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A Difference of Opinioin

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A couple of fights and an argument

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Chapter 4: A Difference of Opinion

AN: for all you pervs out there, Rika’s body type is like Ino’s, Jeri’s is like Hinata’s and Alice’s is like Tenten’s

Also for those of you who wanna know Strabimon is about the same height as Naruto


Last Time on Naruto’s Digital Destiny

“I think we’ve seen enough, let’s break it up,” said Naruto before they struck, Strabimon knocking Renamon from the sky with a backhand strike as she was jumping towards Guilmon, causing her to crash near Rika while Naruto walked out from behind the trees to the left of the field of battle.

“Who the hell are you?” Rika asked with slightly less then her usual calm, she was a little annoyed that her win had been interrupted, while she said this Renamon stood up next to her.

“You’re Naruto Uzumaki aren’t you, what are you doing here?” Takato said, a little more politely, having remembered him being introduced in class earlier that week.

“I think it’s called ‘saving your ass’ kid,” Strabimon said, annoyed, “You never, ever take your eyes off of the opponent, and even a complete rookie like you ought to know that.”

Now the story continues…

“Ah, leave him alone Strabimon,” Naruto said to his partner, causing Takato to smile at him gratefully, and Rika to frown, “After all, it’s not his fault he’s a lousy fighter, probably never been in a fight in his life,” he finished, causing Takato to frown and Rika to smirk.

“So, Whiskers,” Rika started, referring to the silver whiskers on his cheeks, “you think you can offer a better challenge?”

Naruto and Strabimon looked at each other and shrugged, “Meh, it’s your funeral Red,” Naruto countered, giving her a nickname to match the one she gave him, judging by the glare she sent, she didn’t like the taste of her own medicine.

“Renamon,” she started, “Walk all over him.”

“As you wish, Rika,” Renamon was less confident, she’d heard rumors back when she was in the digital world of a digimon/tamer pair that took out a Fanbeemon swarm that numbered in the hundreds and who stood toe to toe with a fallen angel digimon, the digimon of the pair was Strabimon, ‘the rumors can’t be accurate, no rookie could take that many Fanbeemon, or stand a chance against a fallen angel, they must be exaggerated.’ She started off with her signature Diamond Storm attack, firing dozens of crystals to where Strabimon stood, at least until he disappeared, the crystals striking the ground harmlessly. ‘Where is he?’ Renamon thought to herself as she landed and looked around the field.

“Right here,” Strabimon said as he reappeared, standing back to back with her, Renamon was shocked, this digimon was far more skilled then any other she had faced, “Light Slash Spin,” Strabimon called as the claws on his hands started to glow and then he spun rapidly (think Link’s sword spin move from smash bros, only with glowing claws in place of a sword) the attack hit Renamon, damaging her severely as it threw her into the tree next to where Rika was standing, cracking it.

Strabimon appeared in front of Renamon and grabbed her by the throat, slamming her back against the tree. While this was happening Rika was freaking out, this wasn’t supposed to happen, Renamon was supposed to win, she called up the Strabimon’s info on her D-ark, only to find that something was wrong, that attack Strabimon just used wasn’t on the list.

“What the hell, that attack isn’t on the list,” Rika was fuming, he cheated, that was the only possible explanation as to why Renamon lost so easily.

“It’s an adaptation of his Light Slash attack, and besides, I think you’ve got your priorities mixed up, Renamon is one attack from being deleted and you’re worrying about whether or not I’m playing fair?” Naruto was stunned, he’d never met someone so selfish, her partner was barely alive and here she was trying to save her pride?

“Stop it,” they all heard from the top of the hill nearby, it was Henry Wong and his Terriermon. Strabimon figured that the fight was over, so he shrugged, let go of Renamon, and walked back over to Naruto.

“It’s you,” Takato said, he’d met them earlier that day, when he was running around looking for Guilmon.

“It’s me, It’s him, and aren’t you happy to see us?” Terriermon asked with a giggle in his voice as he ran down to where they were.

“A Digimon,” Rika said, a little confused at this point, Renamon stood up next to her, just barely hiding her fatigue, “This is just crazy, they’re popping up everywhere.”

“Now you are strong, but don’t you think slamming her up against the tree like that was a little much?” Terriermon asked Strabimon, Strabimon stiffened, how dare this annoying little pest criticise how he fight.

“It’s not that smart to mouth off to someone bigger then you, you know,” Henry said to Terriermon, a little annoyed that he was letting his mouth go out of control again.

