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Words 101 to 113

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Words 101 to 113

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A Few Words

Word 101: View

"What are you looking at?" Raijin curiously asked Fujin.

"View," she replied simply.

There was a large ship parked next to the dock where Seifer stood. Raijin couldn't see the sunset at all from their position.

Word 102: Waffles

Raijin's complains and cries towards the toaster announced the demise of the last pair of waffles. There were no more waffles left and while Raijin grabbed a piece of bread, glared defiantly at the toaster and walked away, Seifer remained in the kitchen with Fujin, he wanted waffles.

Fujin had waffles, which she successfully prepared before Raijin's failed attempted that ended with unrecognizable charred things. Pouting in frustration, Seifer sunk into a chair at the kitchen table.

"Eat," Fujin offered her waffle.

"No, that's your breakfast; I'll live without waffles for a day."

"Eat," Fujin insisted.

"Okay, thanks" he accepted the waffle, the last one, which Fujin had already bitten.

She went to see if there was anything she could do to fix the toaster and while Fujin was distracted, Seifer turned the waffle over and bit over Fujin's bite mark, with thoughts of an indirect kiss. It was nothing but a silly superstition, yet he was oddly amused by it.

Then he felt Fujin's cool hand on his forehead as she asked, "fever?" He didn't realize his thoughts had ran away with him and his warm face was far too obvious.

Word 103: Xu

It had been a long time since they had seen Xu and she reminisced about their time in Garden in the past and how people had changed over the course of the passing year, "so when did he tell you?"

"What?" Fujin inquired.

"That Seifer was in love with you, when did he finally tell you?" Xu insisted.

Fujin shook her head, "imagination."

"Oh, you're saying I'm wrong?" Judging by Seifer's embarrassed glare, Xu was certain she was right, except he had not spoken to Fujin about it and Xu wisely decided to drop the subject.

Word 104: Yoyo

Fujin exited the house to the sound of Seifer's scolding, "Raijin!"

While Raijin apologized, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

"Be more careful, I have a headache! Am I bleeding?"

"I'm sorry! You're not bleeding, there are no cuts, I'm so sorry!"

Even a yoyo could be dangerous if anyone lowered their guard while Raijin was playing with it. In an attempt to do a yoyo trick, Raijin let it fly, but the string snapped and the yoyo crashed into Seifer's already aching head.

Fujin calmly made her way towards them, took Seifer's face in her hands, looked into his eyes and ordered, "quiet," so close he could feel her warm breath on his lips.

The two boys fell into an absolute silence after that and Fujin returned inside the house. The next day, Seifer bought Raijin a shiny new yoyo.

Word 105: Zipper

Anyone who walked by saw a loving couple, even Raijin was amused, but he made an inhuman effort not to show it, because angering Fujin would be deadly.

No one realized that Fujin had bent forward to pick up the book she had left on the park bench, while Seifer was distracted looking up at the sky as he stood up. Her head collided with his chest, sending him back into a sitting position, then Fujin's hair was pulled, causing her to be caught off guard and land on his lap. Her hair was stuck on his jacket's zipper and she couldn't get free.

"Scissors," Fujin demanded, but they didn't have any on hand. Thus they had to walk home in a tight embrace, concluding it was a little less mortifying to let people think it was on purpose.

Word 106: Antidisestablishmentarianism

It was a motion started by Zell back in their days in Garden to disestablish the Disciplinary Committee's authoritarian status. When Zell finished his speech about the reasons why people should join the motion, Fujin stepped forward and called people to the opposing cause, "antidisestablishmentarianism." They all stared at her, they were all confused by her and they all followed her.

Word 107: Brush

He needed a haircut, but decided to put it off. Instead he ran his fingers through his hair and walked out of his room. He saw Fujin in the hall and she shook her head, returning to her own room. Seifer curiously followed, wishing to know the reason for her look of disapproval. "Sit," Seifer sat on a chair without question and Fujin brushed his hair.

Word 108: Care

Everything was in order in their home, though Seifer and Raijin were certain it would fall apart without Fujin's care.

Word 109: Disposition

Her words were few but powerful, she was quiet but imposing, she was strong and to most unapproachable, but to them she was always an available and a comforting presence. Her disposition was that of a silent genius, perceptive and precise.

Word 110: Endless

The line was long, it was huge, it was endless. But they stood firm and were rewarded by the roller coaster.

Word 111: Fight

"May I have your attention!" No one turned to look at the leader of the Disciplinary Committee and for that they would pay if he lost his temper. "Attention!" Seifer was just about ready to force them to pay attention when Fujin interfered.

She loudly called, "fight!" and soon they were surrounded by an eager audience.

Word 112: Games

They didn't need to say what they planned or how they intended to move. They just knew, they were perfectly synchronized and they knew they would win all the games.

Word 113: Heater

Seifer shivered, he couldn't believe this. He couldn't believe the heater would break during a snow storm, he couldn't believe Raijin couldn't sleep despite the cold, he couldn't believe that they would be snowed in and unable to get a new heater for days, he couldn't believe how early winter had come that year, and most of all, he couldn't believe he was sharing a blanket with Fujin. Sometimes, it was unbelievable how good his life could be.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Words 102 and 106 were requested by Xeno the Hedgehog. Words 107, 110 and 112 were requested by Romantic Jester. Word 108 was requested by PhinalPhantasy. Words 109 and 113 were requested by TamaChanMyu.
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