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more details on the mission, a few intros and arriaval in the human world

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Chapter 3: Going to the Human World


Last Time on Naruto’s Digital Destiny

“This is Calumon, he is your assignment, you are to protect him at any cost.”

Now the story continues…

“Whoa, at any cost, almost no-one gets those orders, who is this kid that makes him so important,” Naruto said, awed, at any cost orders are usually given to megas when they are sent against high priority targets.

“In order to tell you that we need to tell you about something one of our fellow sovereign did, it may have been a mistake, it may not have, it doesn’t matter, the deed is done, nothing we can do about that now,” started the Right head.

“Azulongmon of the East (AN: that’s what I’m going to put as their individual titles, *mon of the whatever) requested that the digignomes turn the Light of Digivolution into a Digimon, Calumon,” finished the Left head.

“You’re kidding, that little cream puff is the Light of Digivolution, one of the digital world’s most powerful artefacts, wait if the Light is not in its place how are the digimon without a tamer going to Digivolve as they mature? (AN: in my world that’s the way most digimon Digivolve, at least until now, though if they go that way the highest they get is champion, only those that fight and absorb data go higher, ever notice how civilian digimon are usually champion or lower?) No, don’t tell me, they’ll have to fight and absorb data to Digivolve now, won’t they, doesn’t Azulongmon realise that this will cause the crime level in all four quadrants to skyrocket?” Naruto asked.

“Better a world of anarchy, then the Light of Digivolution in the hands of the chaos,” answered the Right head.

“It’s awake? Damn, we are so screwed, especially considering the fact that this Calumon probably doesn’t even know what he is, and due to the fact that he’s only been self aware for a couple weeks at the most, he probably has the mentality of a your typical in-training digimon, if not even more juvenile,” Strabimon commented, already hating this assignment.

“You wouldn’t be asking us if that was all there was to it, there are hundreds of digimon in your ranks more capable of bodyguard missions then us,” Naruto stated, a little suspicion growing in his mind, he had an idea as to why it was them being sent on this mission, he just wanted to be sure.

“You’re right, under normal circumstances we would ask a mega and a few ultimates to do this, we can’t do that now that Calumon has found his way to the human world,” the Left head answered, confirming Naruto’s suspicion, they were being sent to the human world.

“Oh that is just brilliant, how the hell are we supposed to find the kid now? We don’t know our way around the human world,” Strabimon asked.

“We’ve transferred a program to Naruto’s D-ark which will show a compass pointing in Calumon’s direction no matter where he is, as the digimon form of the Light of Digivolution he has a very unique digital signal, this program will track that signal,” answered the Right head.

“We’ve had Datamon (Ebonwumon’s expert on all things electronic and thus, his hacker) set you up,” the Left started, a dark blue backpack appearing in front of him, “When you get to the human world you will act as an exchange student from a school in regional Japan, you’re going to Shinjuku, which is where the majority of digimon activity is and therefore the most likely place where Calumon bio-emerged, in your files it will say that your parents were killed in a car crash when you were 3 and that you’ve been living with your widowed grandfather ever since, you’re bright for your age (which is true) and thus your grandfather wanted you schooled somewhere with better resources so as to get the most out of your education, …”

“Wait, school, you have got to be kidding, you’re gonna stick me in a school with a bunch of brats? You and Babamon already taught me all I’ll need to know,” Naruto interjected.

“Ha, your going to have to go to school in order to avoid suspicion, oh man I cannot wait, I’ll have practically all day to fool around where you won’t be able to whap me,” Strabimon gloated, he was starting to like this assignment… whap “Ow.”

“I’ll just whap you before I go and when I get back then,” replied Naruto staring Strabimon in the eyes.

“But you won’t know what I did,” argued Strabimon, getting in Naruto’s face.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll know you deserved it,” answered Naruto, as if it was a foregone conclusion that he’d do something whap-worthy, which in his mind it was.

“(Clears throat),” both of them looked back towards Ebonwumon, “If we could get back to the matter at hand,” (“Sorry”) “Now the other reason we’re sending you to school and this school in particular is that Datamon has been able to identify the energy signal of a D-ark, it goes there every school day, ergo one of the students is a tamer (AN: at this point Takato doesn’t have his yet), there is another tamer in the area, but she goes to a private all girls school so I don’t think you’d fit in there,” the Left head finished wryly.

“So you’re thinking that we should recruit them, that they might help in the mission?” Strabimon commented/asked.

