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T-Virus injection

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Hojo injected himself and now he needs taking out

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Reno and Leon headed into the closed of area of the cells, it was dark and Tseng grumbled, it might as well have been set up by a twenty year old horror director. He pushed the buttons and the lights came on, Reno snorted, the boss was too practical, personally he thought it helped set the atmosphere and really if the idiot wanted to turn himself into one of things it wasn't an issue, they'd taken a ton of them out now.

“How bad can it be yo?” Reno muttered as they headed along. It seemed kind of bad if Tseng was sent in but the ones they had taken out had been mooks in his view.

“Depends what the type was that he injected himself with.” Leon looked at him.

“Cut the talk let's do this.” Tseng pulled his gun and kicked open the first cell door. Hojo wasn't where he should be, there was a huge gaping hole in the wall, the beast he'd made himself into had definitely got some very potent muscles now. “What usually happens Leon? I need to know.”

“They mutate, grow in size, get faster and stronger. The seriously messed up things, like really up shit-creek style, they can take out buildings on their own.” Leon explained.

“Well,” Tseng changed the bullets in his gun, “better get this sorted out fast then.”

The small group followed the trail of walls and bricks, Hojo had ripped through the walls and metal restraint bars like they were paper and Reno fell silent. He didn't fancy being at the receiving end of that punch, he was realistic though, it was usually him, he sighed. The lights flickered and he moved his hand back to his trusted EMR, he heard a movement to the right and motioned to his boss. Tseng moved them to the entrance of the huge double doors, he was suddenly wishing he'd got Rude and that hand-cannon from the RND section.

Hojo in the meantime was in the main holding pen, a large area designed to detain vast numbers of people, in the past it had been perfect for bringing in the rioters, rounding up WRO and generally quashing masses of troubles by shepherding them into riot vans etc and then letting them go and reminding them that the area was armed, they could just gun them down.

The once human form of the scientist had been lost in a myriad of bestial appendages, all designed for power and fight. The beast heard them coming almost instantly and turned it's head from the back of the holding pens. The memories that Hojo held were all of contempt towards the blue-suited bastards, failure to see his genius at work. They were the failures, all of them, pushing his work to the background as they sought through Rufus to improve their pathetic reputation. None of them deserved the chances they had, he was going to end it for them.

Reno spotted the movement but Leon had already levelled his pistol, he aimed for the forehead and shot. Tseng felt the air rushing past as the bullet landed on the temple of the beast and bounced off it's reinforced bone exterior; neither man had expected it and Leon let out a small growl of anger before looking swiftly for the possibility of a more vulnerable area. Reno on the other hand was looking around for any way to restrain it.

Leon opened fire a few more times as the hulking great monster ran at him full charge. Tseng pulled them both into another cell just in time as limbs scraped along the walls threatening to have brought flesh and sinew off his body. Leon gasps, the beast was impossible to bring down as they were currently armed. Hojo seemed to be more than aware of this as they shimmied under a variety of the rubble into another cell and watched him stalk down the opposite corridor.

“This is bad.” Tseng muttered, he checked his pockets, his materia was mostly based on personal boosting. He lifted his sleeve, turning the personal communicator to Reno. “Where are you?”

“Watching freak-unique wander past me boss. Have you got any summons on you? All I got his pyramid and some boosts.” He watched nervously as Hojo passed him.

“Okay,” Tseng looked at Leon and then after a somewhat pregnant pause he moved to the cell bars. “I am guessing if we do this right, Leon and I can take him with brute force. Reno you need to prepare yourself to run up his back and try to get that EMR of yours to his temple or down his throat.”

“Sure thing yo.” The Turk sounded more confident than he was.

Leon was astounded, the lengths they all went to for the change to help their president protect things seemed unending. Rufus had a lot of charisma but he was just plain astonished by the people he had following him, all jokes aside they didn't mess around. What he had wished for, more than the suits, was Cloud nearby. It was at that moment everyone heard the shutters from the door and almost as though Leon's silent prayers had been heard the blond stepped in. What shocked them more was the very prominent figure of Genesis behind him.

“Seems,” Genesis smirked running his hand along his sword, “that is is possible for Mako to take this virus on.”

The ex-Soldier flew at Hojo with such speed and grace that the Raccoon City survivor was held watching in awe. The red-leather clad man skidded to his feet, one hand holding him as Cloud manoeuvred his way around to the back. Cloud flipped the Buster sword around his wrists, a second portion of it coming to his other hand and Genesis nodded, they needed to get this done and fast.

“Reno,” Tseng ran over to the redhead, “get ready to heal them.” Reno nodded and pulled out the trusted curing ball before slotting into his wrist band and getting into range. “Leon, whatever happens if one of them falls you need to help me to keep that thing contained in this area!”

“Sir.” Leon nodded, he was used to working alone but he understood the value of teamwork in these situations.

Genesis leapt up at Hojo's newly transformed body, his sword deliberately turning to it's side, the red glowing blade sliding over it's shoulder and ripping into the muscle held underneath the strengthened hide. Cloud ran up the back of it's deformed hind legs, his first sword out for defence, the second running behind him slicing into the scientist with pure rage. He had helped bring Zack to his doom, nothing, nothing would earn Hojo forgiveness.

Genesis was caught by a gigantic hand, the leather coat creaked and Genesis twisted around in the grasp, his sword burying itself through his arm. Cloud's sword found it's way between the left shoulder blade and back, he used his own weight to drag it down, opening a violent wound that spurted blood out across the room.

Hojo threw Genesis, minus his sword, across the room and into the wall and Reno ran that way, enacting the curing materia and praying that Cloud would finish the job. Genesis stood up and moved the Turk aside, grabbing the second's EMR with a smirk. Reno patted his back, finished the heal and moved away again. This was their fight and Hojo had earned their anger. Genesis nodded at Cloud, the second half of the sword-duo he wielded was stabbed into the beasts right shoulder.

Leon ran under Genesis' outstretched arm, took the EMR and looked at Genesis, the first smirk they'd seen from the newcomer and it was in the middle of a fight? Already Genesis liked him. He moved back and carried on his attack from the front allowing Leon the chance to duck and roll under the hulking mass. The two fighters worked around as Hojo lashed out, he was not a fighter, he only had brute force on his side and when Leon appeared at the gaping maw of teeth he opened ready to consume.

Leon's finger was on the button, the EMR crackled into life and Reno rolled his eyes, either Rude's shade or his weaponry ended up taking the pounding every time. Leon's arm was grabbed in the beasts jaws and as it landed he went under the massive carcass, electricity flooded around it and Reno wondered what exactly he'd jammed it into.

“Get him out!” Tseng ran over and with the men's help they turned the beast over. Leon was on the floor, Tseng sighed. He was showing no signs of movement and with all that blood and gore it was impossible to tell if he was even alive...
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