will do bad against each other but will work good together, if you can wield both of the. Some of the more powerful wands i have created." Harry knew this of course but nevertheless let the man continue, he thought back to his own wand and wondered if Voldemort was going to use it in combination with his own. Shuddering at the implications of such an event he snapped back to reality.

He looked the wands over and the shined in the dim light of the warehouse. When he gripped one of them he could feel the magic surge within him. "They are perfect, what do I owe you." he said awed. "Ah Mr. Potter the bill has been taken care of." he said with a wink towards Reid who had a small smile playing on his lips.

"Well I had better be going, Forlan until next time make sure Mr. Potter here takes care of his wands will you." he said with a chuckle as Harry was still inspecting the pieces of wood with awe evident on his face.

Finally shaken out of his stupor Harry thanked the man again and left with Reid.

Back at HQ Harry was eager to test out his wands and was pulling Jules with him towards the duelling area "Come on I want to test the wands already." he practically yelled out when Jules started to fall behind again.

Finally arriving in the duelling ring "Ok lets see what you got." Jules said. Harry took out his wand and started of with a disarming spell followed up by a stunner, that was where he made his first error or so Jules had said. "Don't wait for the spells to connect. Keep casting, you don't want you opponent to have a window of opportunity now do you." she said as she sent a barrage of stunner's his way, dodging half and blocking the others he soon became tired as she kept up the barrage non- stop, she was casting fast and non- verbal, her wand seemed a blur and he would soon succumb to the stunner's which, when an idea formed in his head.

Moving his left hand and drawing his other wand he started shielding with that one too, as he was still only on defense and saw no opening for him to attack, she was simply to fast. "Smart boy wonder but you still can't keep up can you." she said with that infuriating smirk on her face, that sent him over the edge and pushed harder to regain some control which proved to be useless as she blasted through his shields and three stunner's hit him in quick succession.

Waking up a bit dazed he heard a voice. "Not bad wonder boy but not there by a long shot." all that boy this boy that was slightly getting to it but he shrugged is of and moved on.

And so they continued training the various subjects.

It was a month later when Harry was in the relaxation room with Reid, they were playing pool and Reid was winning easily. "So Potter what do you want for your birthday." he asked while pocketing the five.

Somewhat startled he looked at the calender on the opposite wall and noticed that it was the 25th of July already. "I honestly don't know, never been one for personal affections really." he replied as he got up to take a shot as Reid missed the seven.

"Easy target then." Reid smirked while handing him another beer. He had taken to the drink rather fast though he was still underage the others still treated him as one of their own most of the time. He hadn't gone on any missions yet, but that was due to his lack of knowledge which he was gaining fast as he had spent a lot of his spare moments in the library. The NEWT knowledge was all memorized, casting all the spells was slightly more difficult though.

Another thing he had worked on was his aim with both hands, he had taken to casting with two wands, as his wands were brothers they worked very well together. The aim of his left hand was disastrous but was getting better bit by bit.

He had built up his endurance quite nicely and had taken to fighting in the water or rather practicing his moves and kata's in the water as fast as possible. This was meant to built muscle's for speed as working in the water had more resistance then punching in air. Though it proved quite tricky to stay standing long enough to finish an attack and Jules had laughed her head of the first time he tried to do it.

He thought back with a fond smile as he pocketed the ten ball in the far corner, walking around the table he had to bend over the table to reach the ball. Just as he was about to pot the ball he heard a whistle behind him, startling him in missing the ball completely. Scowling he looked back, just knowing who was behind him. Sure enough Jules was looking around with an innocent expression on her face. "Cute Jules, real cute." he told her, her mature reaction was to stick out her tong at him causing her to reveal he pierced tong, something which still freaked him out a bit.

He turned back around to try again. When an alarm went throughout HQ. Everybody snapped to attention and went of to get changed. Harry was doing the same just as Reid called him back. "Not this time Potter, a bit longer, you'll get there." while running of to his room, a minute or so later they were all back into the room as Alcer popped in.

"We have a code vector at Cigamville. All available forces are to go there immediately". They snapped to attention and all disapparated out, leaving Harry behind. He knew what vector meant, it was vampires, something they seemed to have a lot off in America, it was rumored they had more freedom here as American's tend do to the extreme and there were a lot of Goth's there making blending in much easier for the fanged night crawlers. He knew he wasn't yet able to fight Vampires effectively, to really fight a vampire you needed to know at least the basics of body magic, something they had just started up but he hadn't gotten very far in. The theory was relatively simple.

Body magic was using you magic work together with your body, like adrenaline it would enable you to do feats that wouldn't be possible when you were calm or not using magic. Body magic was infusing your magic into your veins, like when wizard's or witches show a physical aura, the push their magic out of their body to make the overflow of magic bleed off, this would often happen at times of great emotions, like life threatening situations or loss of a loved one. Body magic was a lot like that but rather the let the magic bleed of they would draw on their magic and then bleed off inside their body to allow the magic the stimulate the muscles and nerves to do feats of greater strength or agility.

