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Word 86 to 100

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I wrote a lot of requests in this update and I have a hundred words! More to come. :D

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A Few Words

Word 86: Gawk

Seifer shifted, he wasn't sure if he felt good or bad about this. He waited, and shifted some more, taking deep discreet breaths. The ice-cream shop was full, of all the times Fujin could look at him so intently, why did it have to be now? Then again, Seifer decided not to throw away his luck and shifted for a third time, straightening up in his chair and regally eating his ice-cream.

He decided this was good, he felt confident. It was odd at first, but suddenly it all made sense. Seifer had been friends with Fujin for a long time and she was so easy to be around he sometimes forgot that she was a woman and it was perfectly natural for her to be attracted to him. Let her look, let her stare, let her gawk.

"Stain," suddenly it all really made sense, Seifer looked down at his shirt where he had unknowingly spilled a spoonful of chocolate ice-cream right before Fujin started staring at him. Fujin shook her head with a grim expression, this week it was her turn to do the laundry.

Word 87: Hair Dye

The tub would be forever stained black after Fujin finished her shower. She had given up, covering the silver of her hair didn't stop the eyes that followed her down the street, it didn't stop the curious gazes and interested stares. Her hair was silver again, the black all gone. Why her plan didn't work, Fujin didn't know. To Seifer it was clear as day. It took more than midnight black to dim the way Fujin always shined.

Word 88: I

It was a rarely used pronoun for them, though most people used it almost as often as they spoke. But for the posse, more often than not, it was we instead of I.

Word 89: Jello

It was a simple procedure, add water and put it in the refrigerator, thus they didn't know how it was possible to fail. Yet Seifer ended up with juice and Raijin with a red rock. Fortunately, Fujin shared her Jello.

Word 90: Koala

Save for an inevitable few, Fujin didn't have many plushies in her room, which is why when Seifer went to ask her something and found she wasn't there, he had to pause and stare at the koala he had never seen before. Seifer approached it curiously; every other plushie Fujin had was given to her either by Selphie or Rinoa for Christmas, her birthday or any other occasion, or won in various carnival competitions by himself; Fujin had not purchased any of them.

It wasn't Fujin's birthday and the holidays were not close, thus Seifer wondered who could have given Fujin the koala, because he thought it was unlikely that she bought it for herself. He was about to pick up the toy when it moved, showing that it wasn't a toy at all. The koala ran towards the door where Fujin stood, "zoo," she picked up the koala and handed Seifer the flier for a missing koala, lost from the zoo.

Word 91: Long

It was relative depending on the situation and they sometimes disagreed, but when it came to the time they had spent apart in the past, they all thought it was long.

Word 92: Mine

It was both ridiculous and distressing; they wouldn't let him get a word in. They came so fast and so suddenly that Raijin was left dizzy and confused, while Seifer was left in peril in the middle of a violent tug-of-war. Fujin shook her head and had some mercy. She pushed away the fan girls left and right and provided some support for the aching Seifer, "mine." He would forever wonder if she only said that to rescue him.

Word 93: News

She was congratulated and celebrated, though she didn't mean for it to be a big deal. Legends could come true and roam the lands, the world could come apart and be put back together, but that didn't concern them. Fujin broke her personal record on her favorite video game; that was news.

Word 94: Orange

Fujin gripped the glass to avoid dropping it, though her face remained perfectly composed. When she heard Seifer yelling, "orange, orange," she didn't question it and assumed he wanted a glass of orange juice. Then she found him staring at his reflection in the mirror, that new shampoo had turned his hair orange.

Word 95: Patient

Looking back on it, both Seifer and Raijin had to admit, that despite her seemingly quick temper, Fujin was very patient.

Word 96: Query

It didn't matter what it was about, when Fujin had a query, it better be answered swiftly with the truth.

Word 97: Row

They were on vacation at a lake and when Fujin calmly ordered them, "row," as she too did so with amazing force, it took Seifer and Raijin a moment to realize that her request was due to the fact their little boat was sinking.

Word 98: Spectacles

Seifer had no idea what he did with his contact lenses and after turning the house upside-down searching for them, he concluded that they were forever lost. Until his new pair was ready, he did fine without them, unless he had to read small print. While he attempted to figure out how to program their new overly complex entertainment system, he wore an old pair of glasses he had forgotten ever owning, as he paced around and tried to make sense out of the gibberish in the manual. But the spectacles didn't save him from walking straight into a wall when Fujin nonchalantly walked by and he thought he heard her mutter "handsome," under her breath.

Word 99: Traffic

It was unbelievable how different the same situation could feel depending on the company one had. While the people in the near by cars huffed, grumbled and even yelled, Seifer, Fujin and Raijin laughed contently, making jokes to pass the time while stuck in traffic.

Word 100: Ultimatum

Fujin was a woman was few words and many deep thoughts. She may not say much, but when she spoke, her voice carried a single word with the force of a thousand word ultimatum.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Words 86 and 92 were requested by PhinalPhantasy. Word 87 was requested by Romantic Jester. Word 93 was requested by Lady PenThier. Word 98 was requested by sissyHIYAH. Word 99 was requested by Xeno the Hedgehog.
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