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Stupid tests...

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Chapter 10: Cynthia’s POV

This Lucian guy... he’s so hot... just love his hair!” I thought.

“So, Aaron, do you like to jack off sometimes?” Lucian asked. I continued to think about him and ignored the question. It’s like he knew I was ignoring him talking...

“Yeah, sometimes. It’s not necessarily my thing,” Aaron replied while slightly blushing. “My thing is catching bugs and breeding them.”

I perked up when he said that. “Oh?”

“Interesting,” Lucian replied. “Jacking off is like a daily ritual to me,” he chuckled and I looked at him funny. What man doesn’t jack off?

“Umm... be right back... drank too much orange juice,” I set my cup down and wondered why I had said that.

“OK,” they both said as I was walking off.

“You know she’s lying,” I could barely hear Lucian.

“I bet!” Aaron replied.

I growled and shut the door. “Lucian is sexy but slightly immature... or just very sarcastic,” I stared at the toilet water. I hoped that he wasn’t listening to me. “Oh well,” I got out and went to my room and locked the door. I looked out the bedroom window and saw a 50 year old jogging. “Who’s that?” I decided to come out to meet her. She was so close to the window that I could see her breath. “Sure is cold out,” I turned around and unlocked my door. A familiar face was right in my face as I was opening the door!

“Boo!” Big Bro said. He startled me.

“Whoa! Flint! You scared me there,” I sighed. I looked up at him. He had dyed his hair to look like Billy Joel... pfft! “I see you dyed your hair again,” I smirked. He nodded. “Excuse me please.” He moved over. Everyone gathered around to meet the new lady. She was short, had greyish-brown hair, she was wearing a brown sweater and brown pants, she was also wearing a grey scarf. She seemed to be really out of breath. I guessed that she was about 50ish.

“Hello,” she spoke up. “I’m Bertha,” she held out her hand.

“Lucian,” he kissed her hand (he’s definitely a Romanian...)

“Flint,” he shook it.

“Cynthia,” I shook it, too.

“I’m Aaron!” He shook it excitedly.

“Good!” Said that man. “Everyone’s here!” He had a coy grin. “I hate to say it, but it’s time for a drug test!”

Shit,” I thought. “Urine or blood?” I asked.

“Both,” he replied. We all rolled our eyes except Bertha.

Ugh... we all had to piss in a cup (come on, that is what I was doing!) and get our blood drawn. Sure, it was handy but extremely annoying. We waited a frustratingly two damn hours before the results came back. Lord knows why that man wanted to do that... we all sat around the table in the kitchen. Bertha was doing a crossword (I sat next to her and she finished in 10 minutes!). The men were playing some stupid game and I was reading a magazine and peeking an eye at Bertha’s talent.

“Poke,” said Lucian while poking Flint.

“Poke,” repeated while doing the same to Lucian.

“Poke!!” said Aaron poking both at the same time. I sighed and fell asleep without even noticing...
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