“Depends on how useful they are,” Naruto answered, only to ask his own question, “How long have they been tamers?”

“We’ve only been receiving the signals for a couple of months,” Datamon answered as he walked in, “I’ve been analysing them, turns out that the energy given off every time someone slashes a modify card or the digimon linked to the D-ark digivolves is detectable by my instruments. Neither Digimon has digivolved in the entire time that they’ve been a part of this world and only one of them is actively fighting, the other is passive, only fighting when confronted by an enemy digimon.”

“Damn, so either they’re both so good that they don’t need to digivolve, unlikely, or they are both rookies in every imaginable way, one searching for conflict, obviously trying to get stronger, and the other is a pacifist, only fighting when cornered,” Strabimon translated, he’d known Datamon longer then Naruto, Datamon having been a kind of crazy uncle to him while he was still AlbinoTsunomon (AN: made up digimon, who I think would be a good in-training form for Strabimon, he looks like his name describes, an albino Tsunomon).

“Still, they are capable of being trained to be useful,” Datamon suggested, “I hacked into the D-arks, one of the digimon is a Renamon, and the other is a Terriermon.”

“Both of whom are primarily mid to long ranged fighters throughout their entire Digivolution lines,” Strabimon commented seeing the possibilities, “we could do all the close range stuff and leave them to long range support roles, the both of them probably have very little actual training so it would be the best idea.”

“At least until the fighter of the 2 starts to get pissy about it,” Naruto replied, stating the most likely outcome, “And that’s assuming that they’ll want to help us at all, after all the strongest digimon that are crossing the barrier at the moment are champions, if they’ve lasted this long its likely that, at the very least, the fighter is arrogant, probably don’t think they need help.”

“Well, I forgot about that, the strongest digimon getting across the barrier are champions, we probably won’t need help after all,” Strabimon agreed with the fighter, he could take on most champions in his current form, never mind his 2 champion forms, and Naruto was powerful enough by himself to give him a run for his money in any form, they’d be fine, so long as the barrier between the worlds stays as it is anyway, “Still we should at least make friends, less annoying that way, and who knows, there are a lot of champions in the digital world, who’s to say a large number won’t bio-emerge at the same time?”

“Aye that’s one possibility, another, is that the devas find a way to the human world,” the Right head said, shocking all three, “Zhuqiaomon has learned of Azulongmon’s actions, he believes that the Light should remain in its place, and we all know that he is not one to consider the wants or even the lives that come between him in his goal, I fear that in his zeal to restore the Light, he will destroy all in his path, human and digimon alike.”


After that ominous notion was brought up Ebonwumon dismissed them, as Naruto and Strabimon were leaving they heard a voice call out to them.

“Hey boys, wait up will ya?” it was Datamon, “I don’t move all too fast on these little legs ya know?”

“What’s up Datamon?” Strabimon asked.

“How do you think you’re gonna get to the human world, without my help?” Datamon replied, looking at both of them a little wryly as they sweat dropped, “I can open a bio-emergence point just about anywhere, come to my lab after you guys have packed, and I’ll send you on your way.” With that said, Datamon went back to his lab, calling over his shoulder as he went, “Make sure you say ALL of your goodbyes, you’re not likely to see any of your friends for a while.”

“Ah, damn, that completely slipped my mind, Babamon would be sooo pissed if I left without a final visit, see ya later Strabimon,” with that said, Naruto rushed off to the infirmary, good thing that was where he was going too, Babamon was not going to like the possible length of his next mission, and she had a tendency to ‘shoot the messenger’ so to speak, she patched them right back up after though, so it was all good, no-one wanted to be on her bad side though.

“Yeah I better say bye to Flamemon before I go, man he’s gonna be sooo pissed that I got such a good mission while he’s still on small-time crim duty,” Strabimon thought to himself as he walked off, he and Flamon had been part of the same generation of eggs, they grew up together and had been friends/rivals from the start…


“Hey, what took you so long slowpoke?” Strabimon asked Naruto as he walked in, he didn’t seem as if he was carrying anything but Strabimon knew that he had a sealing tattoo on his right bicep, he started using it a couple of years ago after he got sick of lugging around all of his crap in a backpack, Strabimon appreciated the design of the tattoo as well, it was the same design that was on his shoulder pads when he was Lobomon.

