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  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) Cateagle 2009-09-21 11:11:33 PM

    I enjoyed this contimuation and I'm gald you did it. It's good to see how these folks have grown as well as how Harry has. The bits about Dudley were a nice touch and I had to laugh at the phantom author's name. It'll be quite interesting if Daphne accepts to be lady Black and the Potter-Black threesome manages to share some private discussions with the Longbottom-Bones threesome.
  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) keichan2 2009-09-22 10:50:05 AM

    "To Jean Kathleen Riley!" JKR :-)

    I have to say that having Harry say that the Dursleys were not inhuman monsters (and turn over all the evidences we had of that) was strangely funny!

    Why do I have the feeling that Daphnee will have a role in the movie? The problem is who? Due to her age, and even though she looks younger than she is, she can't play any of the main characters (except maybe Bellatrix in later episodes)

    That's strange! Technically, there is NOTHING happening, in this story! And yet, I'm eager to read more of this nothing happening... kind of like the epilogue of a story where they are now "living happily and having lots of children"

    Author's response

    - You're the second to comment on Hermione's pen name. I figure I was either too subtle or far to blatant and everyone is trying not to embarrass me....

    - Canon has an almost comic book level of abuse with the Dursleys. JKR made Vernon into a screaming ass, while allowing Harry to be a smart ass to him. The two don't mix, not really. I personally like the idea of Harry growing up in a loveless relationship rather than an abusive one.

    - Harry's relationship with Dudley never rang true either. JKR Had Dud being a raging asshole from the very start, chapter one, book one. before Harry had even made his first appearance. A pair of boys raised together will be brothers. They might fight, but they'll also have each others backs. At least in my experience.

    - Daphne is going to be in the movie, in a role that is going to shock her when Harry tells her who it's based on. Harry, it seems, hasn't told Daphne or Tracey that the books are loosely based on Hogwarts...

    - It's a story about nothing, really. People finding themselves in their early middle age (well for Magicals, late adolescence I guess) and living their lives the best they can.
  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) BSmurf 2009-09-23 12:08:35 PM

    very interesting i must say please keep up the good work and update soon
  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) stonerkenobi11 2009-11-16 09:40:44 PM

    Good fic! I hope you update soon and I look forward to daphne becoming mrs. black!
  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) razial 2009-12-16 01:33:37 AM

    you need to update this come on please it is a good story and we wanna see more
  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) yungatheart 2010-09-28 08:59:50 PM

    I really liked this story. It flowed well and was homey if thats the word for made you feel at home with it. I am surprised it has not been finished yet. I don't usually review stories that have not been updated for a long time but hopefully it will prompt the writer to finish.
  • Harry Potter and the Chance Meeting

    (#) TxA_GunFighter 2010-10-30 09:33:32 PM

    Very good chapter.


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