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5 Years Later, A New Mission

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A couple of Flashbacks and a new mission

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Chapter 2: 5 Years Later, A New Mission


It’s been five years since the operation, and Naruto could quite honestly say that they have been the best 5 years of his life, now that he was free of the Kyuubi he had come into his own, not to mention that the addition of Digital energy into his chakra circulatory system had given him a few abilities that no other human could boast, including being able to change the wavelength of the light that hits him, rendering him invisible (that disappearing into nowhere trick Renamon can do, it is just invisibility), the visual scanning ability that most digimon have, ability to mimic the ‘aura’ that certain digimon give off (basically powerful armour or champion digimon or higher give off an aura which tells other digimon in the area that they’re raring for a fight, normally unique to each individual digimon), as well as a few others, and that list doesn’t even include the abilities he has as a chakra user, the digignomes had long since retrieved everything that rightfully belonged to him, oddly enough it was far more then anyone had expected, the Namikaze and Uzumaki clan scrolls were a given but no-one expected other scrolls from long dead clans that he was descended from including a few samurai clans from his mother’s side, which kind of explains his weapon of choice really.

A couple of years back he had come across a bunch of sword related jutsu, everything from transmitting jutsu through your sword (something he was damn good at with wind and water, his alignments, he was able to launch projectile wind blades and summon water walls without hand seals), modified storage seals (so you can store a katana in a tanto sheath, which he was using), to using other seals to make the blade indestructible and always sharp (always useful), all in all he’d become quite skilled with a blade, especially considering that he’s had Lobomon as a sparring partner for the past two years, Strabimon had digivolved during a mission Ebonwumon had sent them on two years ago, just a package delivery really, where they’d run into a homicidal maniac of a digimon, it’s a good thing he did too or they’d both be dead, the bastard got away though.


“I still don’t see why it has to be us who does this; doesn’t Ebonwumon have other flunkies to do this kind of chore?” As usual Strabimon was griping, this time it was about the first real mission they’d been sent on, they’d been active members of Ebonwumon’s forces for about a year now, though the past year has more or less been filled with training simulations and the higher ups using them as gofers.

“(sigh), Yes Strabimon, Ebonwumon does have other digimon who are more then capable of doing this, that’s the point, this mission is a test for us to see if we’re ready to do the kind of missions they do,” Naruto replied, shaking his head, Strabimon may be like a brother to him, but that didn’t keep him from being annoyed by his constant complaints and smart aleck comments, Naruto was just waiting for the day when he’d be fast enough to whap him himself. Naruto was now 11 and had grown a fair bit since he’d gotten to the digital world, already being a bit taller then Strabimon (same height as he is during first season of Naruto, after all this Naruto has been eating healthily, not just ramen every meal) he had his black hilted katana in a tanto sheath (courtesy of modified storage seals) strapped to the back of his belt with the handle on the right side, he was wearing black cargo pants a dark blue sleeveless shirt and a long sleeve jacket, open, which was a silvery blue colour that matched the colour of his chakra (blue from the chakra, silver from the digital energy) with black flames along the bottom and the sleeve ends (basically a rip off of his old mans battle cloak only jacket length, silvery blue replacing white and black replacing red), his eyes were now the same silvery blue of his jacket and his whisker marks were silver now.

“Yeah, yeah, pull the other one, you’re just as bored as I am, this errand is demeaning and you know it, they’re still using us as gofers, only difference now is that we’re doing chores for other people as well,” Strabimon rebutted, a little annoyed at his pseudo-brother’s optimism, they’d been walking for hours now, hell they weren’t even on the sovereign level of the digital world anymore, they were walking through a mountainous region heading towards a primary village where Babamon’s hubby was the local doctor to drop off a new anti-viral vaccine, they’d met the Jijimon a couple of times when he came to visit and honestly, they both didn’t know why those two were married, all they ever did was fight.

“(sigh), I know Strabimon, but if we show ourselves to be untrustworthy this kind of mission is the best we’ll ever get, so just suck it up and get the job done ok?” Naruto pleaded, he wasn’t kidding either, he knew an Oryxmon that had fouled up one of his earlier missions, the kind of mission that an in-training could do, he hadn’t had a decent mission since and that mission he fouled happened 50 years ago.