Datamon’s Lab was HUGE, Naruto and Strabimon had actually measured it once a few years back, it was twice as big as Ebonwumon’s office, not that you could tell at first glance, what with the row upon row of processing units and power generators for his supercomputer covering half the floor space and reaching 20 ft into the air, the other half of the lab was far from empty, the floor was littered with various projects that Datamon was half-way finished with, hell they saw a hollowed out Machinedramon in amongst that stuff once. Datamon was typing away at a keyboard near the far wall, that wall was a huge-ass monitor screen, he and Strabimon had snuck in here to watch a movie on it once when Datamon was on a mission, it was sooo kick ass, at least until Datamon got back and reviewed his security cameras at least, boy was he mad.

“Give me a break will ya, you know how Babamon gets, she started threatening to strap me to a hospital bed so I wouldn’t leave for crying out loud,” Naruto didn’t think it was all that funny, so when the other two started chuckling he gave them the EVIL-EYE ™, it shut em up pretty quickly, though it might have been the fact that was only worth a chuckle or two before getting back to work from Datamon’s point of view, we will never know (AN I’m betting on the latter).

“Ok boys; go stand over in that big circle on the ground over there,” they did, strangely enough it was right below a hole in the ceiling that was the same size as the circle on the ground, “Now, any last words before I send you on your way?”

“Yeah, this isn’t going to be horrifically painful is it, I’ve heard rumors about the last guy you used this system on,” Strabimon asked, he was just a wee bit nervous.

“Oh yeah, well he deserved it,” Datamon explained, causing them to glance at each other before audibly gulping, “Ah don’t worry, that guy was a high priority bad guy who took out an old friend of mine, you boys won’t feel anything more then a slight tickle. Now I’m gonna drop you boys off in an isolated part of Shinjuku Park. You’ll have to find your own accommodations I’m afraid, but that bank card that I gave you (AN. it was in the backpack), should have more then enough for a somewhat comfortable flat, just don’t spend it all in one place, I’ll top it off every month but you have to budget the rest.”

“Thanks Datamon, well, fire away,” Strabimon said before screwing his eyes shut, he liked Datamon, really, but sometimes he just gave off that mad scientist vibe, hell there was this one time he found Datamon in a spiky white wig cackling while he cried, “Its alive, its aliiive!” to the stormy heavens, the only thing missing from that scene was a hunchback named Igor.

Datamon turned back to the screen and started typing before he reached for a switch, as he grasped that switch Strabimon could have sworn he heard Datamon mutter, “I really need to get myself an Igor,” before he pulled it down triggering the device.

Six poles came up from the circumference of the circle; they were equal distances from each other and extended 10 feet into the air before they started to spin around the duo, they were generating an electrical field between them which was visible as a distortion in the air which crackled with electricity. As the poles’ speed began to reach maximum and the distortion started to become so intense so as to obscure the duo from sight Datamon punched ‘the big red button’, Naruto and Strabimon disappeared in a flash of light.


When they were able to see again they were aware of fog all around them, the chill of the late night air, and the fact that they had appeared 5ft above the surface of a lake… splash

When they came up for air Strabimon started cussing up a storm, using just about every curse and swear word in his, surprisingly large, vocabulary and directing them all towards Datamon, calling him things that would get you destroyed in some parts of the digital world, it actually took him 20 minutes to calm down enough to stop, when he did Naruto let out a low whistle, “Damn, where the hell did you learn all of that from?” Naruto was suitably impressed, he had never heard someone use so many insults towards someone and have them not clash with each other, either he had an incredibly vivid imagination or he had been tutored in the art of cussing.

Strabimon leaned back with his hands behind his head, he looked incredibly proud of his accomplishment, “Jijimon taught me when I was still in primary village, when he took me to Ebonwumon’s palace, this was when I was still AlbinoTsunomon, he cautioned me about using it around the people there, I guess I got into the habit of not cussing during the years before we were sent out on decent missions so I didn’t use them until this shocked it out of me.”

“Teaching Freshies how to swear, that is soo Jijimon,” Naruto said as he shook his head, “we’d better get moving before we catch something.”

“ACHOO,” Strabimon sneezed.

“ACHOO,” Naruto sneezed.

“(Sigh), never mind.”


It’s been about a week since Naruto and Strabimon came to the human world, Naruto had managed to get them a decent apartment by using a henge to rent one while looking like an adult, he really had to hand it to Datamon, the fake records he built for him were extensive, only someone who was actually looking for a forgery would find it, and even then they’d have to be damn good. Naruto had also signed himself into the school were the other tamer was by using a shadow clone/henge combo to appear as himself and the fictional grandfather that was part of his story, Naruto had long since figured out the shadow clone memory transfer trick, he just preferred to do things in person.

