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Chapter Four. (:

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The Reaction. :D x

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Eddi's POV
After I woke up, for the second time, Christie had gone out somewhere. I got a bit worried, last time I saw her she was throwing up. I took out my phone and tried to ring her, there was no answer, so I texted her.

hey babe, are you okay? where are you? text back when you can, eddi x

I impatiently waited, getting dressed then walking off the bus and walking towards the Chemical Fusion bus. I knocked lightly, not wanting to wake anyone up, just then I got the text reply.

I'm alright, still a little bit ill though. I'm just out with Olly, don't worry. I'll be back soon. xo

I let out a sigh of relief, as I went to walk away from the bus the door opened, and Bob looked out.

"Oh, hey Eddi." He smiled.

"Hey Bob." I waved, "I was just looking for Olly to see if he knew where Christie got to, it's alright." I explained.

"Oh, Olly left pretty early, I didn't get a chance to ask where he was going. He got dressed and grabbed money, he was in a rush." Bob told me,

"Thanks." I smiled. Then turned to walk back to the bus, on the way I got another text.

Eddi. Where have you and Christie got to? x

It was from Danni. I sighed and put my phone away, getting on the bus.

"Hey Danni." I smiled as I saw her sitting on the sofa. "Christie's out with Olly, I went out to find her but just got a text." I shrugged, sitting beside her.

"Oh fair enough." Danni smiled, "She's out very early. Something must be wrong. Oh dear."

"Maybe you should text her too?" I asked and she got out her phone, I read the screen.

Hey Christie. Where have you and Olly gotten too? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I laughed at all the x's then sat back, only to get another text. This time it was from Vicky-T.

Hey gorgeous, wanna go out for the day until the show? love ya xx

I replied straight away,

sure I do hun, meet you outside your bus in 5. x

"I'm off, you'll be alright?" I said to Danni, she nodded and hugged me. "Keep an eye out for Christie, she's ill." I added, then left.

Danni's POV
Christie's ill, and she's out with Olly. It's interesting, and worrying. I go and dive on Alice to wake her up.

"Fuck off Danni." She mumbles. I tickle her. "Go awayyyyy!" She whines, but then sits up as I get off her. "What?" She mutters.

"Christie's out with Olly." I sigh.

"So you're gonna bother me?" She moans. Not a morning person.

"Pretty much. And I need to talk, Christie's ill." I say sadly. I don't add that she was ill in the morning, and I've noticed mood swings and cravings. Only I know that she slept with Patrick that while back, even though we all know she hasn't yet slept with Olly. I think Eddi might know about Patrick too, but Christie told me not to talk about it so I can't find out.

"Awe poor Christie! Maybe they've gone to the doctors." Alice says sadly, suddenly awake.

"Maybe." I sigh. Then I get a reply to my text. It's not like her to take so long to answer.

Nowhere special, just out and about really. I will be back soon. xo

I text a reply.

Okay hun don't be long. I miss youuuuuu x

Then I sit back, Alice has gone to get dressed.

"I'm going out somewhere with Dan. I'll be back before the show." She kisses my cheek. "Hope Christie's okay." Then leaves. I sigh and get dressed, then go and sit on the floor outside the bus.

"Hey cutie." Dick smiles, walking over to me. "You're out early." He kisses my lips softly and sits beside me.

"Yeah, Christie's ill, everyone's gone somewhere." I sigh, hugging into his side.

"Awe poor lonely you." He laughs softly. Just then he gets a text. I lean over and read it with him, he doesn't mind. It's from Olly.

What I thought was sort of true. I don't know how to take this one bro, help? And she told me who it was too. She's kinda freaking out a bit. What do I do?

"Uh." Dick tries to hide the text from me a bit.

"I think I know what you're on about." I say, Dick sighs with relief. Then starts his reply.

Are you okay with this? Just try to stay calm and comfort her for now, you can deal with the rest later, get back here with her as soon as, good luck dude. x

I smile, he always knows what to stay, we sit there waiting for a bit. Then I see Christie walking towards the bus on her own, crying. I stand up and she walks past me, getting on the bus.

"Go make sure she's okay and I'll go see Olly." Dick smiles before kissing me then leaving. I walk into the back room and sit beside Christie, wrapping my arm around her.

"Talk." I say to her and she nods.

"I guess you know most of this right? I am pregnant. Patrick's the only possible father. Olly came with me and he knows I'm pregnant. I told him it was Patrick and he took it kinda badly, he was a bit sad about it. I told him it was before he met me, but I don't think he believes me." She ranted, I tapped her back as she continued, "So I kept telling him I was sorry, and that it was before I met him. And I want to keep the baby, you know how much I am against abortion. And he was okay with it, but he was sad I hadn't told him about me and Patrick, so I said it was better I just leave him be. I don't want him to have so much responsibility. It's not his fault." She sobbed on my shoulder and I hugged her.

