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“I’m so proud of you.”

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A/N: I wrote this yesturday but never really got to post if. Enjoy! Reviews?

The baby was on his way. I’m here laying in a hospital bed in heavens clouds. Alexander was sent to pick me up seconds after my water broke. Seems God was watching Michael and I and had heard our fight. I felt so bad, but right now I was only focused on the pain my future son caused me at the moment. The contractions were excruciating. “Why does labor have to be this painful?!” I screamed as I held onto the railings on my stiff white bed waiting for the pain to pass.
“Shh.” Alexander shushed me.
“Don’t shush me!” I glared at Xander as the my pain eased slowly away.
“I just can’t handle your screaming.” Xander frowned at me. Just then God entered the room.
“How are you?” My Lord asked calmly.
“Why did you have to make labor so fucking painful?” I gritted my teeth as the next contraction came heavy. God just merely chuckled and placed a hand over my stomach.
“I see this boy will be bright and cunning when he grows up. He’ll attended the school up in the heavens and grow wings. He will have a great respect for all his parents to for him.” When the word ‘parents’ passed God’s lips I instantly felt guilty for what I did to Michael. I wonder where he is and how he’s handling this whole situation? Did anyone tell him I was in labor yet? “I see a bright future for all of you.” God finished.
“I sure hope so.” I felt like crying again. I didn’t know what I was doing. How could I let this happen? Just then, again, a contraction came full force and I screamed out in pain. “Damn!” I panted as Xander covered his ears and I held my stomach tightly. “Make it stop! Please?” I begged God. God simply touched my forehead and I felt all the pain from a minute ago melt away.
“You’re lucky I’m a very generous person.” God chuckled. I panted and felt sweat drip onto my pillow.
“Thank you.” I smiled at God. My Lord simply nodded and left without another word.
I spent long hours in labor. God hadn’t got rid of all of the contractions, only soothed that one at the moment. Soon the doctors gave me the spinal block and I felt numb. Xander was there every second in the same chair only moving to adjust and only leaving to go to the bathroom and getting something to eat. “Okay, Phoenix, I think it’s time to have this baby.” One of the angels came in placing blue rubber gloves over his slender hands and placing a mask over his mouth and nose.
“Are you serious?” I asked. I didn’t want to give birth without Michael by my side. I’ll keep the baby in as long as I have to till he gets here. The angel nodded. “I won’t. I need Michael here with me.” I felt tears brim my eyes. “I can’t do this without him.” I began to cry.
“You’re going to have to.” The doctor said as nurses came in and got ready for the birth of my son. I shook my head. “You will. You can’t keep the baby in. It has to come out or else it’ll die. Do you want that?” The doctor asked.
“No!” I cried. I didn’t want to give birth now with Michael not here, but it was already happening. I was glad Xander was there to hold my hand the first excruciating moments of my screaming as I pushed. Just then someone burst into the room and ran to my side. My vision blurry from my tears and sweat I had to blink to adjust my vision. I saw Michael there drenched. His hair mated to his cheeks and forehead. “Michael?” I panted as I focused on him.
“Yes, baby. I’m here.” He grabbed my other hand on my left and kissed my knuckles softly. “You can do this. Remember to breathe though.” Michael tried to laugh. I just giggled and pushed, but remembered to breathe, as the doctor gave orders. “Push.” Michael whispered in my ear. I screamed one last time and heard baby cries. I sighed and leaned back on my pillow exhausted and covered I sweat. “You did it.” Michael said softly as he kissed my head. “I’m so proud of you.” I saw Michael’s face throw half lidded eyes and saw tears streaming down his face. “Now, get some sleep.” I nodded and closed my eyes as everything around faded to black.