“Tch, fine,” Strabimon acquiesced, he knew that Oryxmon too, he did not want to wind up doing simple delivery missions until he was old and grey…

“Hey do you feel that?” Naruto asked, he felt a digimon aura up ahead, it was powerful, and malicious.

“Yeah, I haven’t felt something that malicious before, ever,” Strabimon was just as, if not more freaked then his partner, that was the primary village he’d hatched in up ahead, some of his best memories were from that place, “Let’s see what’s going on.” After getting a nod from Naruto they started to run…

“Oh, Goldramon-sama.” they both prayed in unison, and really it was well deserved that they pray to the digital Kami when they saw the horrific scene before them, there was a fallen angel type digimon flying through the village destroying landscape and digimon alike, pretty much destroying whatever it laid its eyes on and absorbing the data from whatever was alive (AN: Normally the primary village would look like its namesake from season 1).

“Icedevimon, Fallen Angel Digimon, Champion Level, Attacks are Frozen Claw, close range, Avalanche Claw, mid range, and Tundra Freeze, mid to long range,” Naruto had come to his senses enough to bring up the digimon’s info on his D-ark (Light Blue Body, Silver Rings btw), “Man he’s gonna be tough, especially with all the data he’s already taken from the village residents.” Naruto already knew they’d be fighting him, Strabimon had told him before that this was the village he’d hatched from, “We’re gonna need a plan if we want a chance at stopping him, but first we need to stop him moving around.”

“He flies through the village, under the height of the building block towers, I’ll climb to the top of one of them and hit him in the back with a Light Slash to ground him, you use a Drilling Air Bullet to take him out,” Strabimon rattled off quickly, he had always been a good strategist, there were very few who could match him in shogi and go, not to mention that Naruto may be a great improviser but his planning process was more or less rush in and hope for the best.

“Right.” And with that they dashed off to their positions, using the invisibility trick common to many digimon to do so more stealthily.

Once they got into position, Strabimon at the top of one of the towers and Naruto at the base they waited for the opportune moment… there he’s coming.

Strabimon jumped out over Icedevimon, the claws on his hands starting to glow, “Light Slash!” He hit right in the sweet spot, on his back between the wings making Icedevimon cry out from the sudden attack, unfortunately that’s where everything went wrong.

Icedevimon spun around with a cry of, “Frozen Claw!” striking Strabimon with his right claw, sending Strabimon straight towards another of the towers, and through its marshmallow like surface to land on the other side, knocked for a loop and more then a little dizzy.

Icedevimon heard Naruto’s cry of “wind style: Drilling Air Bullets Jutsu” and dodged the half dozen beach ball sized wind projectiles that had been aimed at him from below, rather impressed by the power of such a technique he looked down to see where it came from, to find a human, Icedevimon was no stranger to humans, having killed a couple of tamers that had made it to the digital world but in his experience they weren’t capable of such techniques, trusting their digimon for protection , needless to say the power hungry digimon was intrigued, he’d heard the legend that a digimon is only capable of reaching its fullest potential if they have a tamer, and a human who has such powers would certainly be better then the weaklings he had encountered before, not to mention that the rookies attack was more powerful then expected of a rookie, so there must be some truth to the legend.

“Well, Hello there human, tell me, would you like a better partner then that pathetic rookie that I just swatted?” Icedevimon asked as he landed in front of the child, figuring he had nothing to lose by asking, either he’d gain more power or he’d kill the child.

“Tch, dream on frosty, you couldn’t get a partner with that look even if you walked around wearing a sign saying ‘most desperate digimon in both worlds’,” Naruto just couldn’t help himself, the guy had just been massacring fresh digimon and he wanted a partner? Talk about stupid, not to mention that what Naruto said was the truth, the guy looked like he’d gone through a gauntlet of ugly sticks as a fresh.

Needless to say Icedevimon was Pissed, how dare this human filth insult him like that! Icedevimon leapt forward with a cry of “Frozen Claw” only to be stopped by the blade of a katana he was willing to swear before the entire digital world he did not have a second ago, even more disconcerting was the fact the blade was holding firm under the force of one of the most powerful Frozen Claw attacks he had ever used, as far as Icedevimon could tell it was a normal blade yet it was strong enough to hold him at bay, how odd, oh well, more fighting, less thinking.

