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The 'League for Lucian

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Lucian has an embarrassing moment in this chapter... I think he just loves Cynthia too much. XD

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hapter 9: Lucian’s POV

“Yes! I’m here!” I grinned. A man walked up to me.

“Been expecting you,” he said with a coy smile. “Come in, please show me your main battling team.”

I nodded. “Alright,” I walked in. I let out my Girafarig, Chimecho, Kingdra (with the help of my friend Faulkner), Salamence (whom was quite small!), Gallade and Bronzong.

“Ooh... very nice. You mostly have psychic types... I suggest catching a couple more. The Champion gets to have six Pokemon while the others get five. You got that?”

I nodded. “Yes sir, of course.”

“I’ll show you to your room,” he added. I nodded again. He showed me to a room with just a bed. The walls were blank...

“So is anyone else here?” I asked while sitting down on the plain bed.

“Cynthia arrived, I’m waiting for the others.”

“C-Cynthia?” I fainted smack-dab on the bed. It felt as if I was getting turned on...

“Umm... sir? Your pants...” (A/N: I was laughing the whole time I wrote this! XD)

I sat up. “Op... can’t control myself.” I thought about sex for a minute. “Sex... oohh...,” my body had pangs for it.

“I’ll be in my office,” he walked off.

“Sir?” I asked. He turned around. “Are these walls sound proof? I like to jack off sometimes,” I lowered my voice.

“Hmm... I think so,” he eyed me funny. He looks like the type that doesn’t jack off. He turned around and walked out.

I sighed and twiddled my thumbs. “I bet Cynthia hates me...,” I looked up and saw a familiar face peeked through the door. “Hi there,” I said quietly.

“I just stopped by to say hi, I guess,” she said. I nodded and smiled. She then walked away while eating a popsicle. All kinds of hormones were racing through me... I think I had wet myself.

“She is so damn hot...,” I mumbled. Girafarig nuzzled me. “Hmm?” I looked down at her. She neighed softly. “I wonder what sex is like?” I grinned. I looked at my Salamence, he was quite small.

“Hello?” said a voice that sounded young. I poked my head out my door. The mand said the same thing to him as he had said to me. “Oh, OK!” said the young voice again. “Am I the only one here?” The young voice again. “Am I the only one here?” The young voice asked.

“Lucian and Cynthia have arrived,” said the man. “Two more to go,” he nodded.

“OK! Well, I’m Aaron Ace Beech!” The young one grinned. Where had I heard that name before? I shrugged it off and didn’t think anything about it. The man chuckled and Aaron followed the man to his room. I hid behind the door, just in case... I closed the door instead.

“Now to look at my school work...,” I sighed. This stuff is hard! “I might not have any time to jack off tonight...,” I slowly fell asleep, besides, it was already dark. I woke up the next day with an upset stomach - I had no lunch or dinner yesterday! - I then got up to make sure I had no wet dreams... none, good. I then got dressed and went to the kitchen. Aaron and Mrs. Extremely Fucking Sexy were there. “Good morning!” I smiled brightly.

“Hello! I’m Aaron!” He grinned. He looked short, had black hair with green streaks, he was still in his pajamas - which were baby blue with clouds! - he wore a necklace with a Garchomp tooth at the end. He was slightly twitching and looked hyper.

“Hello there, I’m Lucian,” I walked up to him and he stood up - we both shook hands.

“I already know you,” Cynthia and I said in unison. We chuckled a little bit... interesting!


A/N: Hehe! Lucian is funny/random/immature sometimes... :P
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