The problem was you had to ease your body into it, if you didn't you would poison your veins and that wasn't pretty, he had seen people with magical poisoning and it was some of the worse things he had seem, the victim would slip into a coma and have to subconsciously burn the magic out of their veins, if the subject couldn't do this a healer would have to do it. The process and spells were simple but the damage done to your body when dealt with by a healer was disastrous, it could easily mean that the victim wouldn't be able to walk for the rest of their lives or where paralyzed for the rest of their lives. As it would mean burning out your magic similar to what Harry had experienced in Voldemort's clutches.

He moved into the training hall and started working on the variety of spells he had learned in the past month. He knew enough now to become more creative but he still felt he was missing something.

A week after the last mission Harry had started mastering non- verbal spells, it was rather easy for him as he already knew a limited amount of Occlumency, it was basicly triggering the spell mentally, were it by visualizing the effects or simply by intending to do them.

The speed of his casting was only limited to his wand movements now which were also getting quicker. They would be starting animagus training today, this was one thing he was looking forward to.

"Ok here we go, if you drink that you will fall into trance and meet your form, this will happen almost immediately, the trick is becoming one with the animal, try to picture and take in every detail of the animal and try to approach it or let it approach you. When you come out of the trance and succeed you will experience great pain and transform into your form, if you reject the pain you will most likely not transform and have to start again. When you do transform, try to keep the form and get familiar with its movements and habits but try to retain your human thoughts." She explained to him.

"Ok I get it." he nodded eagerly, he wanted to start already. As she handed him the potion he downed the vial in one go, it tasted a bit like lemon, not quite so bad as he was used to. Almost immediately fell back on to the ground. "Should have had him lie down." Jules muttered to herself as she winced from seeing him fall.

He was in a misty place, through the fog he saw a form approach, it was a white panther, it looked magnificent almost radiating with light and with bright green eyes. He studied the animal in front of him with interest but didn't approach the animal as it was still looking at him wearily. He continued to study the animal until he felt the potion wear off and slip back into reality

He woke up face to face with Jules which startled him slightly and to draw back bumping his head yet again on the stone floor. "Sorry" she muttered."Well, to where did you get." she asked slightly bouncing on her feet.

"I was studying it but it seemed wary of me so I didn't approach it but left it, it relaxed some towards the end but then the potion was already wearing of. How long was I out?" he asked. "You where out for an hour, we can give it one more try today, if you don't get it on this attempt we'll try again tomorrow. Ok?" he nodded reluctantly, he had really wanted to make it on his first attempt but it somehow calmed him to know that he wasn't perfect and that even he had to retry some things and had to do it the normal way, well as normal as possible.

The potion which they were using was the key to the transformation and took a year to brew accordingly, luckily it could be stocked and finished within a week when you added the final ingredients to it. Gulping back the second vial he fell back into the trance again.

He was back in the mist again, this time the panther was seemingly waiting for him and was much closer. Tentatively reaching out towards the animal he started petting it. Soon he knew where to pet to get a purr out of the large animal. While he was still scratching it behind the ears he suddenly felt an intense pain in his head and spread through his body, it was a weird pain, he felt his bone shift and his legs shorten, it hurt like hell! Reminding Jules words he tried to relax and give into the pain as best he could. And then it stopped, opening his eyes he was met with a lower point of view then he normally had.

He had transformed, he thought with a smile which seemed to come out as a purr, slowly he started to stroll around the room, he knew instinctively how to move and jumped on a nearby table which groaned under his weight, turning around he saw Jules watching him with a face of apprehension. He didn't see why though until it was almost to late, at the moment he laid eyes on Jules the control on his mind started to slip from him and he had to fight to regain control. The panther wanted to strike at the potential thread whereas Harry wanted to back away, they briefly fought for dominance before Harry ruthlessly slammed his instincts down and took full control stalking up to Jules lazily and letting her scratch him behind his ears. "You like that huh." he heard her say as he let out a lazy purr. She laughed a bit more at his antics before speaking up again. "Ok now try to change back."

After a minute of struggling and unable to change back he looked at here with a slightly scared look on his face as he was panicking inside. "Calm down." she ordered him. "Try to concentrate on your human senses and will yourself to change back." After another ten minutes he growled in frustration and looked at her again. She sighed, "Ok lets try this differently." she said. "Imagine yourself on two legs and walking around." following her explanations he slowly changed back into his human self.

He felt tired when he sat down on the ground and almost immediately passed out. When he awoke again he was on the couch in the relaxation room with Jules in the other chair drinking one of her favorite nutrient shakes which she forced down his throat every morning keeps me healthy she says he thought with a shiver as he remembered the taste he hadn't got the guts to ask what the hell was in it, he was convinced it would make him gag on the next force feed.

