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Chapter Three. (:

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Ickle bit of drama. :D

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Christie's POV
I was so happy Danni hadn't freaked out on me about Patrick. I decided to text him,

I was pretty drunk last night lol. Can you remember what happened? xo

I pressed send then concentrated on me and Danni finding the new band. We saw the bus, a little funky painted one. It made me smile, the painters were very talented.
'Chemical Fusion!' was painted on the side, 'this must be them' I thought. Danni lead me to the bus door, I could hear music, I listened harder, it was Papa Roach, me and Danni looked at each other, big smiles on our faces. These guys are gonna be amazing! I knocked the bus door.

"Hello!" A guy greeted us, he was really tall, and in all black, with piles of eyeliner. His hair was black and fell over half his face. In his own way, he was cute. "I'm Jack." We shook his hand.

"Danni and Christie," Danni smiled. He nodded,

"We're the new band on tour with you guys! Come in." He grinned, we went in and sat down on a little sofa.

"The others will be through now." A guy smiled, he was short, not much taller than me. He had dark brown long-ish styled hair, it reminded me a lot of Christofer Drew Ingle from Nevershoutnever!'s. He was in a grey jacket, black skinny jeans, black and white converse and a baggy My Chemical Romance tee. Then his eyes caught my attention. They were a nice cross between aqua and olive. And my heart stopped when they rested on me. I blushed and looked away.

"Cool." Danni smiled, he came over and sat on the arm of the sofa beside me. I blushed deeper. Luckily Danni didn't notice my red face.

"I'm Oliver." He smiled, I shook his hand, our eyes meeting again, his face was pink too. "I like to be called Olly though." He laughed.

"Hey Olly. I'm Christie, and this is Danni." I grinned. He smiled, then I looked away. Another guy came in. He was taller than Olly, a bit shorter than Jack. He had blond hair, and blue eyes. And he was dressed pretty light. He went over and stood close beside Jack. I could straight away see there was something between them.

"I'm Bob." He said shyly. Me and Danni greeted him, then another guy came in. He was as short as Danni and I. And Danni was really taking in what he looked like.

Danni's POV
Christie obviously had a thing for Olly. I ignored it and looked over to Jack and Bob, they were gay with each other, and it was so cute. Then another guy came in. He was about the same height as me, his eyes were beautiful, a hazel type shade. His hair was black and spikey, and the fringe was short and over his forehead. He was in a hoody, Avenged Sevenfold tee and tight black skinnies. My heart melted when I looked in his eyes, he was so gorgeous.

"I'm Dakota." He grinned at me, "Call me Dick." He laughed, then came and sat beside me.

"Sorry to be leaving so early." Jack apologized, then him and Bob headed out. Leaving me, Dick, Christie and Olly.

Christie's POV
Two days after I slept with Patrick, and one day after I met Olly. I was getting ready to go out on stage. Pete had told me there was a surprise for us, but I didn't know what. Worried, I go on stage, the first three songs are normal, but then Eddi tells me we're playing Pretty In Punk, then she also whispers I'm singing the whole song. Shocked I take center stage. I start singing, and then at the chorus, Patrick comes on stage. And sings too. I almost forget the words in shock.
"I was terrified and would you mind if I, sat next to you and watched you smile? So many kids but I only see you.." He sings, smiling. I haven't spoken to him since two nights ago, this is just, shocking. I sing along anyway and have fun. Then after the songs over he hugs me, and whispers. "It was a one night thing, sorry I was so drunk. Still friends?" I smile,

"Friends 'till the end Trick." I whisper back, then he runs off stage. I move back to side stage and let Eddi take over, the rest of the show goes like normal, then after the show I stand stage side and watch Chemical Fusion for the first time ever. Jack is lead vocals, Bob is drums, Dick is bass and backing vocals, and Olly is backing vocals and lead guitar. Once the show is over we all go and hang out backstage.

Time lapse. Forward two months.
Christie's POV.

The tour is still going really well, and me and Olly have been going out for a while now. Danni and Dick are also going out, and I think Alice and Dan have something going on. Eddi is openly with Victoria too. So everyone's happy. I get up earlier than I intended again, and I feel sick. I run to the the bus bathroom and throw up, I think I'm coming down with something, this keeps happening.

"You okay hun?" Eddi asks, coming over to me in the bathroom and stroking my hair as I throw up.

"Do I look okay?" I snap, then sit up, "Sorry. Didn't mean to snap."

"It's okay." Eddi smiles softly, "You must be ill." She says, then yawns.

"Go back to sleep." I sigh, she must be tired.

"Okay, we'll talk later," She hugs me then goes back to her bunk. I sit there, then get up, I go and sit in the back room, I check the time. 9:00am. Way too early to be awake. I sigh and text Olly, hoping I don't wake him up.

Hey Olly. I miss you. And I'm sick. ): I'll come see you later. Text me when you're awake? xoxo

I lay down on the sofa and stare at the sofa. I think I ate something dodgy, I feel really sick. Suddenly my phone goes off.

You're sick? Now I'm totally not angry you just woke me up! I'll be right over! xx

I smile, but feel guilty for getting him up. Before I know it there's a light knock on the bus door,
I get up and go to let him in. He's still in his baggy boxer shorts and baggy black bedtime tee. I laugh lightly. His hair is all over the place. He hugs me.

"You're not dressed." I whisper. He laughs and nodded.

"Feeling better?" He asks.

"Not really." I sigh. "I'm kinda hungry." He picks me up gently, bridal style and carries me to the back room, placing me on the sofa.

"What you want?" He asks.

"Jam and crisp sandwich's." I say honestly without thinking. He gives me a weird look.

"Both, in one sandwich?" He asks and I nod. "Okay, I'll go make it." He smiles. But looks worried. I smile, and before long he's back with my odd suggestion.

"Thanks." I smile, sitting up. I eat it.

"Have you eaten many of these?" He asks me, sitting down.

"Nah." I reply.

"How long have you been ill in mornings?" He asks me. I shrug.

"Pretty long." I reply, finishing off the sandwich.

"Is it that time of month?" He asks shyly, I find it cute he finds talking about this embarrassing.

"Nope." I laugh softly.

"When was the last time?" He asks me, he suddenly looks concerned, I try to think. I haven't been on for about two months. I suddenly freeze, and my heart stops. 'no no no' I think.

"Oh fuck." I say.

"I'll be back in a minute, get dressed." He kisses my lips. Then walks out fast. What do I say if I am pregnant? Me and him haven't slept together yet. I hurry and get dressed, then wait outside the bus. He comes and takes my hand, then leads me into the town. We go into a chemist and he buys the pregnancy test. Hiding it inside his jacket we go to a near hotel and he books a room, then we go up and I go into the toilets. Hoping for the best, but in this situation, what is the best?
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