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Chapter Two. (:

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Bleeh. XD

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I totally write this outta boredom, by the way, lol.

About two months into the tour.
Christie's POV

"I'm tired." Alice whined.

"I believe you've told us." I yawned, staring at my laptop, watching some My Chemical Romance interview I'd seen before. We were all sitting in the dressing room waiting for the man to come and tell us we were up.

"She has a point." Danni yawned, we were all yawning, except Dan. Dan gets his sleep. Stupid roadie.

"Stop whining." Eddi complained, she wasn't as tired as the rest of us. I think on a tired scale, from most tired it would be, Alice, then Danni, then me, then Eddi.

"You're up." The man said, poking his head around the door, then went to walk away.

"WAIT!" I said as loud as I could, he walked in, "Where are we?" I asked, he told us the city name, then laughed and we all headed out. After the show, sweat drenched we all walked back to our room slowly. I tend to sweat the most, it kinda sucks, a lot. We sit in the room, me continuing to watch the interview. The others listening to music or staring into space.

"I thought this life would be more interesting." Danni complained, she came over and sat beside me, watching the interview with me.

"Dito." I yawn. "Let's go watch Gabe and the guys play?" I offer, the others nod and we head to stage side. We've actually become pretty good friends with all the bands on tour. At the moment it's just Fall out Boy, Cobra Starship, Hey Monday and us. Once Cobra Starship were over we stood and waited for Fall out Boy. And once they were done, we headed back to our new tour bus. Dan was sleeping, again. I sighed and went to sit outside next to the tour bus. Something interesting needs to happen.

"Christie." Eddi smiled gently, joining me at my side.

"Eddi." I grinned, and hugged her.

"I heard there's a new band joining us soon." She smiled gently.

"Ohh." I laughed. "I can't wait to meet them." She grinned.

"EDDI! CHRISTIE!" There was a shout from a group of fans standing just beside the gates to the bus bay.

"Let's go." I got up and offered a hand for Eddi, she took it and we walked over to sign for people, and talk to people about random things.

"Who's your favorite from Fall out Boy?" A randomer FOB fan asked me.

"Uhh." I thought for a bit, "They're all awesome guys." I smiled and the girl nodded. "If I absolutely HAD to choose. Then I'd go with Patrick. He's the sweetest, and most fun to talk to." I decided. "Who's yours?" I asked.

"Pete. He's hot." She laughed. "Is he a nice guy?"

"He's okay, he has is asshole moments to be honest, but we all laugh them off." I shrugged.

"Awesome." She grins. "You're so lucky to know the guys." She adds, then another person comes over to talk to me. The fans are nice kids. I go and get Danni and Alice so they can come join me talking to fans, Eddi is already getting fan-raped. After a while Fall out Boy come out and talk to people, so we slowly back away then go back to the bus.

"I love fans." Danni smiles, we all agree.

"We have tomorrow off right?" I ask, the others nod.

"I know!" Alice says loudly,

"What?" Eddi laughs.

"Let's get wasted." She smiles.

"You sound like Cobra Starship." I shake my head slightly.

"Let's go get them to get wasted too?" Danni asks and I nod.

"And Fall out Boy." I laugh, Hey Monday are off to a small show tomorrow, so only these two bands are free.

"I shall text the Pete." Eddi smiles, texting like mad.

"I shall text Trickiee." I grin. I still have a huge crush on him, and it shows.

"Joe!" Danni shouts, texting. Then Alice texts Andy. Then we all text the members of Cobra Starship. Then we all get as washed as we can and get changed, Dan doesn't want to join us. In the middle of straightening my hair I get a text back from Patrick, I put the straighteners down on the desk and read it.

sure ill join, and the new band is here tonight, so lets invite them x I grin and then text back,

Yaay! And sure, let's show them how the Believers Never Die bands party! XD Btw, When are you gonna be free tonight? And where is it all of us are going? xo

Then I smell smoke, confused I look around. "Christie!" Danni screams, running in and picking up the straighteners from the desk, I look down to see the marks I just burnt into the desk.

"Oopsies." I laugh.

"You've been texting Patrick again, silly." Danni laughs. Just then I get a message,

"No I haven't." I mumble as I open the text.

hahaha! we'll be free once we've talked to all these fans and pete knows a place down the road oh and i just texted the new band theyre all too weak for us. they said no haha x I smile again, then reply.