Slowly sitting up he looked at Jules. "What happened." he asked in a dazed tone startling her out of her muses. "Oh you passed out, no biggy though happened to me as well." she said with a slight shrug. "Nice form by the way." complementing him for his efforts. "What?" he asked her as he saw her smile. "Nothing really, just can't believe that such a little kid could be such a bad ass animal." Slightly stung by her remark of little boy he made a quick excuse to get away from her. "I'm going to bed get some more rest." she seemed to be making an effort of reminding him of his age lately, it was getting irritating when he tried to act like expected but still got shoved by her in the process. "Sure, see you in the morning." she said with a wave.

It was another week later that Harry could transform completely at will and another week for him to master a decent time in doing it.

So it was two weeks later when the basics were starting to fall in place as he was getting more and more competent in Occlumency and Body magic. He had learned his sixth and seventh, he discovered that without distraction and essay's he progressed fast through the spells and potions, he was now studying auror spells and was having some trouble with the more advanced ones. Normally he would have asked Jules to help him but she was still acting so damn odd woman I won't ever figure them out he thought with a sigh as he walked into the training room, spotting Cold he walked up and asked him to help him.

Wrestling through the auror spells, there were surprisingly few really, about as much as 6th and 7th year combined. He was told that the reason for the three year training was simply theory work and law knowledge which he would be taught by Benson as soon as his combat skills were up to par with the rest of the team.

He was currently duelling Cold who favored a rather direct approach and tried to invade your space to make physical attacks which was what he was good at, combined with his strong shields, you had to come up with something good to beat him. At the moment he was conjuring up obstacles in his direct path of his approach with his left wand while sending stunners and a variety of banishing, blasting and bludgeoning spells with his right holding back his approach and keeping him occupied while thinking up a plan to beat the bull in front of him.

Casting an illusion over himself to triple the amount of Harry's on the field he disillusioned himself and started transfiguring different animals from random objects around like a water bottle in the corner and the waste bin in the other, silencing himself he noticed that Cold was ignoring the illusions and banished the transfigurations quickly and cast a purple light that lit the entire room. Appearantly this made him visible as he was soon on the defensive, but he didn't respond quite as fast as he should have being hit by a peculiar strong disarming spell he was flung back and his left wand left his grasp as he managed to hold on to his right one, doing a flip in mid air he landed on his feet, his left knee bent and the right stretched out next to him, keeping balance with his left hand while aiming his right with wand towards his opponent. This all happened in a flash and with the grace of a cat, he had kept some peculiar trades of his canine form such as his catlike grace and reflexes but appearantly also the purr while being content or comfortable. It was quite embarrassing to be honest but the pro's far outweigh the con's at least he thought so now. Snapping back to the present he was met with a foot in the face and all went black.

He sat back dazed as he woke to the smirking face of Cold. "Nice really nice but next time try to not let you mind wander." he said with a smirk on his usually expressionless face. "I liked the landing by the way, i figured you were done for when you went airborne but nice recovery. Another round?" he asked with an eager look on his face, Cold seemed always eager for a duel as he had learned in the after match of Jules weird moods. "Sure" he replied and they went at it again.

Over the next week Harry started basic training with various weapons, just the basics for the moment thought as to give him an idea what he could use in a situation where he would be wandless or where magic would be inappropriate or not possible. While not mastering every weapon he would know how to fight in the time of need and this added yet another way to fight to his growing list of options.

The only weapon which we could really wield at the moment was a sword. Reid had trained him in it as it was vital to have at least one weapon that he could use outside of a wand, for example to defeat a vampire or challenge a pureblood for a duel with swords. Another good use of a weapon as stealth, while not the most silent options it did get past the wards and wouldn't alert people of magic being used while it still got the job done.

It was another three weeks later as he was standing in shining sun, his now long white hair tied back in a hight ponytail, a ruby red pair of sun glasses covering his brilliant green eyes. He was dressed in white baggy pants with a skin tight red shirt exactly the same shade as his glasses handy thing magic he thought he walked in to the garden at the end of August. He had a nice vacation and had a very good birthday. Jules had given him a pair of combat boots whereas Cold had given him shades completely the same as his blue ones but then in red. They had gotten closer over the past weeks as he was spending more and more time with the seemingly cold man, he noticed though that his cool facade towards him was slipping more and more, almost as if he had to prove himself to the man before gaining his trust which he figure was a normal thing for one in his position.

Reid had given him two wrist holsters which he was currently wearing, one on each arm. They came with a quick draw charm enabling the user to pull their wand or wands in his case almost immediately with a flick of his or her wrists.

Benson of course always the study type had given him a book on battle healing charm which covered cuts bruises and pain relieving charms. He proved only capable in the basic healing as he simply didn't have the control for the more advance ones. His control usually slipped and ended up doing the charm wrong and causing more damage then starting with.

