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Chuupter Ten..

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The dinner. ^_^

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Olly's POV
I help Christie off the bus and we head over to the others, then head inside before anyone notices us. I keep an arm around Christie to keep her walking at a normal pace, otherwise she goes extra slow. We see the Fall out Boy guys sitting over in the corner on a large circle, and head over to them. They all get up to hug us, I let go of Christie so she can hug Patrick and Pete grabs me in a bear hug.

"Missed ya bro." He smiles.

"Missed you too." I smile then hug the others, then we all sit down. Christie sits between me and Patrick and I sit between her and Danni.

"Alright, me and Olly have something to announce." Christie smiles, "But not before Danni and Dick." She looks over to Danni who blushes and smiles.

"We're engaged." Dick smiles, holding up Danni's hand for the others to see the ring. We all burst into congratulations and then when it all dies down Patrick nudges Christie.

"And what is it you two wanted to tell us?" He smiles.

"We know the sex of the baby." Christie says after clearing her throat. Patrick's face lights up.

"Tell us!" Joe says excitedly. Christie nudges me and I nudge her back.

"Fine." She rolls her eyes at me. "It's a.." She takes a break and they all give her impatient looks, "little boy!" She grins and Patrick hugs her lightly from the side.

"I'm getting a nephew!" He grins and she nods. The others fuss us about it, and ask about names but we keep quiet about it.

"Is there a date for when he might be born?" Alice asks when everyone quietens down a bit.

"In under a month, so like, they said.." Christie thinks, she never remembers dates,

"August 15th?" I remind her and she nods.

"That's it!" She claps and grins.

"Sweet!" Andy smiles. Then we all order our food, Christie sticks to the normal food for once. We all chat about how life's been going until our food gets to us. Then we all continue talking, but in smaller groups as talking loudly over the table when eating would be stupid. Me, Christie, Danni, Dick and Patrick have a conversation to ourselves.

"So have you found an aunt for the little guy?" Christie asks Patrick casually as she puts more salt on her chips. Not good for the baby, but I'll let her get away with it this time.

"Naah." Patrick shakes his head and blushes a little.

"I know a few girls I could get ya with!" Dick says loudly as he chews his food. Danni playfully tells him to not eat with his mouth full.

"I'm alright man, thanks." Patrick laughs.

"You must get lonely." Christie says sadly.

"Not really." Patrick shrugs.

"You sure dude? Me and Dick know some pretty neat girls you might be interested in." I say smiling at him. He shakes his head and looks to his food, shrugging the whole idea off.

"Fine." Christie smiles, "We should all meet up more often, specially after he's born." She smiles to herself.

"Yeah that'd be cool." Danni agrees.

"Where are you guys staying?" Patrick asks randomly.

"I think Jack, Bob, and maybe Eddi and VickyT are going over to their parents, but me, Dick, Christie and Danni's parents are coming over here." I smile.

"Cool." He replies.

"Christie wanted the baby to be born here in Chicago." I smile and nudge her lightly.

"I wanted him to have his uncle's birthplace." She says proudly and Patrick beams,

"Thanks." He grins. "What hotel you all staying at?" He asks us with interest.

"Dick and Danni are going for the first one they find, and me and Olly are going for the best one we can afford, the baby might have to be brought up there after all." Christie smiles.

"Hey, I own two houses here in Chicago, you could have one each?" Patrick offers.

"Oh my God thanks!" Christie grins.

"One of them is only big enough for one couple though, sorry." He says sadly.

"I know, me and Christie will stay with you and Dick and Danni could go over to the other one?" I offer. I know how much Christie wants Patrick to be in the baby's life.

"That'll be great!" Patrick agrees. Then he gives us directions.

"Jack and Bob are leaving tonight." Eddi let's us know, "And me and VickyT have just been given Pete's smaller second home." She adds with a smile.

"What about Alice and Dan?" Christie asks.

"I have family over here." Dan smiles, "We'll move in with them." We all nod. Every thing's running so smoothly.

Patrick's POV
I go out and get into the Honda, I'm showing Danni, Dick, Olly and Christie the way to my houses. Christie sits beside me in the front and the other three take the back seats. As we get to the house Danni and Dick are staying at I get out and help them get their stuff out of the buses that were following us. Olly stays in my car to keep Christie company.

"Thanks for this man." Dick taps my back, "We owe you one!"

"No sweat bro, I wasn't using this house." I assure him as I hold the door open for him and Danni. Once I've helped them set up I head back to the car and get in, we drive towards my other house which isn't too far away.
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