“Frozen Tundra,” Icedevimon launched the normally mid-long range attack point blank towards Naruto’s face, he was completely frozen over. “Hehehehe, Hahahahaha, so much for the ‘strongest human I have ever seen’ in the end that is all you are, human,” Icedevimon stood there mocking the block of ice that held Naruto, calling himself an idiot for ever respecting a human.


Strabimon was shocked, he had just seen the being who was closest to him, the one he cared about most in this world, defeated by that bastards dirty trick, if he didn’t do something soon, Naruto was going to … die.


Strabimon was surrounded by silvery blue rings forming an egg shape, “Strabimon Digivolve to …”

His skin peeled off revealing a wire frame…

The egg rings got bigger…

His wire frame morphed to represent something bigger, better, more powerful…

He felt armour being equipped as new skin took the place of the old, his new form was humanoid…

He felt power, the likes of which he had never felt before but which he could control, he had never been so thankful of Ebonwumon’s training…

The Digivolution egg shattered revealing his champion form…


Lobomon started off with “Howling Laser!” He caught Icedevimon right in the mouth in mid-laugh, now maybe he’ll shut up.

Icedevimon was annoyed, who the hell gave him permission to interrupt in his gloating? Then he saw his new opponent, the form was unfamiliar, but he remembered the aura, this was the digimon he’d smacked earlier, he’d digivolved, maybe there was something to that legend after all… Never mind that “Avalanche Claw,” he launched dozens of icicles with a flap of his wings, straight at the new and improved annoyance, convinced that it wouldn’t be too hard since he was new to this form, probably the first time he’d ever gotten to champion.

Lobomon saw the approaching attack and knew he wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way, better block then, he reached behind his back and grabbed both of his ‘Light Kendo’ swords, “Lobo Kendo,” Lobomon yelled as ye joined the two swords in front of him, activated them, then spun, effectively blocking Icedevimon’s attack, separated the swords and rushed Icedevimon with another cry of “Lobo Kendo,” attacking and blocking with both swords, it was a little tricky to concentrate on both at once, but he managed.

Lobomon and Icedevimon lunged and parried, struck and blocked, the occasional cry of “Frozen Claw” or “Lobo Kendo” being heard from the two digimon as they fought, neither really getting the upper hand, until…

“Claw of Doom,” it was Jijimon, he’d struck Icedevimon in the side, sending him flying down the street until he hit one of the marshmallow cubes at the other end (hey he may look like a decrepit old man but he is a mega).

“Hu, finally, where the hell were you Jijimon?” asked Lobomon, a little miffed that he hadn’t around to prevent this in the first place.

“Will you relax youngin’, I was out with my poker buddies if you must know,” replied Jijimon, as if it was the most normal thing on earth to be playing poker while there’s a crisis going on, Jijimon happened to look over at Lobomon when said this, only to see him in the middle of a face-plant.

“Ugh, I don’t know why I ask sometimes, really I don’t.” Lobomon complained as he got back up.


“Damn, the Mega’s back, I can’t fight him, better get out of here,” Icedevimon said as he watched his enemies, a little miffed that something that should be an easy kill proved to be on equal ground with him, and that the mega showed up, he wasn’t suppose to be back from his poker game till tomorrow, “Oh Well, I’ll take your data another time warrior,” this time he was loud enough to be heard by Lobomon and Jijimon, he then spread his wings and took off, dodging the howling laser attacks that Lobomon sent after him in frustration…

“Oh, Damn, Jijimon, Get Naruto out of that ice, he probably doesn’t have long left,” Lobomon shouted, mad at himself for almost forgetting his partner.

“Claw of Doom.”


