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A/N: I suggest you check out KingsIndian's (CJ's) story, Vakoria! :D He might put a lemon in it soon (I hope!)


Chapter 6
I woke up a sound I never really like hearing… poor Iggy vomiting for no apparent reason. I was just barely able to read the glowing hands on my watch: it was 2:15 AM. “Ugh… Iggy… are you alright?” I asked groggily.

“I told you I did not feel that great!” He coughed.

“Oh… my God… I am truly sorry… I thought it was because that Gible burnt your ass.”

“No... it was not. You were not truely listening at the time...”

“Oh, sorry...”

“Try not to think about it, please...,” he lied back down. I could just barely see him, but there was so moonlight glowing on his face. I just nodded and yawned. But before I closed my eyes, I looked to see if I could see our Pokémon. They were both lying down not too far from our feet. I yawned again and fell asleep finally.



What is this? A dream? Is this a dream?

I heard a voice in the back of my head... it said...

“He is perfect for you... you should marry him...”

Maybe I should... well, I will think about it. I do think he is perfect. By the way, voice, who are you?

“I am Arceus deary... now good luck. Oh yeah, I happened to to be the one to give you the ability to speak to Pokémon.”

No way!!

Arceus just chuckled and the voice disappeared.

Iggy shook me and I woke up. “Luca... Luca!!!”

“What? ...What?!” I blinked and then rubbed my eyes. “You want sex again?”

“Yes, I do, but that is not the reason I woke you up,” he smiled and chuckled innocently. I looked at him funny. “I woke you up because you were shaking.”

“Oh... I was?” I blinked. I looked at his crotch. “So... wanna have sex again?” I grinned. He chuckled.

“Sure thing,” he took off his pants. I took off my shirt and jeans. I stared at his penis.

“Heh... your penis is hot,” I winked. “And so are you.” I loved the look of his erection... it was hot.

“Why thank you,” he winked back. I lied down so he could get on top of me. “Time to penetrate.” He got on top of me and penetrated his cock into me. I shuddered wildly. Penetration feels nice...

“Oh-h God... that feels so g-good...,” I shivered. “W-wow... keep it up...” He continued to hump me. “I love you inside me...,” I shuddered again.


Iggy’s POV

(Since I do not know what it is like from a man’s POV, I am just going to guess...)

“This is why I love s-sex...,” I shuddered. “Ready for me to ejaculate?”

“Sure,” she winked. I love ejaculating... even though I have no sperm anyway. I love how my cock pulses... because it reminds me of when I used to jack off. “Ooh...,” she moaned. Damn, she was hot when she moaned like that!


Luca’s POV

“My God... that feels great...” I looked at his waist. I started to shake uncontrollably. I love the feel of semen inside me. For one, it is only the third time I have felt it. Two, I could be pregnant for all I know. And three, it justs feels good, it is nice and warm inside... Iggy began to shake uncontrollably, too. I guess because it feels so damn good. He slid his cock out and got off of me. I got up slowly and brushed myself off. I slowly helped him up. We both got all of our clothes on. We were both still shaking... like crazy. My heart was pounding and my stomach was clenching.

Wow... that felt good... I hope we do that again sometime....

“That did feel good...,” he grinned and shuddered at the same time (while breaking the silence. I felt good inside... something I have not felt in a long time.

“If I am not mistaken, from what my brother told me... does a penis not become engorged with blood during an erection?” I scratched my head.

“Yeah... it does. It becomes erect because the corpus cavernosa in the penis. An errection usually happens when a person thinks about sex, or achieves and orgasm.”

“Orgasm... right...” I mentally gulped. I had heard of this word before, and that could be what had happened to me when I was looking at him. “Can it occur when someone is looking at something?”

“Yes, I believe it can.”

“Alright then,” I smiled. I looked at our Pokémon, they were just staring at us like we were crazy. “Looks like our Pokémon do not like your cock.”

“Haha,” he chuckled. “Shall we move on?” I nodded and smiled. “Great. Come on guys,” he smiled at Ferrick and his Cyndaquil.

