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Chapter Five. (:

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Alice and Dan! :D

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Alice's POV
Our first show without Christie was weird. We also now play before Chemical Fusion, so we can get it over sooner then go see Christie. Her boyfriend Olly plays great, but it's not the same without Christie. And I think this is one of the first ever shows where Eddi's sang all of Pretty In Punk. The show was awesome, but not the same. I'll get used to it. After the last song I throw my drum sticks into the crowd. Dan's waiting for me at stage side as always. I smile, get up and walk over to him.

"You were great again." He grins at me.

"Thanks." I smile, blushing a little probably, but I'm so tired after the show I can't tell.

"Wanna stay here and watch the other bands?" He offers, as he does every night.

"Sure I will." I smile, turning to watch as Chemical Fusion set up the stage.

"How are you feeling?" He asks me, the same as every other night. I don't really remember his personality too well, he says the same things after every show.

"Great, a little tired, you?" I ask, pretty much the same answer as last night, I turn to see the others standing around talking not far from us. I wait for the answer he gives every night. 'same really, minus the tired.' then I joke, calling him a 'stupid roadie']. But there's a silence, I turn back to look at him.

"I'm, uh, good." He shrugs. Looking away. Suddenly I see his personality again, it feels weird.

"What's up Dan?" I ask,

"You guys just seem to treat me differently these days, like it's a chore to talk to me." He says sadly, for the first time, in a long time I take in how he looks. His hair was black, and scruffy, kinda emo-ey. But it looked amazing. He looks up into my eyes and I notice the shocking blue colour. How could I have not noticed those eyes before?

"I don't." I say quietly, remembering he was opening up about something that upsets him.

"It seems like you do." He sighs.

"No it's just, we're really busy, and we've all become slightly zombified," I laugh then he laughs a little too. "Sorry if it came across that way Dan, I care about you I always did." I smile and he smiles back.

"Thanks Alice. Let's go out somewhere before the show tomorrow? We're stopping at a town." He asks me shyly.

"Sure." I grin. Then Danni dives on my back.

"Wanna come see Christie?" She asks me.

"Uhh.." I look at Dan's face, he keeps his eyes locked on mine. "Nah I'll stay here with Dan." I smile.

"Ohh okay!" She laughs, then whispers, "No stage side sex." I slap her as she walks off with the others.

"Did she just say.." Dan begins, looking kinda scared.

"Yes she did." I laugh. Once they're gone me and Dan start talking, but then I get a text.

[Know where Christie went? xxxxxxx

From Danni. They are so stupid sometimes. I laugh then reply.

Go check the Chemical Fusion bus? She loves that place. Idiot, x

Not getting a reply I know they found her. Then Chemical Fusion start playing, poor Olly looks tired from two shows in a row, but still has fun. Me and Dan dance together and sing along. It's the most real fun I've had in ages. After the show we wait for Fall out Boy, I say hi to the Chemical Fusion guys as they head off stage. Then Dan smiles and we head back to the bus. The others are all sitting in the front of the bus with Christie as they set up the live stream site. Me and Dan head past them to the back room, where Dan sleeps and we sit next to each other and talk about the good old days together for a bit. Then Christie comes in, Olly too.

"Heey Alice!" Christie grins.

"Hey you two." I smile, looking up from where me and Dan are sitting, looking through old pictures on his phone.

"Oh I interrupted. Leaving now." Christie laughs, pushing Olly out lightly.

"ABUSIVE SPOUSE!" Olly yells.

"Sprouts? Yum." Christie giggles. The cravings are really hitting in for her.

"So anyway." I sigh looking back to Dan's phone. As soon as I think he's concentrated on the pics I look back up to his eyes. Then he catches me looking, I blush and look back at the screen and he laughs. "What?" I ask.

"Nothing nothing." He laughs. After a long time, but it went quick, if that makes sense, I was starting to get really really tired.

"I'm going to bed, been nice talking to you." I say, kissing his cheek. Then I realize what I did, I kiss Danni and the others so casually on the cheek, but never Dan. I blush bright red, but seeing that he's blushing makes me calm down a bit.

"Night night." He smiles, climbing to his own bed. I walk out and lay in my bunk, the others are already fast asleep. I close my eyes, then I dream about spending more time with Dan. Not a normal dream really, nor very romantic. But I never dream about anything, and now I'm dreaming about something, and it's him.

Eddi's POV
I know I wasn't really ever that close to Danni and Alice, I pretty much only know them through Christie. But I've noticed how distant Alice has become recently. Christie hasn't played with us for a few weeks, maybe nearly two months. And Olly stopped playing with us after one month to start keeping her company off stage until his band plays. She insists he goes on for his band. We play with Dan now, turns out he's a roadie who learnt guitar. Alice doesn't let us call him a roadie anymore, but it's only messing about. We know he's really our best mate. Maybe more with Alice, they spend a lot of time together.

"Eddi." Danni smiled walking over to me as I set up my guitar on stage.

"Hey Danni." I smile, "What's up?" I say as I double check the tuning.

"Christie's on the bus, and Alice's with Dan, and Dick's with his band back stage." She pouts.

"That makes me feel good." I laugh, "Nobody else is here so you talk to me." I shake my head.

"No I didn't mean it like that." She whines.

"I know I was kidding." I smile, then I've finished setting up my guitar. "Ready?" I ask her. She nods then Alice runs from Dan to her drums.

Dan's POV
I play onstafe with the band now, it's scary, but nice. I turn to look at Alice a few times in the set. I wonder if she knows how cute she looks head-banging while she plays the drums? Yeah, I like her, kinda a lot. I always have. But I am finally going to tell her, when we go off stage to talk, when there's the gap between her band and Chemical Fusion, I will tell her. I've got it planned. I can tell she likes me, even if it is a tiny bit. Finally the band burst into their last song. Then Alice throws her sticks. My heart stops as we walk off stage.

"Hey Dan!" She hugs me. As we take our stage side spots.

"Hey Alice," I say over the still roaring crowd. "Staying?" I ask and she nods. "Right we don't have long before the C F start playing do we?" I ask and she shakes her head sadly, pouting a bit. Then I get ready, "Okay I need to tell you something." I start off.

"Go for it." She grins.

"I like, you, a lot." I stutter. Not as planned but okay, she bites her lip.

"I like you too." She says softly. Just then Chemical Fusion start playing, I grab her hand and tug her out of the building, but not over to the buses. The music is quieter here.

"No. I love you." I say, keeping my eyes on hers.

"I -I." She stutters, blushing. "Love you t-" but then I cut her off with my lips, didn't plan on this but okay, I kiss her, and she kisses back. Once the kiss is broken we head back onto the bus, hand in hand, and it feels right. The others all make 'ohhh' noises when they see our hands. It's only the girls though.

"Shut up." Alice laughs, they're doing another live stream. Once they've embarrassed us infront of a LOT of fan viewers, they eventually shut down the chat.

"What's wrong Christie?" Danni asks her, we all stay sitting around.

"I've gotten fat." She pouts.

"Yeah that's what happens when you're pregnant." Eddi rolls her eyes, then smiles at Christie who tries to fight a smile.

"I should diet!" She says, then a smile breaks out.

"Only if you want the baby to come out deformed." Alice laughs.

"MY BABY IS NOT AN ALIEN!" Christie cries and we all laugh. Then the Chemical Fusion guys come on, Cobra Starship are playing too tonight so Eddi goes to watch Victoria, then Danni, Dick, Christie and Olly head over to the other bus. And me and Alice are left alone, at last.
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