"Look Christie, he took it better than he might of. And he probably still wants to be with you. Don't worry about it so much," I hugged her tight, then I heard the bus door knock. I went and opened it, it was Olly. "Go in and talk to her." I say, then leave the bus letting Olly go talk to Christie. I go over to Dick and snuggle with him again, this time sitting by his bus. I explain the whole thing to him, he's my boyfriend, and one of my best friends. He understands and hugs me.

Christie's POV
Olly understood it all in the end and he kissed me to prove he was okay with it.

"I think you should tell Patrick." He said finally. I nodded slowly.

"How though?" I ask him, then he takes out my phone and opens up a new message. I lean over to see.

Hey Trick, we need to talk about something, can you come out for a walk with me in ten? Thanks. xo

I smile. He's good at this. I thank him and kiss him then we get a text reply, Patrick always replies fast.

Sure! Be over at your bus in about 2 minutes. x

"How dare he put a kiss at the end." Olly growls, acting jealous.

"Chill!" I laugh, and hug him, not long later there's a knock at the bus door, I get up and take Olly's hand, walking to the door.

"Want me to come with?" He offers. I shake my head, "No drinking." He says playfully, then hugs me, I go out and smile at Patrick.

"Let's go." I say, then me and him walk out of the bus bay and towards a park.

"What did you need to talk about?" He asks me, I stop and sit on a bench, he sits beside me.

"About us." I say. He looks confused. "I don't wanna make this into a long dramatic talk so I'm gonna say it straight, I'm pregnant." I said, he looked shock, but still into my eyes. They used to make me dizzy, but now his eyes were just eyes. Olly's were way better in my opinion. "And the baby has to be yours." I shrugged. Looking away from his face, which held a look of shock.

"You sure?" He asked.

"I didn't sleep with anyone else." I shrugged again, "I am keeping the baby by the way, and Olly's okay with helping me raise it." I sit back a bit, "I know I'm only 19. But I'll turn 20 before it's born." I add when I see the horror on his face.

"Are you sure about this?" He managed to choke out and I nodded.

"Are you okay with the baby growing up with Olly as the father? I mean, this is your child too." I say, looking back to his face.

"I'd like to see the kid grow up, and I'll love him, but I only want to be an uncle. I don't want to get involved in you and Olly's relationship." He said after some thought, "He'll be a good father." He hugged me and I hugged back.

"Best friends 'till the end, eh Trick." I laughed and he laughed too. Then I pulled from the hug.

"I wanna go get telling the others over with. Mind if I tell them all the complete truth?" I asked, he nods. "Thanks, again Trick. For taking this so well." I smile and he smiles back. I get up and we start walking back.

"You do know this means no more shows 'till the kids born." Patrick points out, I hadn't thought about that. I sigh a bit. "I'm sure Olly will fill in for you in the band, if not, I could always do it. Or someone from the other bands would do it." Patrick rambled. I nodded.

"I'll just get telling them the news over with." I laugh.

Time lapse.. forward a few hours...
Christie's POV still.
The other's all took it well. And Olly offered to play for me on stage, and when he wants to stay off with me, he can. We told the fans I'm not playing 'cause I got bad flu. I wonder how long that'll stand for. When they find out the truth I'm sure me and Olly will get shit for it, I'm only 19 and he's only 20. And we've known each other for 2 months. They wouldn't let me play the show that night either.

"Can I still sign for kids?" I asked Eddi as she walked back into the back room where Olly, me, Danni and Alice were sitting. The others had gone to set up for the show.

"Then they'll complain you're too ill to play but well enough to sign." She sighed, then hugged me. "Plus, eventually they'll notice a baby bump." She smiled. I held onto my stomach.

"Okay, at least let me do a live stream or phone line for fans?" I begged, I hate letting fans down.

"Oh alright, live stream and phone calls allowed." She gave in. I clapped my hands then got out my phone and went onto Twitter, telling my followers my live stream might be up due to not being able to leave the bus. I had already said about why I couldn't play.

"I better be going." Olly sighed, then kissed my lips, "I'll be back after your bands played." He promised.

"Have fun." I smiled, then he left.

"We better be going to the back room. You know the staff get angry when we aren't there." Eddi said sadly, then I hugged each of the band members, my best friends. Then they left. I was on my own on the bus. I got put and then laid back on the sofa. It was uncomfortable. I moaned then got up, heading inside the building.

"Christie." Danni sighed as she caught me walking. "You have to stay on the bus." I nodded sadly then walked back, but then the Chemical Fusion bus caught my eye. I smiled then headed over to it. I let myself in with the key I keep then locked the door. I went over to Olly's bunk and climbed in. Much more comfortable than the sofa, or even my bunk. I hugged the blanket and closed my eyes.
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