‘Typical though, the first major fight we’re in and I miss most of it,’ Naruto thought, slightly annoyed, though his annoyance was alleviated by the fact that he and Strabimon had been in many a fight since then, even managing to unlock Strabimon’s other champion form a year ago in a fight against a swarm of Fanbeemon that was a fair bit larger and more powerful then it was supposed to be, man that was a nightmare…


“I do not know why Ebonwumon even takes mission requests like this; I mean, come on, a few Fanbeemon, why oh why can’t the Gekomon just take care of it themselves?” Strabimon questioned for the tenth time that day, it had been about a year since that disaster with the Icedevimon, and Strabimon has not missed an opportunity to complain about the quality of missions, they had advanced from gofers to pest control, Strabimon’s words, the most difficult mission they’d had so far was relocating a Sukamon … a Sukamon for crying out loud.

“Because the majority of clients who request missions like these are either too lazy to do it themselves or are complete cowards,” Naruto answered, for once, he was just as annoyed about the assignment as his brother, and considering he was usually the more understanding of the two, it took quite a bit to tick him off like this, “Besides you know as well as I do that Gekomon is about as close to completely useless as you can get in the digital world, this particular group of Gekomon has been taken over by a tyrant 5 times in the past three years, usually by champion levels at that, hell one time it was a Shellnumemon who took over, and they still didn’t do anything about it, they just bleated like a bunch of Sheepmon until someone came in and did it for them.”

“… Damn, how many missions do you think we are gonna get from a Gekomon until we move up the promotion ladder again,” Strabimon asked, hesitantly, it was obvious that he knew he really wouldn’t like the answer to his question.

“Well considering that Ebonwumon is likely gonna hear about us hating Gekomon missions I’d say, every single one he can get his hands on,” Naruto answered, finding what he was saying to be just as repulsive as Strabimon did, “but the good news is that we’re up for another promotion test soon, you know as well as I do that the test is usually disguised as a mission, to see how we handle things in the field.”

“Yeah, too bad it’s not this one, I could really use some more digidollars,” said Strabimon, looking rather wistful.

Naruto knew that expression, he was thinking about Ranamon, again, “Pal if I’ve told you once I’ve told ya a million times, the only reason she likes you is because you have a human partner and when we eventually get sent to the human world, which you know is gonna happen, she is gonna tag along to find her own tamer.”

“Yeah, I know, its just nice to have someone waitin’ for ya to get home, ya know, even if it is only fake,” finally Strabimon admitted that Ranamon was using him, Naruto had been trying to do that for nearly a month now, now he could finally get him away from that annoying female and get his head back into the job where it belongs, “Not to mention the sex is to die for,” he finished, well damn that explains it a hell of a lot easier then that ‘someone waiting at home’ bull he spouted a second ago, he’s got sex on the brain and is using Ranamon as a ready supply of it. Naruto had started puberty last year, he was apparently an ‘early bloomer’, hell there was a Lillymon back home who he’d been following with his eyes lately himself. Of course there was a bad part of starting puberty; Babamon had given him ‘the talk’ … he was still traumatized from that.

“Just please tell me that you’re going to dump her ass soon, I can’t stand her, you know that.” Naruto pleaded, he really couldn’t stand her, she had the personality of a Harpymon and a screech to match, his ears were still sore from the rant she launched at him a week ago.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it as soon as we’re promoted, you know as well as I do that I’ll have a shot at Kazemon by then,” Strabimon relented, and he was right about Kazemon, she only dated guys above a certain pay grade, mostly because the girl was a gold digger, Naruto has never claimed that Strabimon has good taste in women, he tends to go for beautiful body but parasitic personality (the kind of girl who’ll suck the life right out of you), Naruto had tried to set him up on blind dates but there wasn’t much of a selection of girls back home that were interested in a rookie, even if he was capable of reaching champion level…

As Naruto and Strabimon continued to talk they walked through one of the forests in the digital world, headed towards their assignment, they were suppose to meet up with the Gekomon who would tell them where the Fanbeemon swarm was, they’d go to the swarm, try to relocate them peacefully, whatever happened at that point depended on their answer.


After a few more hours of walking they reached the pond where the Gekomon where supposed to be waiting for them, and lo and behold they saw a Gekomon there who seemed to use a brown walking stick, probably the elder, which just made him even more useless then the normal Gekomon in their opinion, the elders tended to procrastinate and worry far more then the average Gekomon, and because the only Gekomon who fight tend to Digivolve to Shogungekomon pretty quickly, which this one obviously hasn’t, he doesn’t have any battle experience whatsoever.

