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You make me hard in the pants region

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"Wake the fuck up" someone screamed and soon felt a dead weight on top of me.
"Nope try again"
"Frank fuck off I know it"s you nobody I know could possibly compare to your annoyingness"
"Yeah least I'm not gay" he replied lamely.
"But you are....literally"
"Yeah well.....get up or were going to be late" I answered defeated.
"Ok ok" I smirked rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

I got up and walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower to heat up. I pulled off my PJ's and threw them into the hamper to get washed. I let the water run over me slowly waking me up, I watched the steam dance around me as I washed myself. I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around me and stepped out of the shower. I went back to my bedroom and opened my wardrobe to pick out something to wear. I pulled out my black overalls dress and a white wrestler singlet. I put on my black corset bra and boxer shorts. I grabbed my black leather chucks and sat down in front of my vanity. I looked at my reflection for a bit then started on my makeup. I brushed over some pale foundation then smeared on some eye shadow and eyeliner and finished it off mascara. When I was happy I started on my pink hair. I never had wanted to have pink hair in fact I never really have liked pink but when you're standing in front in of a punk hair dressers and semi drunk eating pink fairy floss it seems like a good idea. I blow dried it and let it fall in waves down past my shoulders. I slid a black bow hair slide into my hair to hold back one of my bangs. I threaded a black ring through my lip and checked my appearance over once before grabbing my leather jacket and heading down stairs to the kitchen.

"You're looking particularly slutty today Audrey" My long time friend Oli smirked.
"I tried my best for you" I whispered in his ear seductively.
"Stop it or you'll make me hard in the pant region" He screamed covering his ears.
"Come on or we'll be late" I laughed grabbing my messenger bag and headed out the door.

"Who's the hottie next door" Oli asked.
I turned around after locking the door. Mikey laughed.
"That's Andy the new kid that everybody's been talking about" Frank said.
"Dude if you're going to say shit like that it's no wonder people think you're gay" Gerard sighed.
"Just coz I comment on the appearance on other guys doesn't make me gay, homophobe Gerard" Oli said pocking out his tongue.
"I'm going to walk with Andy today I'll catch you guys up in homeroom" I said leaving them to bicker.

I skipped up next to Andy.
"Sup homie" I greeted him.
He jumped slightly and turned to look at me.
"Ohh hello" He smiled.
"How's the moving going" I asked.
"Yeah its okay, I’ve still got a shitload of to unpack tough"
"I can come over and give you hand after school if you want"
"Sweet thanks" He smiled again.
There was a short silence.
"You look nice today" breaking the silence.
"Thank you" I smiled "you look rather spiffy yourself" he was wearing black drainpipe skinny jeans with a white low v-neck tee with misfit high top vans and a lip ring.
"Misfits ehhh good band" I nodded at his shoes.
"Fuck yes" he laughed.
"Sooo you psyched about school"
"Ohh I can't wait"
"Hey it's mine and Frank's birthday on Friday and we're having a party keen to come" I asked.
"Holy shit your birthday's on Halloween"
"That's freaking awesome" He exclaimed
I laughed "so you keen, It's a dress up thing the good old American party while the parent's are out of town"
"consider me there"
"It's a date" I nodded.
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