I woke up in a plush bed inside a very bright room. I looked around and saw it wasn’t the room I gave birth in. There was a kitchen and a dining table. I slowly sat up and blinked as I stared down at the sheets I was underneath. They were soft. The comforter was a blood red and made me very warm. Then everything just hit me. Where was I? Where was my baby boy? Where was Michael? I began to breathe heavier in fear and nervousness. Just then I saw the a door from the right open and I saw Michael come in and kneel next to the bed. “Michael?” I questioned in disbelief.
“Yeah, Phoenix.” He nodded and smiled. I smiled back. “I’m sorry.” His smiled faded and he looked down at the ground ashamed.
“No, I’m sorry.” I reached out to lift his chin to look at me. “I was so angry and I remembered all the hurt I’ve been through and everything came back to me. I didn’t mean to kick you out.” I explained.
“Yeah, but I’m sorry for not having any control.” His lips curved up in the corner of his mouth a little and he looked so cute.
“It’s okay.” I sighed and looked down at the sheets.
“What? It’s okay. Tell me.” Michael knew there was more I wanted to say. I took a deep breath then began.
“I am just use to having control in every situation I didn’t know how you felt to lose control of what you were doing. I was scared and hurt and I needed some space.” I felt like I was going to cry. I let my hand drop to the sheets.
“But that’s what makes you strong.” Michael stood up and sat next to me. “You have that control, and that’s hard. Even being what you are it’s hard to have control like that.” He smiled as I looked into his eyes. Those hazel eyes held love, passion, pride and happiness as I studied them for a brief moment. “I love you.” He kissed me.
I pulled back just to say, “I love you too.” Then went right back to kissing him. This felt so right. In that moment I felt loved. I took back everything I said to him. I ran my hands over his clothes chest and felt something underneath the cloth. I broke apart and stripped him of his shirt. He still had my key. I smiled and felt like crying all over again. “You still have my key.” I whispered.
“Why wouldn’t I?” Michael questioned with his perfect, heart melting smile that made my heart sing and my stomach tie up in knots to the core. “This is the key to your heart,” He held it up. “And I would never throw it away for any reason.” I felt a stray tear run down my cheek. Michael brushed it away with the pad of his thumb and kissed my forehead.
“Never?” I just had to ask.
“Never.” He giggled. I laughed and pulled him down with me under the comforters. He pulled me close to him and laid his lips on mine. “Never ever.” He whispered with his forehead pressed up against mine. It hit me just then. I shot up in bed.
“Where’s the baby?” I threw the sheets over and jumped out of bed. Michael got up and motioned for me to follow him. I nodded and he led me to a small nursery. The walls were a pastel yellow, there was a changing station pushed up against the wall to my right, a rocking chair in the middle of the changing station and the crib in front of Michael and I. I smiled as I walked up to the crib and saw my little son laying there fully asleep. He was so beautiful.
“He’s beautiful isn’t he?” I heard Michael ask from close behind me.
“Yes, he is.” I turned around to smile at him. He smiled back and then wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I felt like crying all over again. I’m such a baby.
I looked back at our baby and realized he didn’t have a name yet. “Did you name him, Michael?” I asked.
“No, I was waiting for you to wake up so we could to it together like a real engaged couple.” He said hesitantly. “We are..?” He looked down at me expectantly. I nodded and smiled. “Okay.” He sighed in relief. “Now, for a name.” I thought, but couldn’t come up with anything that meant and described our baby.
“I can’t think of a thing.” I laughed. Michael pressed his lips on my neck.
“Me either.” He mumbled against my skin and I giggled as it tickled my skin.
“Hmmm.” I thought about it more when I finally found a name. “Levi!” I exclaimed. Michael jumped at my sudden outburst then smiled.
“That’s a nice name.” He nodded. “Levi something Way. We still need a middle name.” He said. “What about Victor? Your last name?”
“No! That’s Master’s last name. My real last name Santo. It’s Italian.” I smiled as I remembered my family I their happiest states.
“Yeah! Levi Santo Way.” Michael agreed with great enthusiasm. “That is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby boy.” Michael nuzzled into my neck. “Levi Santo Way.” Michael mumbled into my neck. I giggled. “Hey, what does Santo mean anyway?” He looked up at me keeping his chin resting on my shoulders.
“It means saint.” I smiled. It totally ties into his being. He is going to be a saint.
“Makes total sense.” Michael laughed. I looked at Michael and gently laid my lips over his. Michael then pulled away to say, “Look, he’s waking.” I looked back down at the crib, and sure enough Levi was waking up. His beautiful hazel eyes looking around as his little fists fiddled around in the air.
“Hey, Levi.” I leaned into the crib and kissed his forehead lightly. “I’m so happy to see you.” I pet his soft head of light brown hair. His hazel eyes looking at me. I took one of his fists from the air and held it in my palm. I felt his hand open and take my finger in his little palm and gripped it with all his might. I felt myself crying silently.
“Don’t cry, Phoenix.” Michael kissed my shoulder.
“I can’t help it. He’s just so beautiful. He looks just like his dad.” I smiled.
“That he does.” Michael said. I laughed and kept gazing down upon Levi. Our new baby boy. His skin was soft like silk.
“You can hold him if you want.” A familiar voice made me jump slightly. Michael and I looked back to see Devon and Alexander standing in the doorway. “You are his mother.” Xander smirked. I smiled and looked back down to Levi wrapped in his baby blue blanket. His eyes still roaming around the room. I slowly and softly scooped Levi into my arms and turned back to Michael, Devon and Xander to show them.
“Dude, he looks like Michael.” Xander giggled as he came up and grabbed Levi’s little hand. “He so cute.” Xander cooed.
“Yes, he is.” Devon leaned on the door frame. “This is a perfect child with a bright future.” He half smiled.
I got to spend lots of time with Levi and Michael in the nursery. Levi’s nursery back in New York is way different. I can’t wait to take him home and spoil him to death. I get to take him home in two days, and I can’t wait. Literally.
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