It was one of the best birthday's to date which of course wasn't that hard as usually his birthday's were spent with the Dursley's. Still though he was feeling quite nice about it. Just as he was about to re enter his thoughts of the past weeks there was a slight whistle in the air recognizing it for what it was he walked back inside and into the relaxation room which was also a place for gathering.

It was the day after the gathering when Harry stood in front of the mirror grumbling in the unfairness of it all. He had been given his first mission yesterday, he could remember it quite vividly.

Dear Mr. Potter,

As of a week ago you reached mission status at the request of Captain Forlan Reid. Feeling elated with this news his face quickly fell as he read on.

As your first mission you are to escort Miss Celene MacKenzie to tomorrow's annual Ministry ball. You are required to dress accordingly and act as a suitable date towards your charge for the evening.

This event will start at 20.00 hours, you are required to meet up with your charge at this time in front of the Ministers Office at 19.45 sharp, good luck

Yours Alcer Solar.

While elated that he was on his first assignment he couldn't help but wonder if he was given the job due to his age or due to his skills, probably the former. The other's merely nodded and had received similar assignments to guard the floor and keep an eye out.

As he walked out of his room and down the stairs he cast one last look in the mirror. He had taken to wearing a red and gold dress robe which flared wide at the end of the sleeves enabling him to effectively hide his wands. He had also hidden his scar as instructed by Reid while not as well known, some people might recognize it and blow his cover. He had to hide it with muggle make- up as magic seemed to be ineffective at hiding it.

Walking into the Room he saw the others already dressed and ready to go. "One minute Harry, your name will be Decus for tonight and for any other mission you are on and can be overheard by the enemy, this is to ensure that your M.I.A. Status stays the way it is....M.I.A. Understand" he asked Harry as he handed him an object, at closer inspection it appeared to be an earring, it was a phoenix, a red and gold one with emerald eyes, it had his wings spread in flight with the tip of the wings almost touching, giving Reid a quizzical look "It for communication, simply think of the person you wish to speak to, inside our group that is and you will be heard. It also monitors the auror communication devices so that we can respond accordingly in any situation." He said this all as he put the earring on Harry's left ear. When he was done Harry idly fingered the earring "So where are yours" he asked.

"Ours are more hidden, though it isn't a well known way for communication and no one will think on it twice but it would connect us if we were to have the same earrings in. Jules had her tong piercing charmed, Cold his glasses." he looked at Cold and sure enough he was wearing his glasses. He interrupted Reid "But won't that stand out, i mean wearing sunglasses at a ball." he questioned Reid "Not really as Cold will be outside the room monitoring the guard detail. Benson is wearing a simple ring and i am wearing an earring as well just slightly different then yours." he explained patiently while stepping back in front of the others.

"Ok everybody knows their task, when a hostile situation breaks out you are to protect your charge at all cost. At any sign of hostiles you are to evacuate your charge and secure the threat after securing your charge. Understand." At their nod he held out a portkey and Harry soon felt the tug behind his navel as they were transported away to the Ministry building.

He had studied the building he was in, it was similar to the its British counterpart and built underground, all the floors were fairly similar in lay-out but all held different departments. He had to travel to the lowest floor to the far end where he would find his charge Celene for the night in front of the ministers office, as it was so far down in the building it was hard to reach at least in theory. He was instructed that there was an emergency exit in the minister's office and that Reid knew how to find it when needed.

When the elevator stopped he stepped out but was immediately at wand point of two wands, he had already drawn his and they were at a standoff until the guards recognized him. "Sorry Mr. Decus we were instructed that you would come, please move on." His heart was racing, he hadn't really expected a threat already. This did serve to put him on alert though as he tried to come in the routine of sweeping the direct surroundings in which he was in. Turning the last corner he saw Celene.

"Hello Harry how are you, you sure look better then when we first met." She said with a small blush on her attractive features. He really hadn't gotten a good look at her before, she had long blond hair which was in a bun enabling a few strands were framing her face. She had most peculiar eyes though, they were violet, if it was real he didn't dare ask. Snapping out of it he reminded himself of his duty

"Pleasure miss MacKenzie, you look very nice. I am feeling much better but I have to remind you my name is Decus for the evening, I'm glad to meet you in a more pleasant event then Riddle's basement" he said while holding out his arm.

"So am I" she said as blushed slightly at his light comment. She took his arm and they walked of back to the elevator, stepping in after giving a nod to guards. She pushed the top floor button where the ball would be held. She looked at him with a smile. "So how's life in America Decus." she asked with a smile on her features.

"Great thanks for asking, the AEC has been most gracious in their offer and I am enjoying the animosity of a relatively normal life without all the fame and pressure. How are you, any more kidnappings?" he asked her jokingly which seemed to break the ice somewhat as she chuckled.

"No actually but you would know about that now, wouldn't you?" she asked him while playfully punching his arm, causing him to chuckle at her antics.