“About time you slackers decided to show up,” the Gekomon complained in the lisp typical of their species, oh that’s the other thing that made elder Gekomon more useless, they’re almost always in a bad mood, and they complain about everything.

“Just tell us where the swarm is Gekomon; we want this done just as much as you do,” Naruto replied, a little ticked at the annoying little bastard, ‘we come all this way to do this and this is the kind of thanks we get?’

“Over that way,” the Gekomon said, pointing off into the forest “about 500m, just hurry up and do your job”…

“Rude little bastard, next time he bad mouths me I’m gonna Light Star his ass,” Strabimon said, annoyed at the pest who presumed to boss him around.

“(sigh), Don’t worry about it Strabimon, let’s just get the job done and get out of here, ok?” Naruto was just as annoyed about the Gekomon as Strabimon, he just had better emotional control then his partner.

“Yeah, yeah … hey I think I can hear the Fanbeemons’ buzzing already.” Strabimon said, “Finally, let’s get this over with.” Strabimon was just about to rush forward when Naruto grabbed the scruff of his neck.

“Wait up, we shouldn’t be hearing them yet, not to mention that that buzzing is a fair bit louder then what you’d expect from 3 or 4 Fanbeemon,” Naruto thought quickly, Strabimon worked better with more information, Naruto was the improviser so in the case of unexpected occurrences he was in charge, “we’ll go in cloaked, see what, exactly, we are up against.” With that they both engaged their invisibility trick and crept closer, making as little sound or impact on the environment as possible.

‘Ahhhh, Fuuuck,’ they both thought simultaneously as they came upon the hive, considering that there were over a hundred Fanbeemon, nearly a dozen Waspmon and one Cannonbeemon, their reaction was perfectly understandable, they were, in a word, screwed, especially considering that the Cannonbeemon was capable of sensing digital energy, and thus, knew that they were there, and it just alerted the entire hive of that fact.

“Gear Stinger,” Naturally, their first instinct was to attack, strange thing is that only the Fanbeemon were attacking, the swarm mustn’t see them as that much of a threat, still, 100+ rookie attacks will take out most champions in one strike.


Strabimon was surrounded by silvery blue rings forming an egg shape, “Strabimon Digivolve to …”

His skin peeled off revealing a wire frame…

The egg rings got bigger…

His wire frame morphed to represent something bigger, better, more powerful…

He felt armour being equipped as new skin took the place of the old; his new form was humanoid…

He felt power, power which was very familiar…

The Digivolution egg shattered revealing his champion form…


“Lobo Kendo,” Lobomon jumped in front of Naruto and spun his Light Kendo, forming a shield to protect them from the barrage, now the Waspmon were interested, this new form was strong, even for a champion.

While Lobomon was blocking the barrage of stingers, Naruto was preparing an attack he’d perfected a couple of weeks ago, he didn’t use it too often because of the number of hand seals, and thus time, required, but this was a golden opportunity. “Wind style: Twin Dragon Twisters Jutsu,” Lobomon had seen that jutsu in action and thus got the hell out of the way when he heard his partner vocalise it, Naruto thrust both arms forward launching two dragon shaped twisters (basically a wind version of Dotou’s black dragon blizzard jutsu, bad guy from first Naruto movie) at the swarm where they proceeded to rip through the ranks, knocking the Waspmon for a loop and destroying ¾ of the Fanbeemon outright. Ok that got the Cannonbeemon’s attention, and judging from the buzzing it was doing, it was pissed.

Cannonbeemon had apparently had enough; it launched its missiles will a cry of “Sky Rocket Mugen” at the pair, it hit, knocking Naruto for a loop and forcing Lobomon back to rookie form.

Cannonbeemon chuckled as it surveyed its foes, they weren’t as tough as it’d first thought, it aimed its stinger towards the pair, intent on finishing them when it noticed that the human was standing up, the human was heavily injured, yet it was standing up, Cannonbeemon was confused by the human’s defiance.

Naruto had stood up, he was panting as if he’d just run a kilometre, not to mention his hunched stance (imagine how he looked in the manga after just getting up from Neji’s 64 palms), ‘damn it, don’t have much choice, I’ll have to open the first gate,’ Naruto had been studying up on the chakra gates on and off for the past month and he was sure that, even though he’d never done it before, he was capable of opening the first.