“Henry, Momentai,” Terriermon answered.

“You take it easy,” Henry said before turning back to the other 2, “Just what are your digimon fighting about anyway?”

“Hey, she issued the challenge, we just accepted,” Naruto replied, “Not our fault she bit off more then she could chew.”

“That’s a stupid question, what else are digimon supposed to do?” Rika was annoyed, there’s always a critic, and a smart-aleck, if he didn’t cheat then he wouldn’t have stood a chance, and she was just starting to calm down too.

“Whatever they want to do, they’re not our slaves or pets,” Henry stated, before Terriermon jumped up into his arms, “they’re our friends, they just wanna do the same sort of things we do.”

“Well Renamon wants to fight, so do I for that matter,” Rika stated, before walking off, Renamon following her.

“She’s harsh,” Takato commented, before he remembered, “Oh hey, thanks, for saving Guilmon.”

“Do you want to know what would be a real gesture of thanks, train, so that I don’t have to save him again,” Strabimon said as he and Naruto walked in the opposite direction that Rika just took.

“Hey, Naruto right,” Henry called, Naruto looked over his shoulder and nodded, “do you want to hang out with us?”

Naruto looked over at Strabimon, who shrugged, “Meh, it might be entertaining,” he answered Naruto’s unspoken question.

“What the hell, we’ve got nothing better to do right now,” Naruto said as he turned around and followed them, Strabimon following him.


“So where did you live before you came to Shinjuku?” asked Takato as they settled in the shed where Guilmon was apparently going to be housed.

“A small village in amongst the mountains, I doubt you’ve heard of it, especially seeing as it’s not on any official map you’ll find,” Naruto answered, using an answer that would get the least amount of questions on that subject as possible.

“How long have you and Strabimon been together,” Terriermon asked while looking at the digimon who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

“About 5 years now,” Naruto answered, “It’s a good part of why we’re so good together, and we’ve trained together the entire 5 years, its why he’s so skilled, you see, give them a chance and most digimon will fall into some kind of pattern when fighting, I just didn’t give him a chance to do that, it makes him unpredictable, not mention that I helped him make a few attacks that, while based on his original attacks, are sometimes far more effective then the main ones.”

“Like that Light Slash Spin right, Rika seemed peeved that you weren’t using official attacks,” Takato mentioned, remembering how powerful it had been, and Rika’s reaction to it.

“Like that, I bet with enough training that Guilmon would be able to do rapid fire pyro spheres or even combos using his rock crusher attack,” Naruto thought out loud, “though with his current mindset he’d probably respond best to treats,” they all sweat dropped at that last one.

“Hey, I’m hungry,” Terriermon said from his perch on Guilmon's head.

“But you just ate,” Henry said, exasperated, you would think that he’d never eaten in the digital world with the way he ate here.

“So, what’s your point?” Terriermon asked as he tumbled to the ground, then jumped on Henry’s back, wrapping an ear around for balance.

“All right, dinner time,” Henry said before he walked off.

“Hey, I forgot to ask, what does Momentai mean?” Takato called after them, whap, “Ow, hey!”

“It means take it easy, doofus,” Strabimon said as he followed Naruto out of the shed.


After school the next day Naruto was wondering around town when he saw Takato explain that Guilmon was a guy in a suit, the funny thing was that people actually bought it.

“I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again,” Naruto said as he walked up to them, getting their attention, “there are two things in this universe that are infinite, the universe itself, and human stupidity, and I’m not too sure about the universe.”

Takato sweat-dropped, he had to admit that what he just said was likely true, “What are you doing around here?”

“Looking for a card shop actually, it’s been a while since I stocked up on modify cards,” Naruto replied, actually he’d never used the cards before, no need in the digital world, but here he had to keep a low profile, so Strabimon would be doing most of the fighting, with him helping from the sidelines.

“Oh, well there’s one over,” Takato was cut off as his D-ark started getting some kind of signal, and then Guilmon rushed off, making them chase after him. Naruto bet that there was a digimon in the area who wanted a fight so he signalled Strabimon to follow; he was only a couple of blocks away so it wouldn’t take him long, though they’d stay out of it this time, at least until it went too far…


Naruto and Strabimon were content to sit back and watch, at least until Terriermon digivolved and started shooting everywhere, he was obviously drunk with power, they looked at each other and nodded, it was time to intervene…


“Strabimon digivolve too … Lobomon”

Lobomon rushed forward, activating his Light Kendo, with which he struck Gargomon’s Gattlings, disabling them thanks to a bit of lightning chakra that Naruto channelled through the D-ark (AN: lightning chakra paralyses duh), channelling chakra through the bond was a trick they’d figured out a few months ago, he then holstered them and started a combo on Gargomon (think Sasuke’s Lion Combo from the Chunin prelims in anime), when Gargomon slammed into the ground he de-digivolved back to Terriermon, the damage too severe to hold his champion form.