"Now don't hit the guard, I'm here to protect you." he said with a small smile, which faltered somewhat as the elevator stopped and the doors opened, there was an instant crowd. He understood why he had to double as date, anything less close would be impossible for an event of this caliber. He was slightly unnerved by the people watching him, he wondered if they had recognized him but looking closer he saw that they staring next to him at Celene, she seemed to draw the attention of a lot of people, noticing his look. "Easy Harry, this is normal just follow my lead." she whispered at him.

And so he did after checking in with Reid. "We've just arrived in the hall and are moving further in to the crowd, Decus checking, all looks clear from my side." he received a confirmation from Reid and moved on with Celene. He walked with her in the crowd and as she had a drink he checked the drink for drugs and/ or poison. "Quit being paranoid Decus it's not the first event you know." she snapped at him when he checked her drink. He was completely unfazed however as he simply replied "just doing my job." and went to take a sip from his water. He was instructed that the threat level would be low but they should be on guard nonetheless as Vampire activity had risen exponential in the last month or two.

After the drink Celene demanded a dance, he tried to decline but as she moved into the crowd with a smirk he had to follow her and eventually dance with her as it would look odd if someone was just standing there in the middle of the dance room.

After a minute of dancing Reid's voice echoed in his mind. "Everyone report status and position." He heard Jules reply, she was at the bar and was clear. Cold was outside at the main entrance and clear, Benson was on the balcony and reported clear. "Decus on the dance floor, all clear." he replied as he looked around once again. He immediately heard Reid's voice again. "Negative Decus move of the dance floor its to open. I repeat move of the dance floor." Moving towards Celene he asked her to move of the dance floor which she did and went to the bar. "Affirmative moving towards the bar." he notified Reid. Arriving at the bar he gave a nod toward Jules who was talking with a slightly older man, catching each others eye she nodded back in acknowledgment.

He was scanning the room again for what seemed like the millionth time this evening, he was growing slightly irritated with his date as she kept asking to dance, even after he explained the situation to her. She was getting intoxicated though and seemed to be ignoring his advice more and more as time went on, which he reported to Reid. "She's getting out of control, she's intoxicated and will go for a dance with another if I don't act fast." Seeing her move of the bar and into the crowd he darted after her and grasped her wrist, drawing her in for a slow dance he hissed in a low tone "What do you think your doing, this isn't some joke you know, I'm here for your protection not as your servant." it was a second later when he heard Reid. "Affirmative follow her and stay with her, we are a guard not a babysitter." Thanking and confirming Reid he danced on with Celene.

After the third dance they where almost at the center of the dance floor and Celene was getting very affectionate towards him, leaning in to whisper in his ear when talking and groping his ass from time to time, he couldn't say he wasn't enjoying it but it was distracting and even a bit unnerving so more then a bit embarrassed he asked Reid for advice. "Reid this is Decus slight situation here, Celene seems to get a bit affectionate while intoxicated, what do I do, I can't make a scene here and she adamantly refuses to leave the dance floor." he waited for a second for an answer the voice that replied was not Reid though nor any other member of AEC it was the auror communication relay that went on.

"Possible hostiles spotter south side entrance." South side was the back entrance he though while dancing a bit out of pace. "Hostiles confirmed, I repeat Hostiles confirmed. Incoming ten to twenty Host-" and with that the relay went blank, after a moment he heard Reid's voice. "Report." Everybody reported in from their previous location and Cold was moving towards the south entrance. Harry was trying to move of the dance floor towards the bar and behind that the exit.

A moment later he heard Cold "A large force is overwhelming the guards, they seem to know where to go and are on the way towards the main event, I repeat they are on route towards the main event. Decus you had better get you ass of the dance floor or you'll be a sitting duck, GO" Cold shouted through the link. Jules came in after that "Anti apparition, disapparition and portkey wards are up." Dragging a struggling Celene with him of the dance floor he was drawing looks but it was inevitable suddenly a low security grunt was stepping in front of him. "Sir release the lady immediately" while pointing his wand at Harry's chest. "Move out of the way, I am her guard Decus for the evening you should have been informed of my status now move!" and with that he shoved past the men but the delay had caused him to much time and he noticed Hostiles in the crowd.

"Damn it hostiles are in the crowd, I repeat hostiles are in the crowd." and with that all hell broke lose.

All around him people started falling due to curses and other spells soon he had Celene in a stair house which was located in the back of the room and wasn't very well known.

"Come on lets go, all the way down." He told her while anxiously performing sweeps of his surroundings. He heard the rest of the team report that they were evacuating their charges and that Cold was holding his own with the rest of security, he did report that due to some distractions in the beginning a few hostiles had slipped through. "Decus reporting in from the southern stair house. Evacuating my charge." he told Reid.

