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Part One

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Where everything started.

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It was lunchtime and the noise of the lunch room was almost enough to drown out the insults that shot between Frank and Kaye.

"Shut up, for fuck's sake!" Gerard finally snapped.

They did as they were told. But they continued to glare at each other, a cloud of anger shrouding them both.

"I'll kill you," she mouthed.

He rolled his eyes and got up, exiting the noisy lunch room.

"Why do you two have to fight so much?" Gerard asked, shaking his head, fed up of their constant bickering.

Kaye shrugged. "Because he's an asshole."

She then stood up and walked out of the lunch room.

She walked through the school hallways, her arms crossed, not really heading anywhere. She sat on the bottom steps of a forsaken stairway and began to absent-mindedly tug at the hem of her sweater, thinking to herself.

It was a warm spring afternoon, the smell of fragrant flowers on the gentle breeze. Kaye was playing on her own in the sandpit. She smiled to herself proudly as she made the final touches on her masterpiece.

Her heart swelled with pride as she admired her work. The small sand castle she had built stood protected by a waterless moat. She had placed at tiny flag she got the other day on the slightly leaning tower and had placed an old shell of hers above the neatly made doorway.

She tugged at a wisp of hair that had escaped from the pigtails that held her dark hair together.

She continued to admire her work proudly until to her horror someone crashed into it.

Her mouth fell agape as she stared at the mess that had been her little castle, the one she had built, by herself, the one she thought was the best castle ever.

The boy who had ruined her sand castle stood up and dusted himself off.

"You broke my castle!" she shrieked at him, jabbing her finger at him accusingly.

"I did not!" he argued.

"Liar! You just did! Look! Look what you've done to my poor castle!!" she cried in dismay, pointing at the crushed, ruined castle, now only a pitiful pile of sand, a little flag poking out of the ruin pathetically.

"It was just a stupid sand castle," he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"No! It wasn't stupid! You're stupid!"

The bell rang and she snapped out of the memory. Frank walked past and she glared at him.

"Fag," she muttered, loudly enough for him to hear.

Either he didn't hear her or he just ignored her and he kept walking on. Kaye hated him even more. If that were possible.

"Castle ruiner," she muttered as she went along to her own class.
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