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I saw Lucian?

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Chapter 2: Cynthia’s POV.

“Damn that stupid son-of-a-bitch Steven Stone!” I slammed my hand on the bathroom mirror, luckily I did not break it. It did, however, make my hand red sore. I just wanted to rip my hair out. “He got me pregnant and now he is selling drugs and alcohol!” I huffed. I was tired of being goth. It intimidated the other men for some odd reason. I walked out, ignoring the pain of my hand. “Who is that?” I whispered. “He is so cute,” I tried to smile. I never really noticed him before. I believe his name is Lucian. He looked like an outcast, like me?

He wore the most handsome blue jeans and dark blue t-shirt. His hair was a subdued brown and his skin was light, almost too light. He appeared to have an accent, like me, it was Irish yet it almost sounded Romanian.

I walked home, I had no classes anyway. Only 10 days left... wow. Even though I was a senior, they qualified me as smart enough to skip a couple of grades. I came home to train Gible. My dream was to become the Champion of the Pokémon League. I had to make sure Crina, my daughter, was alsleep - otherwise she would follow me around everywhere (typical three year old). I let my Riolu watch her and babysit her, and my parents would only be gone for about five minutes until I came. I’m not sure where Flint is after school, he seems to disappear.

“Go Gible!” I called while outside. Riolu and Crina were watching. Somehow, Riolu taught her not to bother me. “Go Budew!” I let them train with each other, I wanted both of them to evolve. “Budew, use Mega Drain! Gible, use Dragonrage!” The two were going to attack each other but Flint appeared.

“Hey Cynthers, why not train with me?” My brother, Flint asked.

“Oh hello Flint,” I smiled.




“Flent!” Crina smiled.

“Hey little Crinster,” he smiled at her.

“Only problem training with you Flint, no offence, almost all of your Pokémon have evolved and they are fire types... not good for Budew.”

“Oh well, I could use my Linoone,” he smirked.

“Nah, it is ok... I suppose.” I had not eaten since 11:00 AM. “I am hungry though.” I kept my Pokemon out and went inside to eat. I thought about what to do next, I was still sad.


A/N: I hope you're liking it so far! It's gonna get interesting... heh!

Oh yeah, Cynthia's Pokemon so far:

Riolu: First Pokemon; level 15, female.

Gible: Second Pokemon; level 24, female.

Budew: Third Pokemon, level 20, male.
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