"Confirmed Decus, be on guard at the lower floors." he called in his confirmation and moved on with Celene following reluctantly. "Harry slow down, shees you're no fun at all." he noticed the slip of name but didn't even commentate on it as he knew she wouldn't listen to him in her current state.

When they reached to lowest floor, he opened the door to see the elevator door opening across the hall immediately there was spell fire from out of the elevator and the guards responded. At the amount of spell fire being produced from out of the small cabin he estimated that there would be four to five person's shooting spells.

"Celene, go to your father's office and escaped from there, you know what to do." he said, the escape was simple enough, behind a bookcase was an open space which wasn't warded but to move the bookcase you had to know a password, and have to be of the same blood as the current minister, the open space, had a emergency portkey, if the portkey didn't work one could always wait out the fight and await rescue.

Feeling her clutch to him in fear he pried her of and pushed her of in the general direction of the office while rushing to aid the guards at the elevator. He looked back to see Celene moving towards the office albeit a bit wobbly but moving nonetheless. As he arrived he saw that one of the guards went down under the onslaught of spells. Taking his position he held of the next barrage of spells. Looking in the elevator he saw two persons standing, a wizard and judging by the look of the other cloaked person he was a vampire. The two seemed to signal each other and jumped out of the elevator.

The wizard went for the last guard as the vampire jumped towards him. He cast several banishing spells, but the vampire just dodged them left to right, Harry put away his wands and powered up his body magic. He was hit with a kick in the ribs and stumbled back more then he had anticipated. He caught himself before he slammed into the wall and went to retaliate, he moved quickly but the vampire seemed to be in control of the fight, as he had to dodge out of the was of yet another high kick aimed for his temple.

He took a quick glance towards the other fight to see that the hostile wizard was toying with his opponent. He was distracted for a bit to long though as the vampire slammed him back into the wall leaving a dent in the wall. He slumped back to the ground and was kicked in the face making him go sliding down the hall. He spat out the blood in his mouth produced by the kick and went to stand up. He felt his body magic taking its toll on his body and had to let it slip, thinking quickly he whipped out his wand. He knew vampires where almost immune to magic, almost being the key word. Direct spells where completely useless but he could do without the direct part.

He quickly conjured a flock of birds with a simple avis charm to distract his fanged opponent, seeing him distracted for the while he hissed out the serpentosia spell in parseltounge this had the most peculiar effect of producing a seemingly more vicious snake. Telling the snake to attack he conjured a dozen stakes in mid air and banished them towards his distracted opponent. As soon as he caught the snake in mid strike he was hit with four stakes through his undead body, as luck would have it none went through his hearth and the vampire stood shakily dropping the snake.
The vampire gave him an enraged look, thinking quickly he conjured a simple katana and powered his body magic again.

He rushed forward toward the quickly recovering vampire and cut in for the kill, the vampire managed to dodge the first attack but as Harry made a feint towards his midsection he went stepped back where he was met with a snake which had launched himself for another attack, as he was pulling of the snake in irritation Harry made quick work of the vampire by cutting of his head and thus turning the vampire to dust, not before the vampire had made another lung towards him though, he had dodged and cut but the vampire had slashed his left ear and it had ripped of the earring.

Just as he turned around to help the guard he was flung back in the air, he twirled in mid air and landed gracefully on his feet, letting slip his body magic again, he felt instantly more tired and knew he had to end this quickly. He was quickly on the defense however and guessed that he had taken to long dealing with the vampire to be of any help towards the guard. His snake was nowhere to be seen as he defended himself toward yet another barrage of spells. The battle halted for a while, giving him a view of his opponent.
The figure was in deep black robes that seemed to absorb light and blend in with the shadows. The figure seemed to be making an estimation of Harry, when Harry noticed this he attacked giving him no more time to study him, he sent spell after spell, banishing, bludgeoning, blasting and disarming spells, which were all returned or parried. He was falling into a pattern and knew he was getting more and more predictable as time went on, suddenly he switched he whole style from direct attacks to indirect attacks conjuring slacks of marble in the way of spells, he did this to create a distraction and soon enough the whole room was filled with dust.

He drew back slightly to catch his breath and transfigured some dogs out of pieces of marble which were flung back, he sent the guards through the wall of dust and followed up with a wide variety of blasting curses which were aimed at the roof above where he thought his opponent to be. He heard the ceiling cave in and waited for the dust to clear only to see the figure still standing in the center of the destruction his dogs nowhere to be seen. The figure seemed pissed though as he sent an amount of various dark curses his way, he only recognized half of them and was hit with a cutting hex in the face over his left cheek and another in his left front arm. Seeing that Harry couldn't counter that particular cutting hex he sent another barrage of them his was.

