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More censored version of this chapter.

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Chapter 7

“SHIT TWILIGHT!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” I roared. Iggy and I blushed at the same time. I realised his cock was still in me. I pushed on his shoulders softly, and quickly reached behind me so quickly that Twilight could not see. I was reaching for my cane... my ultimate weapon -- I grabbed it quickly and thwack!! I bashed it into his kneecap. I must have broken a bone surely!

“Ugh...,” Twilight clenched his kneecap and fainted from pain.

“Come on, let us go,” I got up as quickly as possible and put my clothes on. Twilight began to get up again but I grabbed my empty champagne bottle that was in my jacket pocket and smashed it into his head. He instantly fainted. I could hear Iggy chuckling and I turned around; he had his clothes on.

“Wow... that was awesome!” He snickered. We began to walk off with our Pokémon following us; with their jowls hanging down. It was like they were saying “Damn!”

“I know...,” I grinned, repositioning my jacket. “It was!” We both walked in silence. Now, I could both hear our stomachs.

“I have not eaten in about two days...,” I mumbled. “Except that persimmon, that I ignored the flavour of...”

“I do not see a thing to eat...”

“Same here...,” I happened to step on something that hurt my leg. “An apple!!” I looked up above to see an apple tree!!

“Oooh... nice find,” he grinned. He picked up an apple from the ground and bit into it; without even looking at it for worms! My eye twitched. “Is there something wrong?”

“Duh-duh... you forgot to check for worms in that apple!”

“Oh... OK.”

I picked up an apple and reached in my pocket for a knife and cut the apple open. I looked to see if there were any worms. “None! See,” I showed him. He just furrowed his brow and we both sat down to eat.

“Fucking hot...,” I broke the silence.

“I know...,” he wiped his brow. “I know a way to combat this,” he grinned and stood up. He took off all of his clothes. I drooled... he was so damn hot when he was naked... So I decided to copy him and do the same thing. I stared at his cock once again. I walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. He moaned happily and we made out... he pretty much collapsed onto me and we both fell to the ground. We both shuddered from happiness. His cock was poking me. “C-can I?” He smirked. I winked and nodded and he penetrated me. Oooh... felt good the first time, feels good the fourth time.... I shuddered so much I could barely feel anything... except him humping me. I love how it thrusted in and out... I was in pain, but it was the best pain I had ever felt. I winked and I could tell he ejaculated... because I could vaguely feel it... As quickly as it started, it had already ended. He withdrew... it felt amazing coming out... We were both breathing heavily, without even stopping.

“W-wow...,” I moaned. “So... what was it you wanted to try before we made out?”

“A little something called 69... I never got a chance to do it with either of my girlfriends.”

“Oh... uh... what do I do?” I looked at him in the eyes. He was still on top of me.

“We will have to wait until I get another erection, let us just cuddle... it feels good...”

“That really is not helping...,” I huffed from him crushing me.

“Uuhhh...,” he groaned weakly. “Are you OK...”

“Luca...?” Ferrick blinked.

“Are you alright?” His Cyndaquil asked (still dunno its name)....

“Yeah...,” I wheezed. “I think you are much too heavy for you to sleep on top of me...,” my eyes almost popped out.

“Oh...! I am so sorry...,” he got off of me. Ferrick and Cyndaqul smiled and walked off to go play under the huge apple tree. “So... do you want to try it?” He winked.

A/N: I decided to censor this, because I'm sure some people would appreciate it. XD

“I know... shall we move on? I do not want to get caught again,” he quickly walked over to his clothes and put them on. I did the same.

“Come on guys,” I said to the two Pokémon. They both groaned and we walked on. This fucking forest was larger than I thought it was, or it could be the fact that he keeps humping me. “You realise we have been this forest for probably three days? We should have been out of here by now.”

“Oh yeah... you are correct. Let us keep a move on until dark.”

“And please quit humping me, it is why we are moving so slowly,” I said sarcastically.

“Haha... I suppose so.” I sighed and he looked at me with his big brown eyes. They seemed to seduced me... they were so beautiful... “Oh God... you are so freaking hot,” he drooled.

“I know... so are you...,” I slurred. “Hey... look what I have,” I grinned and pulled out another bottle of champagne from my pocket. His eyes widened. I handed him the bottle and he opened it. He took a swig and handed it back to me. We took turns until we were drunk. There... in the distance... Pewter City.

“Ahh... look we m-made it...,” he slurred.

“Y-yeah...,” I slurred while I grinned. We both slowly walked to the city, rambling about. “Hey, hey excuse me,” I asked a random stranger... little did I know it was Brock, the gym leader. “W-where is the-the nearest hotel?”

“Hang on... are you Luca? I heard about you from Roxie,” Brock said.

“Y-yeah I am L-luca... W-what is the big deal?”

“You are Lucian’s sister!” He blinked.

“Luca... you never t-told me!” Iggy hiccoughed.

“Y-yeah... s-so what?” I babbled.

“Why not stay with me?” He asked. “You appear to be drunk.”

“Yeah... a-alright...,” I hiccoughed, too. “It is-is nice to meet someone... w-who are you?”

“I happened to be Brock.”

“Neverr heard of himm...,” I hiccoughed again. Brock began to walk off and we followed, stumbling. Once I drink champagne, I am drunk for hours... and I tend to slur... a lot... and I vomit sometimes... “Hic!” I retched. I vomited all over my shoes and on the back of Brock’s shoes... “Oh... oh G-God.... I am so sorry...,” I nearly collapsed.

“I love f-fucking Luca...,” Iggy retched too. Brock twitched his eyes. “I l-love 69...” He has the same problem as me! We both tell secrets when we are drunk. “Oh... did I say that out loud?”

“You did...,” he sighed.

“Oh well...,” I was a bit dizzy by then... the next thing I knew, I collapsed and hit my head on the concrete. I was laying in a bed... who knows where I was... “Oh shit...,” I thought. I could not tell where I was, to be honest....


A/N: I friggin love cliffhangers, and slurring when people are drunk. I got the idea from Family Guy. It's so funny! XD
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