Henry rushed over to Terriermon, shocked that someone he’d thought to be an alright guy did that to his partner, he picked up Terriermon and his eyes started to water before Naruto walked up and whapped him, Lobomon doing the same to Renamon.

(Lobomon and Renamon)

“Why the hell were you still using Diamond Storm, you’d already seen that it was practically useless to use against Guilmon,” Lobomon started berating her, “you have more then one attack for a reason, I thought you were a warrior, but now I see your just a silly little girl playing Ninjamon.”

Renamon stood there with her head bowed, she knew who the superior warrior was, she didn’t stand a chance against Strabimon and now she knew that he’d been holding back yesterday, those rumors were true, this was the digimon who took out a Fanbeemon swarm numbering in the hundreds, who stood on equal ground with a fallen angel digimon the first time he digivolved to champion, he had every right to berate her.

“Not only were your actions stupid, they were irresponsible, there were more people then just your opponent down here, you know as well as I do that you can’t stop one of those crystal shards once it has been launched, what if one of them hit Rika,” That, more then anything, got her attention, Rika was her responsibility, if she hurt her, she didn’t know what she’d do, “You let yourself get absorbed in the fight to the exclusion of everything else, I have to say, I’m disappointed,” That hurt, “I’ve met, and fought, Renamons before, and I have to say, none of them were anywhere near as juvenile as you,” that really hurt, “do you honestly think you’ve accomplished something by taking out the various digimon who bio-emerge, huh. Well let me tell you something, you have accomplished nothing, you still haven’t learned that winning isn’t everything, that there are more important things then being the strongest, and until you do,” Lobomon got in close and whispered the next part in her ear, “You will never digivolve.” With that said, Lobomon walked away, leaving a thoroughly stunned Renamon in his wake.

(Naruto and Henry)

“This could all have been avoided if you weren’t such a pacifist you know,” Henry looked towards Naruto, confused, “Do you honestly think that a digimon who barely knows how to handle his own power as a rookie is going to be able to control himself when he digivolves to champion?” Henry was stunned; it made a hell of a lot of sense.

“I’m not like you, or Rika, I can’t kill digimon just to get stronger,” Henry started; he just couldn’t see the point of such violence.

“I’m not telling you to, all it would have taken is taking Terriermon to train in the woods once a week,” Henry was stunned, why did he never think of that, “Terriermon is not the first digimon to lose control when he digivolves, and he won’t be the last, but let me tell you something,” Naruto grabbed Henry by the front of his shirt and brought them nose to nose, “If this happens again, we will not restrain ourselves, Terriermon will be deleted.”

“Wha … why?” Henry asked, he didn’t want to lose Terriermon.

“I’ve seen the kind of devastation an out of control digimon can cause, and quite frankly, if that happens because of you, then you don’t deserve to be a tamer,” Naruto started, this was one of the few subjects that pissed him off, the devastation Icedevimon left in his wake filtering through his mind’s eye, “what if I weren’t here, Gargomon might of killed you all then gone on a rampage through the streets, killing man, woman and child alike,” Henry was shocked, an out of control digimon could go that far, “do you honestly think the governments of the world are going to ignore that, they would destroy Gargomon, but that wouldn’t be the end of it, they would scour the globe, capturing or destroying every digimon they can find, and then they would start to study the digimon they captured, they would find a way to the digital world, and they would do everything in their power to destroy it, it would be all out war between the worlds,” that was Naruto’s worst nightmare, “After all, it is a historical fact, sharing the world has never been humanity’s defining attribute,” he finished wryly.

Naruto set a thoroughly spooked Henry down, “That, Henry, is why I fight, I will not allow that to happen, not on my watch.” then he walked out of the garage with Lobomon, Lobomon de-digivolving to Strabimon just before they left.

After Naruto and Strabimon left Renamon fazed out and Rika stormed out of there, annoyed that the cheater thought to berate Renamon, only she could do that. The other three that were still conscious looked at each other.

“Well that explains why he trains so hard at least,” Takato said, he and Henry had been talking about Naruto’s story during lunch break, they had wondered about a few things, that being one of them.