Deftly dodging eighty percent of the hexes he noticed to late that another had hit him in the chest and another on his thigh, making him collapse to one knee, his opponent let out a lazy chuckle and went in for the kill, thinking desperately for a solution he racked his brain but couldn't come up with anything as he was blasted back with a simple banishing charm. Looking up he saw his opponent take of his hood to see a figure with sharp cat like eyes and gray hair, walking up to him at a lazy pace.

"Well would you look at this, you have undoubtedly caused me to fail my mission by buying miss MacKenzie enough time to escape but you put up a good fight. Tell me what are you, auror or just a good fighter or maybe one of Alcer's." Harry couldn't prevent a slight snarl from coming out. "One of Alcer's huh, I expected more of the old man to be honest but then he was one to disappoint. Now look death in the eye." He spat out while pulling him up by the chin and making him look into his eyes. Those catlike eyes, of course he snapped out of his daze and transformed into his animagus form.

His opponent stepped back in shock before snarling and sending several spells his way which the panther nimbly dodged, moving in for an attack the panther met nothing but air as the figure ducked at the last moment and transformed himself. Now it was wolf versus panther, the wolf had more power where the panther would have more agility, the panther seemed content to hold back just as the wolf. After a minute of circling his opponent attacked and tried to claw him in the face, the fight went on like this for a while the wolf attacking where the panther would dodge and strike out seemingly out of nothing.

Then the elevator door's suddenly opened and both of them looked anxiously who would step out. They both knew that the person stepping out would most likely end the fight, the question was in who's favor. Just then a figure sprung out, it was Cold who immediately saw the situation for what it was and banished the wolf while transforming himself. Harry quickly joined Cold for the assault by transforming back and conjuring snakes to aid Cold, soon the wolf was backed in a corner and transformed back, only to be met with a barrage of stunners from Harry making him drop unconscious.

Cold transformed back and secured the hostile with conjured ropes and anti apparation manacles, when Cold took a look at his face he started chuckling. "would you look at that, Namal Peirce bloody hell who knew he was in the league with vampires. Good work Decus." he said the last after turning back to Harry, who sat slumped back against the wall catching his breath which was painful, he knew he had a few broken ribs and he was bleeding from the cuts. The bleeding wasn't lethal though and he wasn't concerned with the cuts, he was just relieved that the fight had ended in their favor.

"Check up on Celene would you, she should be in the office escape room, or if the portkey worked at AEC base." he said still slightly out of breath. "Sure kid you sit there. I'll go rescue the damsel in distress." He chuckled at Harry who was rolling his eyes at the dry humor of the man. " You do that, I'll just rest here for a few minutes, how is the rest by the way?" he asked as Cold started moving of.

"Just fine, they were ending the last fight but as you didn't check in when Reid called we became slightly worried and I was sent to your presumed location as Jules would go down the stairs and sweep floor by floor together with Benson. Just stay here and they should be here soon.

Sure enough five minutes the duo burst through the stair house door, Jules first with a roll and Benson after looking first and then stepping calmly through the door, they made a quick sweep of the floor before noticing Harry. "It's all clear, Cold is checking on Celene in the office, I had a slight run in with a vampire and this Pierce guy" he said a bit more confident then he had felt at the moment but wincing slightly at the pain in his chest. The duo seemed to follow his eyes towards the figure, before Jules broke out chuckling as well just as Cold had while Benson just looked at Harry and started casting diagnosing spells and healing his injury's. "The one on your chest and face will scar, sorry Harry nothing to it." he said slightly somber. "No worries dock just happy to still be alive." he said with a smile on his face.

"What is so funny by the way, this Pierce guy wasn't that funny a while back but Cold started laughing when he saw him just as Jules did." he asked Benson when he healed the cut on his face as best he could leaving a scar line on his left cheek another one for the collection he thought. "Well Pierce has always been very outspoken towards vampire's and them being dangerous. He was Head- Auror for a while before moving up to politics and leading a so called anti vampire policy. Seeing him here would mean that the laws he pressed for, would have another meaning behind them, probably giving the vampires a reason to attack. Catching him we will finally get some answers why to the vampires started attacking when America had always been on good terms with magical creatures such as vampires and werewolves. You're all done he finished by pulling Harry up by his feet.

Just then Cold walked back into the room with a struggling Celene. "I can walk by myself, thank you very much" she said while pulling away from Cold and stumbling a bit, walking a few paces she noticed a snake shrieked and fell down flat on her face. Chuckling at the girl Harry put a hand in front of his mouth and bit his lip to keep from full out laughing as Cold picked her up looking slightly exasperated at the girl. Celene just walked of again before leaning against a wall and throwing up in the corner.

"Urgh" Harry grunted out as he winced at the look of the girl emptying the contents of her stomach, looking at Jules he noticed that she was giving the girl a dirty look and then looked away seemingly not noticing the girl in the corner. Benson looked at the girl with exasperation evident on his face as he cast a sleeping charm at her and conjured a stretcher where Cold put her on. Grumbling at why he hadn't thought about that in the first place. Benson cast a floating spell at the contraption and steered it towards the elevator which was clean of the earlier body's.