“First Gate: Open!” Naruto shouted as he was suddenly covered in an intense chakra aura, though it had an effect Naruto had not considered, a large portion of the new chakra rushed through the D-ark to Strabimon, filling his energy levels far beyond what they used to be…


Strabimon was surrounded by silvery blue rings forming an egg shape, “Strabimon Digivolve to …”

His skin peeled off revealing a wire frame…

The egg rings got bigger…

His wire frame morphed to represent something bigger, better, more powerful…

He felt armour being equipped as new skin took the place of the old; his new form was bestial, the armour was far stronger…

He felt power, power beyond his normal champion form, but due to his training over the past year, he could control it…

The Digivolution egg shattered revealing his beast champion form…


“Nice,” Naruto commented upon seeing his partner’s new form, and then he drew his katana and stood in his starting stance, “Let’s cut down the competition.”

“Gladly,” replied Kendogarurumon, his voice now having a bit of a growl in it, he extended his wing blades and grounded his wheels.

“Wind style: Wind Blade Storm” “Howling Star”

Naruto swung his katana like a maniac, wind blades being launched from the sword blade every time he swung, every wind blade deleting a member of the swarm, while he was doing that Kendogarurumon was having the time of his life, zooming around the field faster then most eyes can see, let alone react to, cutting down Fanbeemon and Waspmon alike, they kept at it until there was only one hive member left, Cannonbeemon, and if you thought it was angry before it was nothing compared to now especially seeing as it only took those two 15 seconds at the most to wipe out its entire militia. Cannonbeemon opened fire using both Nitro Stinger and Sky Rocket Mugen, unfortunately for it they were both now too fast to be hit.

Another side effect of the enhanced connection is that they were now able to communicate telepathically with each other, it was a damn useful too, especially considering they used that connection to come up with a strategy to destroy the Cannonbeemon, it was simple, yet elegant, and more importantly, brutally efficient.

Naruto got on Kendogarurumon’s back and started going through hand signs, knowing that if this didn’t work, they were screwed, meanwhile Kendogarurumon started to suck light energy into his mouth, thinking along the same lines as Naruto.

“Wind Style: Twin Dragon Twisters,” “Lupine Laser.”

The two attacks combined…

“Radiant Dragon Twister,” They both called out the name of their new combo, as the name suggested it was a massive dragon shaped twister that was radiating blinding light, and as Cannonbeemon noticed a second too late, it was coming right at it, needless to say, Cannonbeemon was deleted.


As it turns out, that mission was the promotion test mission, they’d gotten to the level where they were sent on low risk bodyguard missions and small time criminal captures, Strabimon did actually dump Ranamon and ask out Kazemon, only to get turned down, turns out that she’d snagged DYNASMON of all digimon while they were away, and Dynasmon, being the second in command to the general of Ebonwumon's forces, had more money then she could ever spend, not that she hadn’t been trying, she actually bought one of the more expensive digimon restaurants, and surprisingly enough turned out to be quite the businesswomon, so everyone wins but Strabimon, he’d even thought once about getting back together with Ranamon, until Naruto whapped him for doing so.

It’s been a year since that mission and Naruto’s outfit really hasn’t changed much from what it was two years ago, he wore arm braces now and had his hair in a short tail but that was about it, oh and he was taller now (a little over Shikamaru’s height), and Strabimon as per typical of digimon, hadn’t changed physically at all, though he was more focused on the job now that he was doing ‘real work’ as he put it.


They’d just received word from a messenger digimon, one of the many who were still at in-house gofer level, a Patamon actually, that they were needed for a ‘special assignment,’ of course, they weren’t all that enthusiastic as the last time they heard those words they were sent to Jijimon’s primary village to help the understaffed carers there take care of a bunch of fresh digimon, freshly hatched, the little bastards did nothing but cry the entire time they were there. Apparently sometimes Ebonwumon did that just to knock someone down a few pegs, or whenever they felt like it. Still, they hurried anyway, the more time they spend dawdling, the more likely it is that they’ll get a crap assignment instead of a good one.