Strabimon had been checking out the other digimon/tamer pairs, he’d figured out who they were, their skill level and general psych profiles; -

Henry Wong, Age 13

Partner - Terriermon

Skill level - as a fighter he wasn’t too bad for a civilian, turns out that his uncle runs a Tae kwon do Dojo and he goes there a couple of times a week, current level blue.
- As a tamer he wasn’t bad at using modify cards, though he was mainly a defensive fighter, going for a kill only when absolutely necessary

Psychology - pacifist, only fights when others are in danger and even then he will stall a kill blow as much as possible, usually until the Terriermon gets fed up and finishes it himself.

Rika Nonaka, Age 13

Partner - Renamon

Skill level - not enough data to ascertain whether she’s a good fighter, suspected that she knows little more then how to not close her thumb inside of her fist as she punches.
- As a tamer she is ruthless and very skilled with modify cards, usually going for a kill blow as soon as possible.

Psychology - Aggressive, arrogant and actively looks for fights, believes digimon to be merely data and not really alive and that just about everyone is below her.

Suffice to say, he wasn’t very impressed with either of them.

Both of them had searched for Calumon, and they found him too, little bugger got it into his head that they were playing tag and led them on a merry chase throughout Shinjuku Park, they honestly didn’t know how he kept escaping, but they came to unanimous decision that if he was this hard to keep a hold of then no-one short of an ultimate would be able to grab him, and as the barrier wasn’t thin enough to allow ultimates through yet then he’d be fine.

It wasn’t until the night after that that they both sensed an odd digital signal, it was coming from the industrial sector, and they decided to check it out.


“Well lookie here, looks like we got ourselves a new player,” Strabimon said as he looked down into the crater, he saw a kid, looked to be about 13, with brown hair and wearing a blue hoodie, he was hugging a red saurian digimon, rookie probably, laughing like the innocent child he obviously was.

“That’s Takato Matsuki, he’s in the same class as I am,” Naruto said as he looked, he brought up his D-ark to get some info on the digimon he was with, only to get a picture and a no data reading, “That’s odd, I’m not getting any data on that digimon down there, I’ll try hacking into Takato’s D-ark to get the info,” Naruto pushed the button on his D-ark before his eyes became a solid silver, Strabimon knew what he was doing, this was another ability that Naruto discovered that came from the digital energy in his chakra system, he was able to directly interface with any digital hardware (think Mika’s power from heroes) hacking into someone else’s D-ark using his own should be easy for him to do. “Ah there we go, Guilmon, Virus Type, rookie level, attacks are Rock Crusher which is close range and Pyro Sphere, which is Mid-Long range, man his power levels are high for a rookie, though judging by the conversation those two are having, he’s not too bright.

“So basically an all round fighter, but he doesn’t have the brains to use his power properly yet,” Strabimon simplified, “What’s your take on the tamer?”

“More or less the odd ball in class really, seems to spend more time daydreaming then learning, and trust me, in Ms Asaji’s class, that’s pretty impressive in itself, the woman is a slave-driver,” Naruto answered, “from what I’ve heard, he’s a casual player of the card game but he’s nothing spectacular, an average Joe really, the only reason I noticed him at all is because he has a large chakra store, for an untrained civilian anyway.” Naruto had long since realised that the people of this world do have chakra, they just didn’t know how to utilise it.

“So what do you think his potential is?” asked Strabimon, Naruto had always been a good judge of potential, it’s what made him such a good fighter really.

“He could be great, with the right training at least, and Guilmon has the potential to either be one of the most powerful fighters of the digital world, or a complete monster,” Naruto replied, a little ominous with the last part.

“What do you mean?” asked Strabimon, after all Guilmon's digital signal was a little strange, but Naruto made it sound like he was a disaster waiting to happen.

“Just a hunch, but I think Guilmon is a new species, the first of his kind, don’t ask me how it happened but that’s the only way I can think to explain the fact that he didn’t show up in the Database, and there’s something else,” Strabimon looked at him with a questioning look in his eyes, “There was a program in Takato’s D-ark that I didn’t recognise, and its tied to that symbol on Guilmon’s chest, the Hazard symbol. It could be nothing but I think we should keep an eye on him just in case.”

