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My Fair Angel

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Audrey and the gang meet the mystery new comer.

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Most of this story is written in Audrey's point of veiw unless stated otherwise.
Enjoy :)
As me, Mikey, Frank and Gerard walked home we noticed 2 moving trucks parked in the drive next to our house.
"Thank fuck the Oldsteens FINALY moved out" Frank exclaimed dancing in a circle around me.
The Oldsteens were our old neighbours that were about 87 years old and they hated us. It was like some kind of epic battle between us since I can remember.
Mikey unlocked the front door and we filed in dumping out bags in the front room making our way into the kitchen.
"Dude do you know what we havn't done in ages" Gerard aske.
"What" Me, Mikey and Frank said in unison.
Gerard walked over to the freezer and and pulled out the ice tray.
"Ice bongs" I grinned.
I ran up stairs and grabbed my bong and 4 buds out of my stash. I ran back down the down the stairs and passed the door just as somebody rang the bell. I sughed and opened the front door forgeting what I was carrying. There stood on our door step was an angel with peircing blue eyes and jet black hair.
"hey I'm Andy, we just moved in next door and my perants made me come say hello" He spoke with a deep voice.
"Ohh hi I'm Audrey" I smiled in reply.
"Nice to meet you" he said eyeing the bong tucked under my arm.
Fuuuuuu I mentaly kicked myself.
"It's not an everyday thing I swear"
"It's fine" He laughed.
"Do you wana come in and meet people" I saked.

I led Andy into the kitchen.
"Guys this is Andy, he just moved in next door, Thats Gerard" Gerard nodded in reply "That's my twin brother Frank" Frank waved "and that guy with the glasses is Mikey" Mikey smiled.
"Hello" Andy smiled.
"soooo" I tried breaking the silence "care to join us for ice bongs" I asked Andy.
"Sure only if you guys don't mind" looking at the guys.
"ice bongs for 5 it is" Gerard smiled.
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