“Coming...,” Ferrick grumbled.

“We move on too much!” Cyndaquil growled. We both chuckled and began to walk off. He picked up Cyndaquil and he rode on his shoulder. I, too; picked up Buizel.

“So...,” I broke the silence about an hour later. My stomach grumbled. “I was not going to say I was hungry... I was going to ask: what is it like to have an erection while wearing pants? Does it hurt?”

“Hahahha!!!” He guffawed. “Wow you are so nosey!!! Just so you know, it does not hurt... one bit.”

“Yes I am,” I snickered.

“Hahaha!!!” He continued to laugh. “Damn... you are probing me! Now it is time for me to probe you. What is it like to have boobs?”

“Hahaha!!!” I mockingly laughed back. “I dunno how to answer.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yeah, if someone touches them too roughly. It hurts. I am not kidding.”

“I suppose if someone grabbed my penis too hard it would hurt.”

“Haha... yeah... say... if you even want a handjob, just ask.”

“Sure... that does not sound bad.” I winked again.

“Great,” I grinned. “I always wanted to touch a penis,” I said jokingly. He laughed at me. My stomach (or so I thought) made a weird noise again. “I am starting to think I am not hungry... I think maybe it might be something else...”

“A bowel movement?” He replied jokingly. I slapped him. “Ow... my stomach makes weird noises sometimes before I take a shit.”

“Riiight... you think I will believe that?” OK, maybe he was right... it did feel a bit weird down there. “OKKK... you are right...,” I clutched my stomach. “It certainly hurts down there...,” I felt dizzy. I had forgotten I get vasogal syncope while I deficate. Vasovagal syncope is basically fainting from a number of causes: such as the sight of blood, after urinating or defecating, stress, hunger, etc. I have no idea why my syncopes happen before I defecate; not even my brother knows -- and he happens to be the doctor!

“Are you OK?” I collapsed in his arms before he could react. My ears were ringing.

“Oh... God... I forgot to mention.... I-I faint before defecating...”

“D-do y-you need help?” He sounded shocked. As if he did not know how to react...

“I suppose so... if you do not mind seeing shit...,” I groaned weakly.

“No... I do not care... I love you...”

“Y-you... l-love me...,” I weakly looked up at him. “Y-you should have told me...”

“I was too scared to say so...”

“Oh... please take me near a tree... alright...,” I pretty much collapsed (I could barely move). I could tell he nodded and he carried me to a tree.

“T-this is embarrassing...,” I blushed. He turned around as I did my thing. Luckily, I never faint after anyways.

“No... I could care less... tell me when you are done.”

“I happen to be right here,” I massaged his shoulders. He grinned and turned around to look at my face.

“I happen to be very hungry... and we have not eaten anything. You told me you could cook!”

“I have no pot... or pan...,” he shrugged.

“Oh... you should have told me! I have not eaten in a long time...”

“Plus we both vomited.”

“Yeah...,” I clutched my stomach again. “Let us just go find something...,” I sighed. He nodded. Both our Pokémon stared at us. “I would rather have your penis in me though,” I winked. We walked off and went to another tree.

“I would much rather have sex, too,” he winked. We both took off our clothes, lied down, (he got on top of me) and started to make out. Wow his lips were soft... and so was his body. He was having another erection and he penetrated me once again. It felt great... and I lost my appetite once again.

“Ahh... this f-feels great...,” I moaned.

“I k-know...,” he moaned back. He grinned and ejaculated into me again. We both sighed in relief, and he pushed to get his cock back out. “That felt great!”

“I know... I love the feel of cum inside me...”

“I love ejaculating it out into pussies,” he winked. We both chuckled. I heard something or someone coming... I could not tell what it was... just yet...

“Luca? Oh God, I thought you were hurt!” It was Twilight. The little loser... probably heard all of the moaning. He saw that we were both naked.

“Shit...,” we mumbled in unison.


A/N: I have never had sex before, but I bet it feels good. :P By the way, I may become a urologist (study of the urinary tract) or nephrologist (study of the kidneys) someday! :D

Once again, cliffhangers! XD
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