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Chapter Six. :D

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A bit about Danni and Dick. :)

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Danni's POV

Christie's about 7 months pregnant now, we played our last show last night. So far we have managed to hide the fact she's pregnant from the fans. Easy enough, keep her either on this bus, or where she prefers, on the Chemical Fusion bus. But she's only allowed to switch buses late at night during shows. She's gotten whiney about it, hormones making her moody, but she's happy enough as long as we let her keep doing her live streams for the fans.

She was also pissed about the fact it was her birthday last week and she had to stay on the bus. She's the youngest, and the rest of us had to spend our birthdays on here with her too, except Eddi who's birthday was before she got pregnant. The fans have asked her lots of questions about why she's been ill for so long, we just made it out that it was a highly painful flu and she might have to get surgery.

"Hey Danni." Christie smiled, walking into the room on the bus I'm sitting in.

"Hello." I smile back, she's gotten really big now, I don't ever point it out though.

"I was wondering where we were gonna stay now that the bus isn't really going anywhere." She sighed.

"No idea. Home I think." I shrug, flicking through the channels.

"Oh shit." She mutters, sitting beside me as lightly as she can.

"What's up?" I ask, turning to face her and leaving whatever channel was on.

"I kinda might not of told my parents.." She said quietly.

"Christie! What did you tell them?" I ask her, kinda shocked.

"Flu." She sniffs her nose and looks away from me.

"You better ring them." I say plainly, then hug her lightly. "Look either way they're gonna find out." I whisper.

"Okay I'll ring them, but should I tell them it's Patrick's? They didn't trust him in the first place." She says sadly.

"I think you should lie." I decide, as we pull from the hug.

"And make them hate Olly?" She says sadly.

"Give them the Patrick story, really drunk or whatever, but say it was with Olly." I smile softly.

"Thanks." She grins. Then gets her phone out. "I'll ring them right now."

"Want privacy?" I ask her.

"Nah stay." She grins. Then rings her mum, I listen to the conversation, she's good at lieing. Her mum freaks out a tiny bit, but then calms down. Once the calls over she smiles at me. Then she laughs, "Better than I thought." I nod then she gets up slowly. I've noticed how much care she takes when doing stuff. "I'm going to go find Olly and irritate him." She giggles, I get up and hug her lightly. Then let go. "Thanking youuss." She grins then slowly walks out.

"Room service!" Dick calls from behind the door.

"Come in silly." I laugh and he runs in and dives on me, "What the hell?" I laugh more.

"Nothing. Nothing. Nothing." He repeats, I push him off me, and he falls off the sofa.

"Oh dear!" I laugh, then he gets up and sits beside me, putting an arm over me.

"How is my dear little Danni today?" He asks.

"Good. How's my big Dick?" I say, trying to keep a straight face, then we both break into a fit of laughter.

"I'm good. First day on the holiday, you girls should get pregnant more often." He leans back a bit more. "But what do we do for however long this break is for?" He asks me.

"Just chill out, meet the parents." I shrug.

"What if your parents don't like me?" He tried to pout.

"They'll love you. Shut up." I laugh, grabbing the remote and flicking the channels some more. Just then Eddi walks in, Victoria in hand. Eddi's moved onto the Cobra bus for a while. "Hellooo!" I smile.

"Heey Danni. I was sent in to tell you it's gonna be one more day until we're home." Eddi smiled, then Victoria leaned past her a bit,

"And we're stopping at a small shopping center tomorrow morning, so be up if you wanna go shopping." She added grinning.

"Thanks girlies." I laughed then they left. There was a silence then Dick spoke up,

"I did come in here with something to say." He said quietly.

"Go for it." I smiled.

"We haven't been together for long but I feel like our relationships been forev-errr." He smiled and I nodded, blushing a bit. "Umm." He mumbled, then I turned to look at him, "Would you want to be with me forever?" He asked.

"Sure. Definatly. Yes." I smiled.

"Then I might as well ask now." He smiled shyly, "Will you marry me. one day?" He asked, taking out a ring. My heart stopped, this was all so soon, but I knew the answer.

"Yes." I choked out. Then he slipped the ring on my hand. It's weird how touring can make you grow up fast, but also you never really become completely adult. He kissed me, and my heart stopped again. Then he pulled away. The moment couldn't of been more perfect.
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