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Cha-chapter NINE!

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Christie's POV
I get up early, sick again. Surely you don't get morning sickness all the way up to labor? Graah. Ignore it. I sit up against the bathroom wall as the bus continues rocking slowly, I think all the sick's over, but then I suddenly lean over the loo and throw up again. This sucks, I don't wanna wake anyone up but I'm getting lonely. It's me, Olly, Danni and Dick on this bus. And we're heading for Chicago. The other bus with everyone else is also.

Once I think the sickness is over, I get up and holding onto the wall to make sure I don't fall I make my way to the sofa area, then sit down. I lean back and stare at the ceiling, the little baby kicks and I rub my tummy.

"I know it's the only way you can communicate, but would you mind kicking lighter? You're hurting mummy." I say quietly, and there's a kick in reply. I groan. Nobody ever said baby's were this violent. I let out a sigh then get up, I'm hungry, I wonder what weird food the baby will ask for this time. I managed to convince the others to let me stay vegetarian.

"Morning." Dick says, he's in the kitchen making himself a coffee.

"Morning, you Dick." I smile. I love using that joke whenever I get the chance.

"Ha ha ha." He says sarcastically. I go in the fridge and get out some pickles, then head to the cupboard. Dick watches me wide eyed as I make Pickle and chocolate spread sandwich's.. with waffles instead of bread.

"What?" I ask him as he watches me.

"How can Olly even kiss you after you eat this crap?" He laughs, turning to finish making the coffee.

"How can Danni kiss a Dick?" I ask, then let out a loud yawn.

"Once again, ha ha ha." He rolls his eyes. Then he looks really serious, "Dr.Dick, here to save your ass, baby."

"Must you be quoting the Jacoby every few seconds?" I yawn again, taking a bite of my yummy foods, the baby kicks me lightly as the food gets to it. "Why are you up so early?" I ask as the bus goes over a bump and I stop my tummy from falling against the shelf.

"I don't know." He shrugs, "Why are you up?"

"Uhh..." I look around thoughtfully for a minute, then look back at him, and give him the it's-fucking-obvious look. "Morning sickness? Haven't you been pregnant yet?"

"Not really." He laughs, "I might get Danni to try and get me pregnant soon though." He adds,

"I'm off, my legs can't handle all this weight." I sigh, motioning my baby bump. "Try not to break anything." I add as I waddle away.

"I will." He replies,

"And don't wake Danni or Olly up if you get bored," I say, turning to face him, "Unlike you, Dr.Dick, they've been up early a lot to take care of me and deserve their sleep." He rolls his eyes and nods, then I carry on then crash, slowly and lightly, onto the sofa.

"I'm bored." Dick walks in, ten seconds later.

"Good." I yawn.

"Can I wake someone up?" He asks me, sitting on the floor beside the sofa.

"Don't be a dick." I yawn.

"You have really over-used that." He complains.

"So what?" I ask, trying to get comfortable on the sofa.

"So.. So." He says. Then there's a silence. Then I hear someone getting out of their bunk. I patiently watch the little entrance to the sofa room, then Danni walks in.

"Good morning hyfee!" I smile and the baby kicks harshly, too clever for a not-yet-born I swear. "Baby says hi too." I say through clenched teeth.

"Awe!" She smiles and leans over me to hug me.

"Go and keep Dick occupied. He's quoting Jacoby. It's driving me mad." I moan and she laughs then walks over to his side.

"Hey!" Olly calls as he walks into the room, then slowly sits beside me on the sofa.

"Morning." I smile, and again, the baby also kicks. I clench my teeth, ouch, one inch higher and that woulda snapped a rib I swear. He sees the pain on my face and kisses me softly.

"Baby says morning too?" He asks and I nod. "You're hurting mummy, quit it!" He says softly, his hand on my baby bump.

"I keep telling the little kid, never listens. Little rebel." I slowly shake my head and we both laugh.

"Hey we'll know if it's a he or she in," He checks his watch, "two hours." He smiles and I am suddenly very nervous, I bite my bottom lip as the baby kicks again.

"Think I should text my parents to let them know?" I ask and he nods.

"I think starting to get them in the know about these things sooner will be best." He smiles and I agree, then take out my phone and text them.

Danni's POV
When we get to the doctors we are early, I hug Christie before Olly leads her into the room. There were a few fans and photographers outside, but not many. We told them we'd talk when we got out. Me and Dick sat impatiently as Christie and Olly are in there. The waiting room is so boring.

"Let's go talk to fans?" Dick yawns and I nod, then we both walk out.

"Hey Danni!" One of my fans calls and I head over, Dick going to his own fans.

"Hey! What's your name?" I ask politely,

"Sarah. Mind if I get a picture?" She asks,

"Sure!" I smile for the picture then I get a few with her friends. Then we talk.

"Is the baby really Patrick's?" One of the girls ask, my face freezes,

"No, why would it be?" I say, taken aback but trying to stay cool.

"He was awkward about it in an interview." She shrugs, "And the whole hugs-on-stage thing before or whatever."

"Nah. I'm pretty sure he isn't." I smile. "He's just a close friend of Christie's, and cared." I assure her and she nods.

"Girl or boy?" Another girl asks.

"We don't know yet." I smile towards her,

"When will you know?" She asks.

"Bit personal?" I say, raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry." She blushes.

"It's okay." I smile again, then Dick comes over and takes my hand.

"Are you two together?" A different girl asks.

"Yepp." I smile.

"Sign this?" A different girl, again, asks me. I take the pen she offers and signs the paper she's holding out.

"Who for?" I ask.

"Katie." She replies, and I write a little note. "Woah nice ring." She smiles and I meet her eyes, I think none of them have noticed, but then a few of the photographers snap photo's and my stomach drops.

"Are you engaged?" Sarah asks and I look to Dick, then back to the fans.

"Yeah." I smile sweetly, and they gasp.

"Congrats!" A few of them smile, but one of them creases her brow.

"First one of you gets pregnant, then another dates a roadie, then one of you comes out as lesbian, and now. You're engaged." She says, a serious look on her face.

"So, fucking, what?" I ask, trying to keep a smile and not get pissed off.

"Your band is kinda messed up." She laughs.

"Get over it." I smile, "Alright, we're heading back in." I say, smiling to the others, then Dick leads me back in. "What a bitch." I hiss to him under my breath.

"I know right!" He laughs then we sit back down in the waiting room. Then not long later Christie comes out, hand in hand with Olly.

"Tell me!" I squeal.

"Not yet. We wanna tell you all over dinner with the Fall out Boy guys. It's only fair Patrick's one of the first to know." She grins, she looks really happy and so does Olly.

"Fine!" I pout. Then we head out of the doctors. Christie stops to talk to fans.

"It's been so long since I've done this." She laughs nervously. "You guys don't hate me, right?" She asks. And they all say no. "Oh thank God." She smiles. She does the usual, meet and mess around with the fans thing, then we head to the bus. Luckily the bitchy fan had gone, and the one who asked about Patrick didn't bring it up.

"Now to get down the road to meet up with the others." I smile as we all go and sit around in the sofa area.

"I can't wait." Christie beams. She's probably the one who keeps in touch with them the most, especially Patrick since she wants him to have full uncle position in the kids life. We all wait and not long later we get to the small posh bar, and rest of our gang is waiting outside, but Fall out Boy must of gone in already.
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