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I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

by EveieLiar 3 Reviews

Road trips and hitch hikers. I need willing people to come and let me use them in my own little world. Aka- casting call.

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  • I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

    (#) ohsotay23 2009-08-18 10:11:48 PM

    Heyyy! (:

    Name: Taylor.!

    Age: 15 (obviously would be changed. ahaha.)

    Looks: Black hair- blonde two tone at about shoulder blades and straight, monroe piercing, belly button piercing, hip tattoo of a swallow, tan, blue/green eyes, 5' 4", curvy but athletic.

    Most Annoying Thing In The World: Liars and cheaters. Oh, and when people spit. Bleh, ew.

    Most Desired Guy Mentioned Above: Gabe Saporta would be amazing if possible? Or maybe trohman or pete. :D

    Job: In real life? Movie theater ticket person. OR if you're talking about the story? Then whatever you feel is fitting for the character. (I'm into writing and lyricism though.) :]

    And…. Bitch-ability (how much of a bitch can you be?): Honestly, I can be a major c*nt. I have an attitude problem and anger problems. Ahaha. But who doesn't now-a-days?
  • I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

    (#) ohsotay23 2009-08-18 10:23:23 PM

    Oooopsieee! Forgot to fill in the personality part. Ahaha. Fail.

    Personality: Pretty much the moodiest person in the world. Straightedge. Spontaneous. Opinionated. Blunt. Caring. Nurturing. When someone is my best friend, I give them my all. Focused. Trust problems. Loud. Outgoing, but laid back. Quirky to the max dude. A bit OCD at times. I get bored veryveryvery easily. I laugh over pretty much anything and everything. Attentive and observant. Empathatic but a times very cold and closed off. Intimidating. Sarcastic. Addicted to Starbucks, tennis, and music.
  • I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

    (#) petewentzlover69 2009-08-23 04:11:46 PM

    Hey!!! :) Totally original plot line I love it. Wish I thought of it! Anyway I'm here to help!

    Name: Ami

    Age: 16 (change if you want I don't care)

    Looks: 5'8" brown hair, naturally curly, really curly but I straighten it alot. Goes down past shoulders. Chocolate brown eyes. Umm... always wearing skinny jeans or skirts or shorts. A cute tee is necessary. See picture in profile for more necessary details. Dancers body type (I dance... simple)

    Personality: Really random. I'm the girl that will laugh at the wrong time about something that happened a week ago. Shiny things attract me a lot. But besides that I'm a total bitch before you get to know me... guess I can add more to that later. I'm really passive, if someone cheats on me but tells me I'll let it slide and won't care about it.

    Most Annoying Thing In The World: my sister lol no umm people who think they are the best dancers or singers but end up tone deaf or just terrible... and liars piss me off.

    Most Desired Guy Mentioned Above: Patrick if possible... if not anyone is fine I don't really mind.

    Job: Don't have one in real life. But in the story I'd like to work in a department store or library or starbucks or something... or whatever you feel is fitting for the story.

    And… Bitch-ability: Very very bitchy. One wrong word can send me over the edge and I'm not afraid to scream at someone. To sum it up... my boyfriend cheated on me on my birthday and didn't tell me. I found out 6 months later then dated his twin and older brother to get revenge. You be the judge!

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