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Chapter Eleven. (:

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Christie's POV
Both of Patrick's houses were smaller than I expected. He lead us into the house we were staying, it was a small, normal looking house. He told us he was taking the spare room, and Olly and I were taking his room, the double room. We looked around, the spare room was really plain, but the double room was pretty.. well.. pretty.

"You sure?" I asked him as him and Olly dumped our bags on the floor. "You can keep this room with Olly and I'll go in the spare one?" I offered.

"No way!" Patrick put his hands up like I had accused him of something. "For one, you're the pregnant one, you need the comfort. And two, no offense Olly but It'd be weird sharing a bed with you." Olly opened his mouth, jokingly in shock.

"I love you too Patrick." He grinned.

"See Olly likes that plan!" I grinned too,

"You two are sleeping here." Patrick made a serious face, "No arguments." I nodded and looked down.

"Want me to help you take some of your stuff into the spare room?" Olly asked him. I nudged Olly,

"He can keep his stuff here!" I said, giving Olly a look of warning, we weren't kicking him completely out of this room.

"I don't mind." Patrick shrugged. There was an awkward silence.

"Uhh.." I said, trying to break it. "What's the date today?" I asked randomly.

"The 25th of July." Patrick smiled.

"Woah, I didn't realize it was so soon until little guy's birth!" I smiled, and they both smiled back.

"I can't wait." Olly and Patrick said at the same time. I laughed quietly.

"So.." I said before the silence ate me again.

"Let's go watch some tv?" Patrick offered, saving us from the evil silence.

"Alright!" I grin and I pull Olly out of the room after Patrick and we all go sit on the long sofa, me in the middle. We watch some comedy show for a bit, and it's kinda funny, but not completely. Then we all decide to go to bed.

Danni's POV
Me and Dick found our way to our room at Patrick's house. It wasn't hard, this place is small. I'd expect something bigger, it is the lead singer of Fall out Boy after all. But I was just over the moon we got somewhere nice to stay. Dick ran into the bedroom and dived onto the big bed.

"Just gonna stand there and watch me?" He raised an eyebrow at me, then I ran and dived beside him. "That's better." He grinned.

"What do you wanna do?" I asked him, then yawned. But I didn't really wanna sleep.

"I have some ideas." He said suggestively.

"No way! This isn't our bed, this is my friends bed! Ew!" I laughed,

"Awe but Danni!" He whined,

"Don't act so desperate!" I laughed and turned to face him, "We might be engaged, but, no."

"Why?" He asked, smiling,

"Because. This is my friends bed! It'd be weird and unfair on him." I pouted as best I could.

"Fine!" He turned away from me slightly, then turned back after a seconds thought, "Then let's go to the sofa?" He asked.

"No!" I burst out into laughter.

"You sick sick girl!" He said, open mouthed, "I meant watch tv!"

"Suure you did." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Then shall we go watch tv?" He asked and I shrugged, getting up then walking downstairs. We sat close on the sofa and flicked through channels.

"No... no.... no....." I said as he went through the channels.

"This is boring!" He whined, dropping the remote. He had left the channel on some celebrity news thing, and I gasped as I read the headline,

"Guitarist Christie and Fall out Boy front man Patrick Stump having a family?"

"What, the fuck?" I almost yelled,

"Yes, that's right. The rumors that were circulating around might be true." A woman, stupid blonde bimbo said, "Christie is definitely pregnant, as her Twitter confirms, but might the part of Olly from friends band, being the father be the lie?"

"No." I said to the tv, Dick giving me an odd look.

"A picture taken earlier this night might confirm that." She continues, ignoring me. Then on the screen comes a picture of Patrick holding the door open for her, Olly out of shot. I almost scream. "As can be seen here, she's walking into Stump's house, but Olly is nowhere to be seen. We also have some pics and videos from back when she was first pregnant that could back us up." Then the screen flicks to a picture of Christie and Patrick leaving the pub we were at that long 8 or so months ago, both extremely drunk. Then another picture, of him on stage with her as they hug.

"This is twisted!" I cried, "They're best friends! That's all!"

"But, he is the father right?" Dick said lazily.

"Yes. But.." I think for a come-back, "He's not having a family with her!"

"True." Dick replies.

"Also we have this interview with Stump regarding the subject." The screen flicks to an interview on some music show,

"Okay we have a question in from a fan in Canada." The interviewer reads from a piece of paper. "Well, actually a few." He laughs. Patrick smiles as he waits for the question. "They are all regarding your friend, Christie." Patrick bites his lip. "First, how did you react when you found out she was pregnant?"

"Uhh," He stutters, oh dear. "I was very excited, it was great news. But I was also pretty shocked, she's quite young, and I was concerned for her." He's blushing like mad, stupid Patrick.

"How did you handle keeping it quiet?" He asks him,

"Pretty easily. She wanted it to be a secret, so I did." He smiles a little, but you can see it's forced, he's shitting himself, bless.

"And last one, do you think Olly will be a good father?"

"I think he will be an awesome father." Patrick smiles. Then the screen goes back to the woman.

"Is it just me, or was he really awkward in that interview?" She asks the camera. "And did anyone else notice that hostility towards Olly?"

"What the hell?" I almost screamed at the screen. "Patrick and Olly get along fine!" I complain and Dick taps my back, nobody stirs about my best friend and her love life and gets away with it. I frown and grab the remote, switching the tv off.

"Ignore it all." Dick sighs,

"I'll try." I frown.

"Now what to do?" He asks innocently. I shake my head at him and laugh, then he pouts and I can't help but giggle at him.
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