Cold picked up the prisoner and followed Benson, Harry and Jules took up the rear as they stepped in the elevator. "So first real fight kid how did it feel." Jules, enough with the boy already he was still high on adrenaline and it showed in his angry answer. "Fine" he snapped. "Hey I'm not the enemy here kid. Don't snap at me." she drawled out. He really didn't like her tone she seemed so nice in the beginning but maybe he had just miss judged her. He resigned himself to answer her. "Just fine, as you can see by the evidence in front of you." he spoke in a voice devoid of emotion.

After that a deadly silence followed which was interrupted by a loud snore from Celene who seemed to be sleeping of her drunken state. The elevators opened and they stepped out on guard and made a quick sweep only to see that there were several auror's repairing and cleaning the surroundings. Benson took the lead and walked through the entrance onto a elaborate stairs which let to the balcony, and met up with Reid.

"Ah there you are Decus." he said patting him on the back. "Reid we have a prisoner here." Cold told him at which Reid whirled around and took a look at the man in binds. "Namal Pierce." he said with a bit of glee in his voice. "Would you look at that, how the mighty have fallen." he chuckled. Harry just rolled his eyes at his companions. They appearantly found the whole situation funny. Better then bitching about it and leaving you behind he reminded himself. Just as the current auror captain walked up the stairs. "Ah Walter over here." Reid called out. "We've got ourself a prisoner." he explained to the head auror. "Fancy that, you actually let one live, normally I just get pieces from you guys." he said with a small smile on his face.

"Very funny Jones, just take him in and put him somewhere safe." he added, Jones' eyes' widened comically when he saw who the prisoner was. "Be sure to put up anti- animagi wards as the bugger is a wolf animagus." Cold added to the man who was still staring slack jawed at his predecessor.

"Well time to leave" Reid said and pulled out a portkey and holding it out in front of him, when everybody touched it he activated it leaving a bewildered man and a captive in their wake.

As they arrived in the relaxation room everybody went to sit back and Reid walked towards the liquor cabinet, taking out a bottle of fire whiskey and five glasses he put ice in them and poured a generous amount in the glasses before passing them all a glass. Before sitting down himself and taking a sip of his drink.

After several moments of silence Reid broke it. "Ok everybody highlights of your night, Jules you start." he told her.

And so Jules started her tale. "I met up with my charge at the bar and we talked for most of the night, he indulged a generous amount of liquor and started babbling about his work and personal life. Some time after his fifth drink the auror's reported in and I evacuated my charge by the designated route. I met up back with Benson and we started doing floor sweeps of the building encountering some stray vampires but moving relatively quick through the building" she finished with another sip of her drink. Benson went next.

"I started of at the balcony and was studying the dance floor, a part from some incidents involving miss MacKenzie and Mr. Potter and some other couples, there was nothing interesting happening until the auror report where there were some hostiles were on the balcony but were dealt with quickly as the main security force was on position there. After the initial attack I met up with Jules and made the building sweep." His story matched Jules' "Incidents between miss MacKenzie and Harry how so ?" Reid asked. "Well the former got a bit too friendly and seemed to disregard anything said and do her own thing, this getting worse as time wore on." When he spoke of the to friendly part Jules dropped her glass "What do you mean to friendly" she asked with a weird gleam in her eyes. "Nothing much just miss MacKenzie who was a bit touchy and seemed to be trying to seduce Harry by leaning in brushing against him, forcing him to dance that sort of thing." appearantly Reid was satisfied as he motioned for Cold to begin his story.

"Guarded the North entrance until the report, after that I moved of to the attack and held back as much as I could. After the initial wave I fell back to ensure the safety of the other guest and moved on to the lower levels where I met up with Harry who was fighting a gray wolf in his animagus form. They seemed to be at it for a while as there was a lot of damage and blood. I joined the fray in my animagus form and together we overpowered the hostile and Harry stunned him, I secured him with manacles and ropes and we got back to you." Cold finished and looked for Harry to explain his story, so he did.

He told how Celene got intoxicated and a bit to friendly, again noticing the odd look of Jules when he mentioned this. He explained their escape and how he had sent her of towards the office and joined the fight and how he had lost his earring in the battle against the vampire he also told them how he had almost lost the fight against his fanged opponent but eventually won and held of Peirce until Cold arrived and together finished the man by pushing him back into the corner and stunning him.

"Ok good first mission, only flaw on you side was that you didn't escort you charge towards evacuation point at the end. But went for the fight first and your charge later." Reid told him, when he thought back at it he did seem a bit anxious for battle as he encountered the hostiles and apologized for his mistake which Reid waved away. "It was your first mission everybody makes some kind of mistake on their first mission, think nothing of it."

And with that they finished their drinks and Harry stood to go to bed, suddenly feeling very tired indeed.

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