“No kidding,” Henry replied, still shell-shocked.


‘How dare he berate Renamon,’ Rika thought as she stormed down the street towards her home, ‘She’s mine, and besides, she wouldn’t have made a rookie mistake like that, I really don’t know why she just stood there and took it, its not like that wolfish bastard had a clue what he was on about, but he said something to her that really got her attention, I wonder what could have shocked her so much, ah who cares, if he really believed that bull he was spouting earlier about us not accomplishing anything and winning isn’t everything, blech, that sort of stuff belongs in cartoons, then it couldn’t have been anything important.’

‘Is he right, am I just wasting my time as I am right now?’ Renamon, on the other hand, was taking what Strabimon said far more seriously, ‘what did he mean, things more important then being the strongest, there are many such things but I have a feeling he meant something specific, and if he’s right, then until I figure out what it is, I will remain stagnant,’ Renamon sighed, ‘and he was right about me, I was reckless.’

Rika and Renamon thought the same thing, though for different reasons, ‘I won’t let that happen again.’


‘Man he was intense,’ Takato thought as he walked Guilmon back to his shed in the park, ‘I wonder if he was right about what would happen, should the existence of real digimon become common knowledge, then again, there’s just no telling what frightened people can do, I’d hate to lose Guilmon because of something like that, wait, what if Guilmon loses control when he digivolves? Would Naruto consider him a threat, I’d better get Guilmon some training, just in case, but wait, how would I train him? I know, Naruto doesn’t really want to delete our digimon, it’s a last resort, if I ask him to help, then he won’t have to go that far.’

‘Takatomon has been really quiet since we left the parking lot, I wonder if he’s thinking about what Lobomon said too,’ Guilmon thought as he looked towards his partner, ‘Lobomon may have been yelling at Renamon, but some of the things he said fit me too, I really need to learn how to control myself, I might have hurt Takatomon with one of my Pyro Spheres,’ as Guilmon thought this he looked down at the ground miserably, his ears flopping down to suit his mood, ‘I don’t know why I can’t control myself when I fight, its like the energy in my body burns, needing to be used, I know, maybe Strabimon can help, I can tell that he doesn’t want to hurt us, but he sees it as for own good when he does, maybe he can help me control myself.’

Takato and Guilmon were thinking along the same lines, ‘I’ll ask him tomorrow.’


Henry walked home, his head down, staring at the still battered Terriermon in his arms, he’d woken momentarily a few minutes ago and now he was asleep instead of unconscious, a great relief to his tamer, ‘was Naruto right, am I to blame for Terriermon losing control when he digivolves? Then again, what he said about experience in controlling power made a hell of a lot of sense, it would be like transplanting the brain of a Chihuahua into the body of a Rottweiler, it may not mean to but it’s likely going to hurt itself and others,’ Henry was able to understand Naruto’s argument, and his ultimatum, however much he may not like it, ‘from now on, no more screwing around, something down the road is gonna force you to digivolve again, I’d rather you were ready.’

‘That Naruto guy must have really gotten to Henry,’ contrary to what Henry believed, Terriermon wasn’t asleep, and thanks to a trick he’d figured to be aware of Suzy at all times, he was able to listen while unconscious, thus he knew what Naruto and Lobomon had said, ‘I really wish that guy would Momentai, but I don’t like the odds of that happening, besides he’s right, in a lot of ways, when I digivolve I can’t control myself, its like I’m drunk on my own power and I have no concept of the consequences of my own actions, if I don’t want to lose Henry in some way or another, I’d better start getting into shape.’

As Henry carried Terriermon back to his home they both thought the same thing, ‘I can’t lose you, I won’t.’


‘I wonder if I went a little too far, they are just kids after all,’ Naruto thought to himself as he headed back to the flat he and Strabimon shared, ‘No, I mustn’t think like that, they needed to see the reality of the situation they are now in, and besides I was right about Gargomon, who knows what would’ve happened if I weren’t there, I probably shouldn’t of threatened Terriermon, but I was being honest about that, if he allows his digimon to get power drunk then he shouldn’t be a tamer.’

‘Yeah, maybe I was a little harsh with Renamon, but she’s a stubborn one, if I tried to tell her nicely, she wouldn’t have listened,’ thought Strabimon as he followed Naruto from the rooftops, ‘it would have taken a serious shock to the system to get anything through that thick skull of hers. Still, I didn’t enjoy it.’

‘Well one thing’s for certain,’ they both thought simultaneously, ‘We certainly didn’t make any friends today.”


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