“You think it’s dangerous?” asked Strabimon, his looks towards Guilmon having a little more respect knowing that he’s the first of his kind.

“Something to remember for future reference maybe, but not necessarily, I got the feeling that it would take a lot of energy just to activate the program, more energy then Takato and Guilmon combined have at least,” Naruto answered, a little relieved, he didn’t recognise the program but it seemed familiar, he couldn’t place where though.

“Well, lets get out of here, I’m sure following the kid would be entertaining considering that he obviously hasn’t a clue what he’s doing, but Myth Busters is on in 5 minutes and I really want to see it.”


The next day at school was hilarious, the principal was babbling about a dinosaur and Takato was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, Guilmon had apparently gotten bored and decided to follow him to school, where all the sights, sounds and smells had proceeded to distract him, Guilmon had even eaten all of the food in the cafeteria, Naruto swore that Guilmon had a titanium stomach, his lunch from that place yesterday moved.

Things settled down after Lunch break, though Takato wasn’t there, he must’ve taken him somewhere else, Naruto was curious and Ms Asaji was boring so he did a shadow clone/replacement combo and decided to follow, sending a signal through his D-ark for Strabimon to come too, and voila, there he is, and it looks like Rika’s found them, Naruto decided to watch the show from a nearby tree…

“What was that all about?” Takato asked after Guilmon was kicked into the fence by Renamon.

“That was your digimon eating dirt,” stated Rika as Renamon landed beside her, it was obvious that she didn’t think much of Guilmon, or his tamer.

“I saw you in my dream,” Takato replied, looking a little freaked, he shook himself, “No way, it can’t be.”

“So, you’re a lousy tamer and you’re weird,” said Rika, she was starting to doubt if this kid should even be a tamer, “Now am-scray, unless you think you can handle us, little boy.”

“I am not either a lousy tamer or a little boy,” Takato back chatted before trying to explain himself, “Guilmon is just young, that’s all.”

“Like tamer, like digimon, c’mon he’s at least a rookie right?” Rika was really doubting if this kid should be a tamer.

“Um, eh, well,” Takato thought to himself as he looked at Guilmon, “Yeah, well at least I think so, that’s what I was going for, y’know I’ve never done this before.”

“Never done what before?” Rika was curious as to what this ignoramus thought he was doing, Takato just uh’d to that question so she assumed he was stalling, “Oh, how clever, Renamon.”

Renamon and Rika started to walk towards the other pair as Takato tried to talk his way out of things, “No wait, call her off, c’mon we don’t wanna fight.”

“I knew you were just a little boy with a pet digimon,” Rika was outraged, “What do you think digimon were made for you goofy little goggle-head.”

“Uh, that’s like asking the asking the meaning of life,” Takato started

“For goodness sake, let’s just get this over with,” Renamon interjected heatedly, before leaping up and preparing her best attack.

“Guilmon, run away,” Takato cried, he didn’t want to lose him so soon.

“Diamond Storm,” Renamon cried before the dozens of crystal shards that she had just generated launched towards Guilmon, it was completely ineffective, the shards bounced right off of him.

Guilmon answered the attack with one of his own, “Pyro Sphere,” he called as he shot a fireball from his mouth, it hit a tree that Renamon landed on for a moment, blowing a chunk out of it.

As Renamon launched herself towards Guilmon, Strabimon showed up, “what’s up, ooh a fight between rookies, always entertaining,” he said as he watched the two of them roll around in the dirt, Rika swiped a modify card, an armour card apparently by its effect, a weapon appeared on Renamon’s left hand, which she pointed towards Guilmon’s head, it was about this time that Takato’s pleas actually got through to Guilmon, he turned away just in time to avoid the weapon’s fire, running back towards Takato, babbling about it being time to play.

“I think we’ve seen enough, let’s break it up,” said Naruto before they struck, Strabimon knocking Renamon from the sky with a backhand strike as she was jumping towards Guilmon, causing her to crash near Rika while Naruto walked out from behind the trees to the left of the field of battle.

“Who the hell are you?” Rika asked with slightly less then her usual calm, she was a little annoyed that her win had been interrupted, while she said this Renamon stood up next to her.

“You’re Naruto Uzumaki aren’t you, what are you doing here?” Takato said, a little more politely, having remembered him be introduced in class earlier that week.

“I think it’s called ‘saving your ass’ kid,” Strabimon said, annoyed, “You never, ever take your eyes off of the opponent, and even a complete rookie like you ought to know that.”


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