“Uh, hey there Lillymon, we were summoned by Ebonwumon, he should be expecting us,” said Naruto, with a slight blush (to which Strabimon roll his eyes), to Ebonwumon’s, well for lack of a better term, secretary, he still nursed a bit of the crush he’d had on her a year ago, even if it was mostly physical attraction, she’d turned him down a couple of months ago when he asked her out, turns out that she was a lesbian and had been having a rather torrid affair with one of Azulongmon’s Angewomon, of course the next question Naruto asked had been if he could watch sometime, he actually got one hell of a show, mainly because Lillymon was fond of him even if she wasn’t attracted to him.

“Oh hey Naruto, Strabimon, Yeah go ahead, he’s been waiting for you,” Lillymon answered, a little dismayed at the sight of the blush, the idea with the free show was to get her out of his system, so that he could pursue someone else, they both knew that he wouldn’t ask her out again, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, regardless of the reality of the situation. Well hopefully he’d meet someone on his next mission, Ebonwumon had confided in her about it, so she knew this was probably the last time she’d see him in a while, and he her, hopefully the time would do what the show couldn’t, and if he found a girl along the way, all the better.

“Thanks Lillymon,” Strabimon answered, since his partner couldn’t seem to get his vocal chords to cooperate, Strabimon knew all about the crush and the show, though he was of the opinion that Lillymon didn’t really think of Naruto as a human, such a show at that age would screw with his hormones to the point where he could barely think when anything reminded him of it, he’d actually gotten that way once when he saw a Gatomon, of course, after Strabimon had gotten him somewhere where he wouldn’t embarrass them both, he’d pissed himself laughing until Naruto came to his senses and promptly whapped him.

As they walked through the huge gate towards Ebonwumon’s office (basically like that room where Zhuqiaomon is first seen only green instead of red and no furnace in the centre) they wondered what the assignment could be about, assuming it wasn’t a dud mission like that babysitting one there weren’t many areas they could do that some other mon couldn’t do better.

“Ah, Naruto, Strabimon, its good to see you lads again, you don’t visit so much anymore,” the Right head complained.

“We’ve been training most of the time Ebonwumon-jiichan,” Naruto replied, over the years the two of them had filled the place in his heart that the Sandaime had once held, that of a the lovable grandpa, even if this one did have a rather extreme case of MPD, “just keeping in shape, you know?”

“Keeping in shape he calls it,” Strabimon muttered to himself, he thinks of Ebonwumon like Naruto does, as a lovable, if more then a little eccentric, grandpa. As for why he’s complaining about Naruto’s training, HE TRAINED 7 HOURS A DAY, NO-ONE IS THAT INSANE, meanwhile in Naruto’s universe of origin: - “If I cannot do 300 Jumping Jacks, then I will do 600 palm strikes,” “Yosh, go on Lee, show the multiverse the power of YOUTH.”, ‘shudder why do I feel like a small innocent animal just had its brain fried by a couple of psychos?’ Strabimon thought to himself, unfortunately his thoughts preoccupied him a little too much, whap, apparently Naruto heard him.

“Hehehe, I take it that you two are getting along as well as you ever do,” the Left head commented, chuckling, seeing the byplay between them, really they were like a couple of brothers who’s favourite pass time was to annoy each other. Don’t get him wrong they never really fought, even if they did have the occasional disagreement, they just knew too much about each other to stay mad for long, honestly Ebonwumon was not looking forward to the day when one of them died, leaving the other behind, the one who remained would likely join them before too long, he honestly didn’t think they could live without each other anymore.

“Enough of the horsin’ around lads, we’ve got an assignment for ye, and trust me, you’re gonna like this one,” the Right head stated, ready to get on to business.

“Right, now, this is a bodyguard mission that will span an unknown amount of time, it could be weeks, months, even years,” the Left head started, all business, “the digimon you’re protecting is something of a special case,” with a mental command Ebonwumon dimmed the lights and activated a screen on the side wall towards which they all directed their attention, the screen came on showing a digimon, likely an in-training digimon who had a predominately white body, with purple along the edges of his ears and toes, green eyes, and a strange red and black design on his forehead. “This is Calumon, he is your assignment, you are to protect him at any cost.”


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