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I think I saw the most beautiful lady

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A/N: This will be in the points of view of Cynthia and Lucian... (and sometimes others, too)


Chapter 1: Lucian’s POV:

“Oh my gosh...,” I mumbled. “She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen...” I was looking at Cynthia. I tried not to stare at her, it would not be very friendly. She wore black clothes, she had a beautiful shade of metallic grey eyes... but she was goth and had black streaks in her hair.
“Whatcha looking at?” A freshman asked me. I was a senior in college... and I had never, ever noticed Cynthia before. I was about to graduate, too. It was May 23, 2001. I was 20 and in the prime of my life! (At this school, high school and college are in the same campus).

“Hmm?” I looked down on him. “Oh hey little guy,” I patted him on the head. I was at least a foot taller than him.

“Are you looking at her?” He ogled Cynthia, too.

“Yes...,” I almost drooled. “She is so hot... I am gonna go now, I want to look at her without her noticing...,” I blushed. “Bye.”

“Bye sir,” he bowed and walked off. I hid behind a locker, looking at her... I could NOT help it... She was talking to someone.

“You know what Steven?!” She almost yelled. “I am breaking up with you! You do nothing but sell drugs and alcohol! Goodbye!” She stomped off.

“Wait... Cynthia!” He cried. “Come back!!”

It was too late - she was gone... (I had not seen her since that day. She must have been really sulking around then... or changed her looks.)

“Where is Cynthia?” I pondered while walking to Government. That was my worst class... I prefered science. Government is boring... I tapped my pencil lightly on my book. I started to read a page:

“Sinnoh's government is ruled by a Queen. Each town has a mayor. The National Anthem is “God Save the Queen.” All Pokemon are protected by the law... they may not be brutally beaten nor shall the be overworked...,” I only skimmed through it. I yawned without anyone noticing.

“Lucian!” The teacher slapped a rolled up packet on my desk. I nearly lept out of my desk, he scared the shit out of me! He does NOT like it when people yawn. I hated him... argh! “You promise not to do that again?!” He demanded.

“Yes sir,” I said quietly. “I understand.” My voice rose. I was glad that I only had 10 days before I got out of this hell hole called Government. I did not mind my other classes... I sighed as I walked home. I was from Veilstone City. It was large and I wish I had a car... but my mom says no. I guess because it ruins our enviroment?

I took a nap when I got home.


A/N: Sorry it's so short! I'll try to make the other chapters longer. Next chapter will be Cynthia's POV.
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