Aha, we're gonna trust Pete to bring us somewhere? I'm suddenly scared lol. And poor new band, missing out on the fun! XD Seeya xo

"Christie? Helooo-oooooo?" Danni says,

"Huh?" I smile.

"Are you using these?" She holds up the straighteners. I nod and take them, finishing my hair. Then we headed outside the bus and went over to stand where Gabe, Alex and Victoria from Cobra Starship were waiting. The others were all busy somewhere so only these three were joining us. We talked to them and waited for FOB.

"Hey bro!" Pete said as he hugged Gabe. I walked over to Patrick.

"I thought the fans stole you!" I laughed, then hugged him.

"Nope all in one piece, almost." He looked down at himself, pretending to check the fans hadn't cut him up. I laughed.

"Thank God for that." I smiled. Danni came over and hugged me from behind.

"Stop flirting. He's too old for you." She joked. I blushed.

"Only 3 years!" I whined, "Oh!" I realized what she had said, "And I'm not flirting." I said in a matter of fact voice. Patrick laughed.
[authors note, this is set 2006-ish, when Patrick was 22 and the girls in the band are all 19]

"Whatever," Danni laughed, "Did you tell him he can't text you anymore?" She added,

"Why not?" Patrick said, confused.

"It makes her almost kill us all." Danni said in a serious tone.

"Huh?" I say,

"She goes into this day dreaming trance, and leaves straighteners on desks, almost burning the bus." Danni grins, I hit her head lightly.

"Do not." I say, blushing like mad.

"Whatever, again. You're blushing! Oh dearrr!" Danni laughed. I hit her head again. Harder.

"No fighting." Patrick says in a fake stern voice. I nod sadly.

"When are we leaving?" I hear Alice ask Pete.

"Now." Pete says. Then we all follow him down the road, all the fans have gone now, so we get past the gates safely. We get to the bar and order drinks. The country we are in allows me and the girls to drink, luckily. Also it's a small bar in a small town so there are no paparazzi, or fans, and the place is close to empty. We all talked about random shit and drank more and more. I was sitting at a small table with Patrick and Danni. Gabe was with Pete, Alice, Joe and Alex. Andy wasn't here. And Eddi was with Vicky-T.

Danni's POV
Christie was drinking too much, you'd swear she was an alcoholic. I tried to get her to cut down but she slurred that she was fine. And also, she was forcing drink on Patrick. So, I was only a bit drunk, but both of them were off their faces.

"Ya'know what Mr.Vaughn?" Christie laughed.

"Yeashp." Patrick laughed at her.

"I've always kinda loved you a lot." She slurred, poking him.

"Really?" He asked.

"Well, you're the bestest guy in the world ever!" She shouted. I shook my head and laughed at her, then I went to join Alice's group. None of them were as drunk as Christie. I stayed with them for the rest of the night, but when we went to make our way back to the buses, I noticed Christie and Patrick had left without us. I shrugged it off and went back to the bus.

"Hey, have you seen Christie?" Alice asked as we got on the bus, I shook my head. Then I noticed Eddi was missing too.

"Seen Eddi?" I asked.

"She went off with Victoria. I think some thing's going on there." Alice joked. I laughed too.

"We'll go look for 'em tomorrow. I'm tired." I yawned, getting into the bunk and falling asleep.

The next morning I wake up, well, the next afternoon. And Christie's not back. I change into fresh clothes then look, Alice has gone out with Dan, leaving us a note. Eddi is probably still with Victoria. I go to walk off the bus but then the door opens and Christie runs in, landing on me, again.

"Oh shit oh shit." She says, getting off me, then walking into the back room. Sitting down. I follow her.

"What's up?" I ask, sitting beside her.

"How much did I drink last night?" She asks me, she looks serious.

"A lot." I shrug.

"I think I slept with him." She bites her lip, I freeze.

"Patrick?" I ask. She nods. "Christie! He's older than you!" I say, shocked.

"I know. I was pissed, it's Patrick Stump. You know what I think of him." She sighs, dropping her head in her hands.

"Don't worry Christie." I smile, hugging her. "Do you think it's a one night thing?" I ask her.

"Probably." She sighs again, "I haven't even talked to him yet."

"He's a nice guy, he'll take it well." I smile. "Anyway, we're going to meet the new band today!" I remind her, she looks up and smiles.

"Yepp." She smiles more. "Let's go," She puts some eyeliner on then we head out to find the new bands bus.
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