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The 'League for Cynthia

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She finally arrives at the newly formed Pokémon League!

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A/N: Sorry it’s so short. I wrote this on paper and there’s really no way to know how long it is until I type it... Oh well....


Chapter 8: Cynthia’s POV

“Wow,” I thought. I looked down at the crowd. “Is that Lucian?” I mumbled. “What is he doing here?”

“Go Cynthia!” He shouted over the roaring crowd.

“Come on Cynthia, admit it! I’ll win!” Fantina jeered. She always does this when I compete against her.

“No, you’ll loose!” I stuck my tongue out.

“Begin!” said the MC.

“Riri, use an Iron Tail!” I commanded. She jumped up and hit Driffy. Fantina lost some points.

“Driffy, use a Whirlwind!” She commanded. Driffy started to whip up some wind. Riri knew exactly what to do... we had been through this before. I smirked. Riri used a Dig combined with Focus Punch - this caused rocks to fly and hit Driffy. She lost twice as many points as before. She was losing. She started to cuss something in French and her Driffy responded. It (he?) started to use Payback! I growled.

“Riri! Use Dig and then Force Palm!” She dug underneath Driffy and before he could attack - she clouted him straight in the “X” on his face! She lost all of her points... I won?! I won!!

“Wohoo! Yeah Cynthia!” I just barely heard Lucian. I grinned and bowed.

“Well... you won,” Fantina held out her hand and I shook it.

“Yes, I did,” I grinned.

“Lu!” She said. I kneeled down beside her and grinned.

“Good job sweetie,” I patted her on the shoulder. She grinned. “Shall we train some more and get into the Sinnoh League?” I asked and she nodded. “Good.”


A year later...

“I think I’m ready! What about you guys?”




“Glis!” (Gliscor).

“Mil!” (Milotic).


“I take those as yeses,” I grinned.

“Good, you’ve arrived. You’re the first one here,” a man said. He was chunky and emotionless, his voice was deep but not threatening.

“I’m the first?” I pointed to myself. He nodded.

“Yep,” he grinned. “Everyone will battle each other, whomever defeats everyone becomes to the Champion.”

My eyes lit up! “Really?!”

“Yes,” he repeated. “Please, come in, I’ll show you to your room.”

“OK! Thank you!” I grinned and let my Pokemon and me in. He grumbled something and showed me to an empty room with just a bed.

“Here you go,” he turned around. “I’ll be in my office if you need me,” he walked off.

“Hey!” I called. I heard my stomach. “Sir?”

“Yes?” He turned around.

“Where’s the kitchen?”

He pointed to the end of the hall. “Around the corner.”

“Oh!” I walked towards the end of the hall and turned around. “There it is!” I grinned. I found a popsicle and started to eat it... The main door opened and I heard a familiar voice: Lucian! Why was he here and what was he doing here?!
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