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In which Kaye dreams a rather unsettling dream.

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The night was cold, the park sparkled with new frost, making everything diamondlike and crystalline. The moon hung, a crescent in the deep purple sky, as she felt herself being enveloped in a warm embrace. She felt whole and giddy in this person's arms. She held him closer, soaking up the warmth, letting his scent fill her head.

The early stars burned in the sky and a cold wind swept through the park.

She looked up tentatively to the person who had her drowning in bliss.

It was him.

Kaye's eyelids fluttered open, the dream still clinging to her mind. It had felt so real.

She shuddered in disgust, remembering who she had dreamt of. Why him? It made no sense. She hated him.

She sat up and ran a hand through her brown hair, looking towards the clock. She had woken up just before her alarm would go off.

She groaned, falling back against the pillows. She curled up under the covers, not wanting to go to school. It was bad enough she had to see him. Now she had to see him and have that dream on her mind.

Oh God, and the jerkholes. Those idiots would be there waiting for her, ready to pounce when the right moment came. She didn't quite understand how bullies still existed. And in high school? Did those jerkoffs have nothing else better to do?

Perhaps it was how small she was and the awkwardness in the way she held herself. Or her pale complexion, the dark circles under her eyes she'd had for as long as she remembered. Tans were all the rage, weren't they? She hardly paid attention to these things. The risk of skin cancer to look orange? Not the greatest trade-off, she thought. She couldn't figure it out for herself, what exactly made this particular group of people target her as their daily punching bag. But target her they did.

Along with it being a rather inconvinient part of her life, it just baffled her. She couldn't understand the point of it.

When it came time to get up, she did, a string of curses spilling out of her mouth.

She got ready for school, trying not to think about the stupid dream.

Once she was dressed and ready for school, she made her way downstairs lazily. She quickly made herself a sandwich, hoping to get out of the house before her parents woke up.

Kaye had just pulled on her shoes, the half-eaten sandwich stuffed in her bag, when she heard shouting coming from upstairs.

She groaned.

They haven't even been awake for 10 minutes and they're already at it, she thought bitterly.
As she pulled on her jacket and slung her bag over her shoulder, she wondered why they had gotten married in the first place.

She swung open the door, the fresh morning air greeting her. She stepped out of the house and slammed the door shut.

This was not going to be a good day.
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