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End Game

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“How long are you prepared to wait?” Ada looked over at Rufus, they moved towards the end of the corridor, he was pointedly ignoring the Turks trying to move him to a safer area.

“As long as it takes.”

“That's a stupid answer.” Elena grumbled. “What if they don't come out?”

“Elena, either they come out alive or they come out when we order a clean up. Either way they'll come out.” Rufus rolled his eyes. “Anyway Cloud and Genesis are in there, if it all goes the wrong way they can summon.”

“Yes that's sensible.” Scoffed Rude. “As if you didn't have enough damages to deal with letting gods loose is the best idea.”

“Your opinion has been noted, and ignored.” The President smirked. “Okay seriously if they are not out soon we'll move. Five minutes?”

“Okay five minutes.” Ada looked at the other two who nodded.

“Thank you...” Rufus went back to watching the door. “I need to know if they can get out, because Hojo's death is the thing I need if this virus does take me. I have to outlive that bastard if nothing else.”

“You're not going anywhere, mores the pity.” Cloud said with a slight smile to his lips. “Leon needs help.”

Tseng and Genesis brought him through the hanger doors and Rude went over to take him, Rufus grabbed Elena's materia and threw it over. It wasn't like any of them were medically equipped to help him, Reno leant over and cast, the green glow surrounding all of them. To Ada's surprise Leon came around coughing and spluttering and sat up. Reno smiled, he rocked, bringing back the nearly dead was quite a good feeling.

“Did... did it work?” Leon spluttered.

“Yes it did.” Cloud helped him to his feet and nodded to Ada. “We've finished him off, now Rufus will you let us shoot you with that damned antidote and started helping the affected areas?”

“Yes.” Rufus nodded. “Elena, Rude, arrange clean up for the cells.”

The Turks looked at each other, a silent groan passing around them, another lovely job to carry out. Genesis gave them a soft smile and Elena wanted to ask a million questions but the elbow from Rude stopped her short. Rufus headed with the rest, Reno and Tseng followed behind.

“I hate when we are left to do the dirty work without Reno and Tseng.” Elena mumbled.

“They get paid more so invariably do less now.” Rude quipped, it made Elena giggle and Tseng looked back. “Nothing sir...” Rude said bluntly and headed in with her.

Reno and Tseng opened the office and checked before letting Rufus in, Genesis waited outside with Cloud, there was no way he was giving the President any option to decide his fate without someone to back him up. Tifa came to join the blond and looked at him, he had been so prevalent in the past with what had happened that she wasted no time in getting more and more information from the ex-Solider.

Rufus sighed, he sat at the desk, he was breaking out in a cold sweat under his clothes but he didn't want to think about it. He had got the situation under control at least and avoided Tseng's eyes, the head of General Affairs was going to lay his cards on the table first chance he got. Leon went and collected the vial and loaded it into the syringe before passing the group outside and nodding to them.

“This better work.” Rufus muttered before holding out his arm.

“Um it works better in your neck.” Ada told him, she leant to move the stock and shirt for him, she watched as Rufus moved. He didn't even protest about the idea of being pulled around, poked, prodded and then when Leon injected there was just a slight wince. “Thank you President.”

“Rufus is fine.” He stood up. “I'm going to get some rest and wait for the clearance to be confirmed on those cells. If anything turns up just ring Reeve...” He headed off, it was natural instinct to whistle for the hound and when he did and remembered, he grumbled to himself and headed off to the penthouse.

It gave everyone a few hours to sort themselves out and Cloud handed Genesis the keys to their bar, he explained who to expect. Genesis smiled softly, he didn't want to be stuck with Shinra, despite his love of Soldier before the troubles going back there would likely remind him of all the things he had lost and he also wanted to know more about his old comrade, Sephiroth.

Rufus fell into the bed and closed his eyes, there was just too much going on all the time, he wasn't even given the luxury of someone to curl up to. He knew he made himself completely unavailable, perhaps that was because he felt no-one would understand, or simply that at times he found himself irritated by people too close.

It was later that evening when Rufus finally got up, showered and communicated with Tseng and Reeve. Reeve assured him Dark Nation was fine, told him he would have him out of quarantine within a few days. Cloud left a message to say that he was going away with Tifa, he didn't want to be bothered with anything unless it was about Genesis, who by the way was staying with them. Rufus smirked, Cloud giving him orders...

Rufus slid into the large sofa with a brandy and did a rare thing, put the television on, he watched as news tickets rolled across the bottom of the screens, channels declaring a mass zombie outbreak, Shinra covering it up. Rufus rolled his eyes, they were 24 hours too late. He heard the phone ring, idly picking it up as he drank, he considered taking the number off a woman from a dinner dance two weeks ago and calling her.

“Rufus? It's um, it's Leon. We've decided we're not too worried about going back to the US. We were just wondering... what's the pay like in General Affairs?”

“That rather depends on what you think you can offer...” A grin formed on the president's face. “So given what I have seen already... I think we can offer something enticing. I'll send Tseng over in the morning if you like?”

“It's okay Sir.” Leon looked over at the blue suited Turk. “I'll ask him now, we're having a drink at the local bar, the Clocktower or something, looks a bit posh. Care to join us?” Rufus thought about declining and then shrugged, he'd escaped another face on collision with death, a night out sounded like a fitting end.
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